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Nerdrotic Channel : Shared my friend. Well done.

TyranusRex721 : The SyFy channel is a strange beast. It has the worst movies I have ever seen (which they do on purpose) and yet they consistently have some of the best shows on TV. Going all the way back to Stargate SG1. Seriously, they have some good shit.

MR2 Dave : You're absolutely right, DC. The Expanse is where modern sci-fi is at. Like an evolution of Babylon has grittiness and nod to realism that other sci fi shows lack. Puts STD to shame. The cast is diverse, but the characters are valid, likable, well written and acted and they have a purpose rather than SJW posturing.

Buzznut3000 : It's a great day when there is a new Doomcock video!

Roma X : if i have to say, the problem of the expanse is it lack of publicity, this is the first time i ever heard of it, and i like to think of myself as a somewhat syfy fanboy. Seriously why i never heard of it?

Sternencolonel : The Expanse is a scifi gem that can't be praised enough.

MechaRandom42 : I always get scared to try new shows before they've either run their course or at least had a few seasons. I've been burned too many times (*cough-FIREFLY*) by shows getting cancelled before they should. That being said, I would like to try this show. It sounds like you need a brain in order to keep up with the universe, and that's a good thing. I hate having to turn my brain off to even be able to sit through something like STD without my own head exploding from it's stupidity ;)

Savage Dragon : Last season was so good, I started reading the books. I finished book 4 and shill this show at every opportunity. Even though SyFy is still in the doghouse with me for cancelling Dark Matter.

Projekt Kobra : All Hail The Overlord. You know my lord... I have a part time job I commute to once or twice a week..its a pretty long haul....and its kinda of a lonely and quasi-hypnotic slog, Im always worried about getting a micro sleep (esp now that Im fighting off some pnuemonia...I cant sleep lying down..and I can only get a limited amount of sleep sitting Im pretty beat exactly when I should be getting ALOT of good rest.) I like to copy your reviews into my phone..and just kind of them let them play in the background...alot (if not most of them) are negative...but its still nice to hear you, and they help keep me alert. Just sayin' PK

Viking Bitch : Truer words were never said. Best video yet!

Rob The Crazy Ronin : Well......Overlord Doomcock. I am sold. I just cancelled band rehearsal and I'm postponing uploading my latest video until tonight. I MUST see this show "The Expanse". (binge, Java, binge, cap'n crunch, binge, Java, binge, cold pizza, binge......)

Simon Sykes : Oi Oi Doomcock me'old mucker! ... are you going to be watching and reviewing Lost in Space (netflix) ?? :)

stevekitt52 : It is a very intelligent,well written and acted show.It's also on Netflix here in the UK.☺

Chup Smith : You are right about the first few episodes, but that opening scene grabs you, and makes you think "WTF is going on?". I liked it so much I went ahead and ruined future storylines by looking at the books.... or at least spoilers for the books (Youtube and years of the Graveyard Shift have just killed my attention span ^_^)

Angel Symmetrika : Gotta say, I am impressed by the overall excellence of The Expanse. The characters are all flawed, nuanced, fully-realized, and very human. It had no SJW crap, as evidenced by men and women having equally credible roles. The technology portrayed was believable (fusion, no magic shields, but having a cure for cancer). Ships have to plot elliptical paths and not crush pilots with acceleration. Yeah, it is believable, enjoyable, dramatic, and dynamic. The characters grow and change over time. The main hero becomes darker and almost terroristic. There are no white knights or unalloyed villains. This show is a masterpiece.

Petri Helenius : My Lord, had I not been fortunate enough to remember glancing upon the thumbnail of the show while lazily browsing Netflix, and then later stumbling upon a comment praising the show to high heavens, I might still be completely unaware of the existence of this magnificent masterpiece. As I was suffering from an exhausting hangover, I had nothing but time on my hands as the thought of doing anything else than lying on the couch was most displeasing, I decided to fire up Netflix and there it was, I decided that I might as well see what the fuzz was all about. My body was not ready, my mind was woefully unprepared for what I was about to experience. As the end credits for the first episode were rolling, I knew I had no choice. I must see more. Suddenly I had finished the first season, and realized that I should've gone to sleep 2 hours ago. As soon as I had finished my trite occupational responsibilities the next day, I hastily resumed my binge session, and over the course of those two days, I had finished the second season. And now I am facing the painful reality that I must wait for more, and I know not how long must I endure until relief comes my way. None of the legal methods through which the 3rd season may be viewed are available in my country, so I am fully at the mercy of Syfy and their schedule of releasing it on Netflix. I cannot get over the fact of how stupidly amazing this show is. It cured my hangover. It scratched several itches that I had waited to be scratched for a long time, in ways that I did not know was possible to be scratched. It scratched several itches that I did not know I even had, in ways that I did not know was possible to be scratched. I have already begun my efforts of spreading the word, there are many others who are unaware of the existence of this brilliant shining gem, which is outright criminal. And even more who do not know of you My Lord, I will spread the good word to everyone and anyone I can.

brian smart : elements of the expanse remind me of the works of CJ Cherryh (Heavy Time, Down below station)

Black Sand : “The Expanse” is better than most big screen movies. It’s everything I’ve wanted to see on the big screen. It reminds me of, “Bio of a Space Tyrant”. Very rich and generous in it display of the struggle of life.

James Kamakahi : All Hail Doomcock! I have given, "The Expanse" a try. And I am now a willing convert to the cause of this well-written, well-acted, and deliciously complex show. You have my thanks, Overlord!

The Gray Alien : I usually keep up on all things science and sci-fi but I've avoided watching The Expanse series for some reason. I'll definitely check it out now! Thanks.

Pandarian300 : Overlord Doomcock, master I heard your command! I will devour the expanse I will like it and share it! so does your realm of wisdom and hate can grow and expand!

Cathulhu : I knew you'll love this show. :D After watching The Expanse i couldn't stop laughing when STD launched. :D Disproportion of quality in writing and acting is so wide, that i couldn't watch STD as anything other than a trolling of fans. :D

Doccubus Zi : Grand Over Lord, when I said the Expanse was the Game of Thrones of sci - fi...............I was not believed. May the Expanse not suffer the same fate as Penny Dreadful. Thanks for the vid, Over Lord DOOMCOCK!

Freddie Stinson : Wow Lord Doomcock I've heard of the Expanse and have seen some advertising for it but never have given it a veiwing. Well if it is as good or even better then the Orville then I will definitely give it a try. Thanks for the review.

Khyron Kravshera : Hail Lord Doomcock. We are honoured to once again be blessed with your sage wisdom. The Expanse is the best Sci-fi drama since BSG.

Edward Feeley : I knew I wanted to watch this !!! awesome

Sefert : In this dystopian reality were Star Wars and Star Trek are dead, this series is the only hope we got. It remembers me of Babylon 5, the best sci-fi TV series ever!

Mako : Fantastic show , best sci fi on tv since Battlestar Galactica.

ZanyGeek : It's on Netflix in the UK, Just got through season 1.. wow. I think i'm so used to watching branless tripe, it took a while to get into The Expanse, but so worth my time...

The Eldritch God : RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE!!! There is only One Eldritch God! RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE!!!

Kaine MMA-NBA : Lord Doomcock, I obey your commands and will begin watching the expanse immediately. 🖖

ed rosa : Thank you supreme future overlord! Honestly I've heard nothing of this show but your summary seems like pure sci fi candy. Will be checking it out!

xXZiplockXx : Just got off work and I was about to go to sleep, but something made me check YouTube. Glad I did. Guess I'm staying up another 30 mins. lol

Tek Soup : There's a Woman down there, Kathleen Kennedy under your Boot. Great episode, been watching Expanse since the first episode, haven't noticed any SJW in the writing. Thank You Lord DoomCock

starsiegeplayer : This show sounds awesome! I thought SyFy channel was just producing junk B-Movies since BSG retired.

Stavros : The guy who plays the detective played The Punisher in the 2004 movie. I loved that movie, and I know I will love this TV series too :)

Nesty : Std should be mixed with st(starship troppers)just to see what comes out)😄

Ez-8 : Some people can't get into the expanse because it actually has a story.

XentorAntarix : Sorry I must say "The Expanse" if for my taste to lowtech. And to less Science babbling :-) But that is a Question of taste.

R Bailey : I read the first book and while it was decent enough I've read much better books that cover basically the same topics. While it's nice to see decent and realistic sci-fi on television, there are other stories that I'd MUCH rather see get an adaptation.

Stripey Arse : Amos with a can of chicken Soup > Railgun

DMaustrap1 : I don't like that kind of realism in my sci fi. I want Heroes. Not politicians.

Darkin Dark : That is Amos Burton, just a mechanic on the Canterbury. Last mistake you'll ever make.

RetroRobotRadio : I was very happy with another show on the same time called Dark Matter. It has a crew waking up from hypersleep in space with amnesia having to figure out who they are and how they got there. Nice thing about the show is they added new answers with every episode. Really kept it fresh.

Roger Gonzalez : You have convinced me to start watching this. Thanks!

RevanJJ : Props DoomCock, I wouldn’t have known about this show were it not for this video.

Mr.Anomaly : On episode 4 now. Awesome series so far - thanks for the recommendation.

Acesahn : *Puts down torch and pitch fork, picks up pro Expanse sign*

Tom Griffiths : All hail doomcock!!! Never heard of this show, will look for it👍

Tyion Ranger : I’ll be checking this out tonight, thanks for the recommendation