Toby Fox calls out MatPat for screwing over indie developer Pirate Software

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Staxlotl : I honestly didn't expect this video to blow up, so... let me clarify here tl;dr at bottom: - My issue with the situation is Pirate Software asked to be credited in GTLive's stream of their game in the description or title and to not clickbait the stream as something Undertale related. MatPat essentially said no. If any kind of artist asks for credit on a work that someone else is using, the user NEEDS to give credit. It's their creation after all. Also, everyone clickbaits, but that stream in general was extremely misleading to it's audience. It had nothing to do with Toby Fox or Undertale. I don't hate MatPat, I just wanted to make a quick video about the situation to provide an example of not crediting artists. Tl;dr. Credit every artist, especially if they ask you to. And don't overly mislead your audience.

TheAdvertisement : Toby Fox, the man that comes in when needed the most and says screw you to the right guy.

Newby Ton : Toby Fox *DESTROYS* MatPat with *FACTS* and *LOGIC*

W A V E S : Toby Fox went in like "BOI"

Meaghan Bohny : I’m not one for YouTube drama, but I’m just going to comment my opinion on this issue. This is a combination of good points that I’ve seen scattered around as well as my own, so strap in. 1) The video claiming MatPat told the creator of HeartBound to “fuck themselves” (3:01) Upon further research(otherwise known as looking at the tweets) - MatPat deliberately said he did not want to be disrespectful towards anyone and only wish to explain himself. Now the question of whether or not he was disrespectful is another question. -When the video claims that since MatPat is the owner, he shouldn’t be unaware of what the tags and thumbnails say(1:01), the creator deliberately leaves out how MatPat takes the blame for it since he trained them. In an ideal world, owners check their “products”, but most of the time they will trust the ones that they trained to do it correctly. I actually appreciate that MatPat said that it was his fault because he trained them. Others might have left it at “it’s not /my/ fault, it’s theirs” (like the video wants you to believe MatPat did), but, if anything, that specific tweet made my respect for MatPat grow. - MatPat is also the founder/president of a company(Theorist Media) with his wife Stephanie that helps other brands know how to create content. That includes things you learn as a content creator(“ideal length of video, how often to publish, and what days of the week to publish” -AgAge). MatPat knows what will get attention of YouTube and a popular game that a lot of YouTubers were playing was Undertale. He was right about tagging Undertale would get more attention. After its spike in November 2017 when the demo was released, HeartBound has not been searched very often until early January(the release as well as this controversy). 2) MatPat’s response to Toby Fox -As many people know, MatPat has received a lot of hate from his Undertale theories and because he chose to give Undertale to the Pope. He has said before that it was hard to make another theory after the fan base delivered some hurtful words. MatPat’s response to Toby Fox’s tweet was probably fueled somewhat because he knew how the Undertale fan base would react. Is that the right reason? Perhaps not, but that doesn’t make it the wrong reason. I’ve seen a lot of comments of “well, it’s the internet” all over, but not wanting hate is a reason. In fact, if people researched a bit, a fact from the Heartbound’s FAQ is how Undertale is one of the games that inspired the creator of HeartBound. A little more research tells that about a year ago, when Jacksepticeye filmed a gameplay of the demo, he compared the game to Undertale as well as linking his own gameplay to it as well. 3) The BottomLine -MatPat is trying to be respectful while these people are making the affair of not linking a game very public. In past controversies, MatPat often refers to asking why they didn’t just message him privately their concerns before posting it. They are a disgruntled creator of a game MatPat played so he most definitely would have responded. Whether it was for publicity or their wounded pride, I truly think this could have handled better on both sides. If someone has a problem with how something is done and immediately tweets it for everyone to see, it only seems like they want attention on this for only that. Attention.

Funny Fox : *_Any human: what you're saying is wrong._* *_Matt: no u_* *_His idol, Toby Fox himself: what you're saying is wrong_* *_Matt: I am so sorry, I've sinned a lot, I am gonna walk to church every Sunday, I am gonna kiss your feet, but forgive me, father!_*

Josiah Herring : "Matpat doesn't take responsibility" *Shows tweet where he takes responsibility* If you actually read the tweets, you can see this guy is fabricating parts of the story. He says he's going to create a better system for linking to games BEFORE Toby Fox came into the fray. I personally don't see him not linking the game as a problem. He's not taking credit for the game himself, and even tried to credit the actual developers (yes, he did ACCIDENTALLY give the wrong name, and that is a mistake. Though, might I say, ANYONE could make a mistake like that.). I'd say it's up to the viewers to be able to find games themselves as it's honestly not that difficult, just a Google search away. Would people still be this upset if he didn't put a link to buy Mario Odyssey or Smash Bros? No, because they're pretty common place. Granted, if the game is only available on the Developers website that's one thing, but Heartbound is availible on Steam, and anyone has access to it through a quick search. People don't even get mad at other YouTubers for using the same practice, and I think that says something. No one gets mad at PBG for not linking the games in the description, and he's actually come out to defend Matpat in this situation. At least they both come out and say who actually made the games in their videos, that's more than I can say about JaidenAnimations, who doesn't even tell her viewers that other people animate her videos despite her even having an open space on the End Card. Why aren't people more upset with her? Oh, because it's the cool thing to hate on Matpat, cool cool.

nPhlames : People need to stop taking his side. MatPat shouldn't be immune to being called out.

Tiny Wiz : It's so sad all these little channels are making these kinds of vids where they "expose" big channels just to get more exposure. Basically you are completely wrong and this is why: 1. First of all no link is needed. Wanna know why? Well, people aren't stupid, if they saw a game they really like, they wouldn't need a link. It was already on steam eitherway. 2. MatPat was appologizing for everything before TobyFox said anything. But when Toby did then he took action, and not because Toby is his cow, but because Toby is probably the most known person on the Indie scene. And also that confirmed Toby being fine with Heartbound (because it was an undertale inspired fan-game and the creators might not be on par with that) 3.GameTheory give a ton of exposure for these indie-games. I mean, GT played a really big part on making the FNaF franchise really famous (along with gaming channels, mostly Markiplier). So a big channel playing these kinds of games is actually the thing that makes these games famous in the first place. 4. You are talking about cows and milks when you are the one milking this irrelevant drama for views and subs. I'm seeing this more and more everyday and it's cringy AF. The fact that you aren't able to come up with something original is just sad. P.S- Thanks for reading this all. Please be respectful to anybody who replies with a rude comment (that just shows how unsocialized and ignorant you are and you don't have to lower yourself on their level). If you have anything to add or to counter my argument then please do so. Thanks again for your attention

Christmas HYPEBEAST : A simple "oh shit, my bad. I'll put a link to your game." Would've solved the problem.

Seth Howell : “Biggest cash cow” Did you forget fnaf was a thing?

Megan D : You literally show tweet disproving what you claim???? “MatPat only said this after Toby said something” Matt’s tweets before Toby jumped in: “we don’t tend to link back to the game we’re playing...we’ll talk about having a more standard policy around that” If you’re going to make a super biased video, don’t leave proof to the contrary in the video. Also Undertale isn’t the biggest cash cow on his channel in years, that has thoroughly stayed on five nights at Freddie’s, which was still going until (supposedly) Pizza Simulator. In fact, Undertale is one of the most controversial anytime he covers it.

XradicalD : I think the worse part are the GT fans. They are too thick skulled to see how wrong matpat is and yet they go and defend him. But I can't be surprised if it comes from the same people who believe the guy who says the creators of a game are wrong with their own storyline.

Meagan Wadsworth : Matpat was in the wrong this time. But a lot of things you were saying were going WAY too far. I don’t think mat is using Toby Fox as a cash grab. I think he just highly respects him and doesn’t want to let him down. Furthermore, this video can be taken as a news reference for drama so you shouldn’t be saying your opinion in the video. On another note, Matpat shouldn’t of argued with pirate software and definitely shouldn’t of been leading on with Undertale tags, though. That I agree with.

king fireslayer : So first you criticize matpat for not linking stuff, then when he corrects it, you criticize him for changing it, and then at the end step you advocate for him to link games. Also the claim that matpat just apologized to Toby fox for money I a wild accusation based on no facts whatsoever.

TL : Remember when Game Theory was enjoyable? I know it may be difficult to remember something from years and years ago. XP

Coby : Ok I have five problems with this video. 1. You took MatPat’s tweets and intentionally twisted their meaning because you specifically cherry picked what was in the tweets. Anyone who actually read them in their entirety would know it was an actual apology stating that he would fix it before TobyFox weighed in. 2. You sound like a butthurt YouTuber sad that MatPat gets more views than you so you rant about something cuz “Its not fair that MatPat gets more views! I deserve them cuz my content is better!” 3. MatPat didn’t grovel at TobyFox’s feet and regardless TobyFox is the LAST person who should be complaining about this. He made literal millions off a game that took $50 to make. He’s not a struggling game designer in the slightest. 4. MatPat DID shout out Pirate MULTIPLE times during the stream and people screaming heresy because he didn’t provide a direct link is so fucking lazy cuz they can’t go to Google by themselves. 5. MatPat has been known in the gamer community to be a nice guy and generally good to the dev community so the fact that Pirate took these complaints public was pretty much a publicity stunt. It’s like if someone didn’t pay me back $5 and I start screaming at them in the middle of a crowd. It’s unnecessary and immature. Not saying what MatPat did wasn’t also immature it’s just that’s not the only thing we should be focusing on.

Eluck Creations : "biggest cash cow" kinda hypocritical coming from someone who's most popular video (this one) is about a more popular youtuber and has ads on it.

MisaelDoesAnimation : Aren't people making a bigger deal of this than it has to be

Noah Norton : Screwed over Indie Developer? Good lord! It was a misunderstanding. Smh


Arrena Errera : We know that MatPat was wrong but as far as I can see you are exaggerating the whole situation. Trying to tell that matpat milks undertale for views? giving them a misleading shit? oh also don't tell me I'm wrong, I saw many comments like that. Isn't the reason just simple, he likes the undertale franchise and story line including deltarune ofc. No offense but some people that are part of the undertale community are toxic . He once made a theory that is almost unbelievable but the evidences connects it "Sans is Ness from EarthBound" I respect his theory but the others, ohhh they didn't took it too well. He gained tons of hate and backlash from these toxic fans. He was very sincere about that theory too. It was on the point that he had to address it in a video because it was purely insulting instead of constructive critism. Despite that , he didnt stop making theories about undertale because it's interesting to him. And in every video of his , ofcourse there are some toxic people in the comments who calls him out . Well I know Matpat is wrong but I think you are trying to give people a different meaning like "Milking for views" "Stashing cashes" because that is what I saw. Also Toby Fox is a man that he respected and created a one of a kind game and so he did an apology from it. But its also kinda disgusting that he didnt link it and thats the point. He apolgized and are now linking links from anonymous game developers. Just saying , Just saying. This channel is just crappy to make an army of matpat haters or probably he does the same to other youtubers like that. You're a hypocrite, milking views and money probably from this issue and telling things to matpat like that shows how more shitty you are than him. I'm not a fan of matpat but as a person who likes undertale like him.

Big Ice : The Virgin matpat vs the Chad Toby Fox

A Drum Tsukumogami : *_MatPat is gonna have a bad time_*

smileblokeXD : Thank you Toby, very cool.

ProtoMario : I see your a man of culture too with that Mario Paint music...

Newby Ton : MatPat *DID A BIG OOPSIE*

allen mungo : Thanks for making this video 4 minutes instead of an unnecessary 10+. I really get tired of creators just repeating and diverging on different subjects. In my book short and sweet is always the way to go

Game Difficulty : I don’t think Matpat did it just because Toby Fox commented on it. He didn’t want this to become a big issue, no one would want that in the first place, so of course he would back out. But when he sees that more and more people are joining in, INCLUDING FAMOUS GANE CREATORS, he decided that he should end it, because he can’t back out when the issue has already became huge.

yotodine : I'm glad Matt changed his mind. All it took was someone he knows to tell him. Like, I don't know, how all of us do it! but that would never be enough for someone who makes their living from controversies. Get woke and go broke you parasite. Seriously try talking about something that's real news.

LimboGen : MatPat MatPat Yes Toby Fox Not helping Pirate Software? No Toby Fox Telling lies? No Toby Fox Show the link Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ultimate Animation : I thought you were covering a call out, you just took sides and made Mat look like a doofus, I just kinda find that... mean? I don’t like grudges.

onetofew1 : Most of the things you are complaining about are not even true. Seriously what is with you smaller channels just making bs claims.

Stevey Peppers : My only gripe is the backpedalling Mat has done in the entire situation. Heartbounds dev states one thing and Mat essentially says lol no. Some bigger fish comes in aka TobyFox saying essentially the same thing and then Mat starts becoming apologetic. I understand Mat’s only human and its easier to be swayed by people with perceived power (aka the dev whos video game is raking in majority of his money nowadays) but Mat always tries to convey himself as someone whos a logical thinker and that he’s there to support the little guys and developers and be the herald for the injustice happening on youtube and social media yada yada yada. Thats what strikes me as polarizing and out of character Mat has become. Might be cuz his friend commited suicide. Might be cuz he just had a baby. Might be because of stress and deadlines and hes too busy. Hell might be a combination of everything. But this should be a wake up call to him showing that he’s slipping out of his lane a bit. That and Mat should probably hire a PR consultant or something lol cuz this aint the first time he’s worded things poorly to the public.

kirby4815162342 : Someone is jelly of Mattpatt.

Staxlotl : How was the tea video? Should I do more as filler videos?

Ryan : Why did this come up as a notification on my screen I don’t even know who these people are and I’m not subscribed

ZalcusOfLean : Trying to call out youtubers bigger than you?... *I think so!*

doced crib : Well this video totally twisted words.

HaniSafi : This video is kind of ridiculous and hypocritical. First of all, as a YouTube content creator, MatPat is not supposed to drive sales of games, he makes content because that's what he does for a living; he is a YouTuber, not an advertiser. He is not required to put a link to every game he plays, that would be ridiculous. No YouTuber is required to do that unless it's a sponsorship or something of the sorts. Could you imagine if every Fortnite video had a link to download the game? Every Overwatch, League of Legends, and Minecraft video as well? Gaming YouTubers are not game sellers, they are using the game content under fair use and their videos are transformative work that can be seen as a "reaction" to the game. Second of all, small point here, you used assets from Undertale as well as showed a bit of gameplay and you did not link Undertale in the description, yet you said that every YouTuber absolutely should. Hypocrite much? Lastly, controversy or not, MatPat was one of the very few to raise awareness about the game. Because of this, most people know what Heartbound is now, and that's undeniable. Again, it's not MatPat's job to sell games, and Pirate Software did not ask him to link the game in the description, so there were literally no wrongdoings there. In fact, if anything, this benefited Heartbound a ton. As for the Undertale title and metadata, you literally said that the game was "never named" AS THE SCREEN PANNED ACROSS THE NAME "Heartbound" IN THE TITLE. Reaching a bit there? It also says on Pirate Software's website that Undertale was an inspiration for the game, so raising awareness for it by including Undertale was in no stretch of the imagination "weird" or "deceptive". This whole video just seems like you hated Game Theory from the start and just took an opportunity to hate some more. The only real error that Matt and Steph did was misname the developer, and that's an honest mistake, because why would anyone intentionally do that to a game they enjoyed? You didn't even counter any of his defenses, just scoffed at him, cherrypicked parts of his tweets (literally ignored the parts that proved your points wrong), and said he was sucking up when he was really just being as professional as possible. What would you rather he have done, then? You didn't mention that in the video.

Icecolo : hehe im here

FlashFreeze : "the biggest Cash cow he has had for his channel in years" then what is FNAF?

The Lintnerd : I feel like you villainized Matpat unfairly. He wasn't meaning to be malicious in any way, and he took responsibility from the start, he was just a bit misguided on how he handled the situation at first, and I feel lile we'd all attempt to defend ourselves in his place. I would also disagree on the idea that this was all based on money. Matpat clearly has experience in marketing, he just overlooked a few details in policy, and I don't believe he specifically went from defending himself to apologing because Toby Fox said something. I really believe Toby just allowed for a 3rd point of view, one who was benefitting from the situation, but was still opposed to it. That's what made Matpat realize his mistake.

XxkillerslumberXx X : *toby fox has entered the chat*

Slitz Blitz : I don't think this is the best way of describing the situation

Cole Goodrich : "Toby Fox is MatPat's biggest cash cow to the channel in years!" Scott Cawthon: "Am I a joke to you?"

Nek : Just saying, but for those who say "he's being too biased DDDD:", just note that the guy's channel is more like a review and rant channel. In those channels, you have to express what you feel about the subject. The video is more like a rant.

punkfruit : as a indie dev myself, i just want to say thank you for making this video. liked and subbed!

Miles Morales : Watching this video is making me think your AS bad as your making Matpat look

Chainedpillow6 : u never linked to game theory