My Cousin Rachel

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giselle g : Wow your film making is incredible

Nina Feldman : this is beautiful

Seth Girardin : Nice work. Like the build up to the current time with your cousin. Good music too. Very heartfelt.

KayasPawsteps Art : The way you portray people is so real and beautiful!

Hannah Nommé : I just subscribed. You're welcome.

Johnee : I subscribed your videos are amazing

Jaysa Kwan : Music sounds really familiar but it's just not clicking damn it. I loved the song so much

Lee Jahan : Subscribed !! Omg I LOVE your style of creating/editing ❤️❤️❤️

Morganix01 : That was pretty interesting and sweet to watch. Thanks for putting it on Youtube.

Hannah Nommé : Also, I'm only going to share your content when you've made 30 Vlogs

Hannah Nommé : So get crackin'

mel : So beautiful

you don'tknowme : Why do i feel teary.. 😭 congrats Rachel!