Battlefield 5 – Official Gamescom Trailer – Devastation of Rotterdam

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See new maps and gameplay in the official Battlefield V Gamescom Trailer. From the shattered streets of Rotterdam to the burning sands of North Africa, Battlefield will never be the same. Follow the Battlefield 5 channels for all the latest news from Gamescom. Subscribe and be the first to see all official Battlefield V videos: Follow Battlefield 5: “House of the Rising Sun” Performed by Audiomachine. Remixed by Generdyn Music.


XxTigerheartxX : I showed the reveal trailer to my Grandad. A man who fought in France. He said... "Is that a female?" "Yes grandad" "Is that face paint?" "Yes grandad" "Does she have a prosthetic hand?" "Yes grandad" He then took his glasses off as his eyes filled with tears and said... "I lost so many friends in Europe during that war. They weren't ’friends’ at all. They were my brothers. And I miss them everyday." He wiped his tears away and finished by saying... "I'm sorry, I didn't see any women with claws wearing face paint....but I saw a lot of dead men. Is this what people think happened? Because it isnt." I patted him on the head and simply told him... "You're uneducated."

haokles : now thats a battlefield trailer

Kaik : *"You see Ivan, when you make a good trailer, people will want to buy the game"*

Alex Enamorado : Lmao my mom thought this was a movie 😂😂😂

Mohammad Alketbi : I searched all over YouTube for this version of the song “House Of The Rising Sun” I didn’t find it. Dice, EA or whoever made the song, please release the full version of the song. Thanks.

trycoldman23 : Where are my female hooked transgender soldiers? *What will my daughter say?*

Luke Roberts : Difference between COD and BF noobs. COD: That noob is camping in the house. BF: that blueberry just stole my tank.

TacoVater : We are still waiting for the clean version of the song boys

Elia Lai : For the mother of God, please release the song of this trailer, i've been waiting a year :(

י : noobs play fortnite kids play cod men play bfv soldiers play red orchestra demigods play minecraft hunger games gods play *roblock*

WeAreGame : Thumbs up if you think this should have been the FIRST trailer released.

Miki Laursen : now this feels like battlefield

moses Irfan : I Don't care what people might say. I think bf5 will be awesome

adolf hilter . : Bye fornite and black ops 4

Honey Cat : the awesome thing is the game play is like the trailer (mostly)

Oslith : Man this should’ve been the first trailer

ACE_PANTHER : noobs play fortnite kids play black ops 4 soldiers play bfv

Daniel Perez Diez : this is the real trailer of battledield V

Early Gaming3061 : why does every gammescom trailer looks better than the original trailer itself??


alOOshXl : Please kids stay in fortnite this isn't for you

OmniFilmDK : Im back.... to say Im sorry I jumped to conclusions BF Team. I ended up joining the game just before launch and it is every bit as good as a lot of us didnt think it would be. In my honest opinion, you fixed almost everything that was wrong with the open beta, and pretty much nailed it. I mean sure, there are quirks and small balance issues that I hope is fixed dec 4th, but all in all, this is the best BF game Ive played so far. Very cinematic, for the most part very nice textures and incredible sound and soundtrack. Had this one round of Twisted Steel in Breakthrough that bugged and got stuck at 0 tickets, but the game and everyone in it kept going with intensity because of that pre end music xD took me 10 minutes to realise. And the single player episodes so far are pretty good. Much longer than people hyped them down to be. So... sorry, and thank for an awesome effort. Will now be patiently be expecting and awaiting a Omaha Beach breakthrough map :)

trex hunter4 : This is how you make a trailer EA

bachanh 03 : 2016: Battlefield 1 2018: Battlefield 5 2020: Battlefield Vietnam remastered ?

Kreiriserr : This is how you do a game trailer

Enio Dine : Pre-order now and get 3 additional genders

You Don't Get The Joke TM : This needed to be the BF5 Reveal Trailer

Kameron Ruhter : I like how they took the trailer song from Sicario day of the Salado at the end

Hablo Verdi : I do not buy EA products anymore by principle.

Петр Будаговский : Извинитесь ЗаСсср!!!! Суки!!!!!!!

Jasper F. : Why wasnt this the reveal trailer? It is so much better!

Cat daily : Wait rotterdam **GASP** ITS A DUTCH MAP HELL YEAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

Elliot said : like si tienes el BATTLEFIELD

Sean Romera : EA Manager: How do we make a good trailer? MARKETING: Take an old song and remix it, have loads of explosions and guns, big set pieces and most importantly soldiers shouting orders. EA Manager: Perfect

coco - : Battlefield v or black op-battlefield v for the win.

ian turner : Can I get the disabled trangender SS skin?

Scamp Man : Notice how on the gameplay trailers without the girl in it everything seems to be “historically correct” to everyone all of a sudden

Jesus Melendez Bonilla : The House of the Rising Sun was written in 1964, not in the 1940's 😂

Joselyn Rosa : this will be the a great multiplayer experience ill buy it

Nyph : The thing people don't realise, is that this is literally like the real game.

man up : 1:38 that's definitely the battle royal map, the fire is making the arena smaller Edit: holycrap 200 likes in 1 hour

Officer Hugh Downing : Like how they altered the house of the rising sun. Good job Battlefield.

Marci : The best T trailler EVER😍

coleDash _861 : Why does this game actually SUCK , can you PLEASE make it like battlefield 1 😭😭😭

AQuestionableJuggernaut : Song: "House of the rising sun" Wolfenstien 2?

complete boss : Just delete the reveal trailer and use this instead

Steven Broundic VEVO : keep hydrated.. NEW CHEATS ARE COMING :D

MrTiSv : 1. Stop this video at @ and mute it 2. Open this song /watch?v=BWfL3gKDgrA and stop it at 0:13 3. When you start the song go back and start the video 4. Enjoy

Ethan Fuller : This is way better than the actual trailer lmao