Battlefield 5 – Official Gamescom Trailer – Devastation of Rotterdam

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Battlefield : Watch the Battlefield V - Official Single Player Trailer now:

trycoldman23 : Where are my female hooked transgender soldiers? *What will my daughter say?*

haokles : now thats a battlefield trailer

ACEPANTHER : noobs play fortnite kids play black ops 4 soldiers play bfv

Kaik : *"You see Ivan, when you make a good trailer, people will want to buy the game"*

Alex Enamorado : Lmao my mom thought this was a movie 😂😂😂

ContrastSounds : If this would have been the reveal trailer, the pre orders would increase like 100%

י : noobs play fortnite kids play cod men play bfv soldiers play red orchestra demigods play minecraft hunger games gods play *roblock*

Spectacle G : This game is actually so fun yet people are hating on it because it has "females" yeah it's not historically correct but the game is still amazing I don't think the whole game should be defined by having females

moses Irfan : I Don't care what people might say. I think bf5 will be awesome

Mohammad Alketbi : I searched all over YouTube for this version of the song “House Of The Rising Sun” I didn’t find it. Dice, EA or whoever made the song, please release the full version of the song. Thanks.

Swifty Unknown : So why wasn't this the reveal trailer exactly? I wasn't going to get the game either way, but this trailer seemed more representative.

TacoVater : We are still waiting for the clean version of the song boys

adolf hilter : Bye fornite and black ops 4

l Mr MoonLight l : Everybody else = Oh thErE iS feMales in this gaMe Im nOt PrEoRdEring, all i cArE aBoUt is hiStoRical acCuaRacy ThAt ProStheTic aRm Tho Me & My Friends= Im still buying this game. the beta was absolutely a blast. This trailer is awesome & the soundtrack

Miki Laursen : now this feels like battlefield

DANNYonPC : This is exactly what we wanted from a trailer!

DELASOULXXX : who's ready for battlefield v?

Cornelius Draco : Battlefield 5 is the best competitive FPS ever. Why ? Best graphics, destruction, sound design, map design, vehicle play, gun play, progression and on the top of that no season pass the tides of war is free for every player. Yes, EA messed up with other games like Dragon Age 2, Andromeda and Battlefront 1 and 2. They also let the Battlefield series a bit down since BF3. BF4 was identical to BF3 them with BF1 they went too far when they basically made a COD instead of a Battlefield game. I still played and enjoyed them, but anyway. With Battlefield 5 EA clearly tries to recover his reputation. The game is nothing like BF1. Believe me if you try to play it as BF1 meaning running around like headless chicken you won't get anywhere BF5. The game play is like improved BF3. The progression system is the richest in the franchise and cosmetics are just awesome.

FlossyCarp506 : Battle field 1 trailer was better

Lz Lucas : GaMeS PlAy BeSt On XbOx OnE

Aidan S : Honestly a ring of fire in battle royale is such a good idea! What's more terrifying than a massive wall of fire that even destroys the structures it touches! Why has no one thought of this!

Chadius Thunderloins : Honestly? I personally enjoyed the beta and had fun playing it. I'll probably be picking this game up.

djhappyyyyy : Unpopular reaction: I am really looking forward to play this game. I also don't support the gender ect thing but at the I end I just want to capture flags and kill people in the game ;)

Undercover Larry the Hat Enthusiast : You might have just redeemed yourself DICE.

On Swift Wings : Despite whatever controversies surround this game and its marketing, the editing of this trailer is fantastic, especially the sound mixing. If BFV tanks, (no pun intended... Well slightly) Then at least we got a quality trailer.. Though it took them a couple tries.

Adventure Film Production : I am "educated". I read a story of a Transgender half Black and Asian Muslim atheist in the German Luftwaffel who would shoot down enemies with happy wishes and rainbows! Such an honor to see him in the story mode! RIP Häns Ligmä fredirck fragman the 4th of Gaymany, as it was know for all you uneducated people. Birth: 110BC - Death: 2457 AD

NEPTUNE Studio : *battlefield will never be the same* #GetREKT Activision (7 years the same game content)

Hablo Verdi : I do not buy EA products anymore by principle.

Joseph Hard : this makes cod ww2 look horrible

#Majo Troller : The V1-Rocket exploded bigger than... the dislike from the first trailer.

Rawjent Productions : Now that's a trailer

Jerry Velez : I'm so ready to play this game already I dont care what everyone else thinks about this game I'm getting the Deluxe Edition for Xbox One on Digital so hype and excited to play already

samuraibunny : So much hate... I'm looking forward to BFV VERY much, thank you.

Anthony a : This game will be the best Battlefield yet

Kameron Ruhter : I like how they took the trailer song from Sicario day of the Salado at the end

Pocket Fox : If EA/DICE had released this trailer originally, a lot more people would've been hyped. This trailer, good. The first one, bleh.

Kemian : I thought the Battlefield 1 Reveal was the best trailer ever...


Bri xo : I Love BF5

My Life : I love watching these even though I don’t play the games or watch YouTube about them. They give me chills and I love the music. Plus I love war!

North Cinematics : finally a good trailer. Good job dice. THIS should have been the reveal trailer not the shite you released before.

Петр Будаговский : Извинитесь ЗаСсср!!!! Суки!!!!!!!

Nyph : The thing people don't realise, is that this is literally like the real game.

Oldessyus : I understand that I should buy BFV after this tralier and it was the bestest choise I ever made.

I Will Kill Mac : Why this game have to many dislikes it's very well I mean REALLY !!

111battlefront : The ending is battle royale circle closing?

coco - : Battlefield v or black op-battlefield v for the win.

Ru Roh Raggy : 1:20 lol Meme tank makes an appearance Honestly it looks really cool... but I seriously hate how you put women and blacks on the front. Yes, some blacks fought in the front lines and in Russia lots of snipers were women but not brits or muricans.

TitanzPlay : We want BF1 kill sound to BFV