Battlefield 5 – Official Gamescom Trailer – Devastation of Rotterdam

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jt. schwarm : World War 2: Political Correctness Edition

Coolbien : these comments are better than the game

Master Chef : Your company has disgraced an entire generation

Said Charanek : EA: "If you don't like it, don't buy it." US: "Ok". EA: "Wait, what?!"


trycoldman23 : Where are my female hooked transgender soldiers? *What will my daughter say?*

vlad : My daughter said to me, this is a "no buy"

dannyCage3 : Can't wait for Battlefield: Black Ops - "white masculinity exterminated" edition

John Doe : Vote with your wallet, do not buy games from EA.

Tillke Rohkea : theres already a game called "battlefield 1942" with no transgenders no facial hair, no war paints or iron claws. bring back the old game

ContrastSounds : If this would have been the reveal trailer, the pre orders would increase like 100%

Bloody Naerien : As an history student I really cannot accept this. Sad because I used to play every single Battlefield game before this "thing".

Theokolese The Shadow Of Death : I have owned EVERY battlefield game to date. Battlefield 5 will be the first one I am passing on. I play these games to immerse myself in the game, wanting as much realism as I can get. If they would have made this on the eastern front and featured women soldiers in the Russian army...I would have NO COMPLAINTS and bought it. If they would have made it a resistance vs German occupational troops and there were women soldiers, I would have had NO COMPLAINTS and bought it. What you are doing is PANDERING to SJW's who don't even play video games because you think they represent a huge percentage of the population. The Anita Sarkesians of the world represent about 1% of the population......what you didn't learn your lesson from Mass Effect Andromeda? I play games to escape from reality and I am so sick of forced SJW politics in games. From lecturing us on transgenders in Dragon Age Origins to women on the front lines in WW2........ENOUGH ALREADY. You said accept it or don't buy it, I do not accept it and will not be buying it.

Teh LaughingMan : How am I supposed to explain to my daughter why there were no wahmen in a WW2 game?....*cracks open history book*

TheWhiteDeath : Garbage. Ruined history and the best console franchise in my opinion. I won't buy or play this agenda driven garbage!

Rawjent Productions : Now that's a trailer

Sternkreis : Can Germans play this game to or were we educated wrong about our own history? ... asking for a friend

Computer Insurgent : Im Dutch and find this disrespectful for the ones who fought during the Battle of Rotterdam. There were only Dutch soldiers who defended Rotterdam and there were no V-1 bombs used during this battle.

Besseralswiedu : This is an important message to EA Dice: TOO LATE, SUCKERS!

msjhdbwbhsh : Modern feminests and sjws ruined this

Swifty Unknown : So why wasn't this the reveal trailer exactly? I wasn't going to get the game either way, but this trailer seemed more representative.

Róbert Lajkó : I think dice and treyarch compete who can make the worst game after this cleary the dice have the lead

Vladimir : This is a PC game.... Politically Correct game, made for consoles. They should hand out dildos as controllers to whomever preordered it.

Жека Жеков : Черный радист британской армии))) Нет русской компании))) Наверное еще каждый второй боец в игре гей)))

Seong JT : You managed to keep last bit of your ego by smartly hiding prosthetic armed female warrior in a heat of battle, while desperately tried to appeal to core fans with all more authentic looking WW2 battlefield. good luck in gaining their support again... after calling them 'uneducated'.

Epic GamerZ : Song choice was excellent to this trailer.

victor garcia : I can finally tea bag a female in the game

derek porter : If you buy this game you are disrespecting everyone that died in ww2. Femwashing history

ADDRAC : EA - I heard there was a cigarette smoking chimp that had a human brain transplant that sniped his way through WWII with a machine gun.

U Wot : Stop buying EA products!

Aidan S : Honestly a ring of fire in battle royale is such a good idea! What's more terrifying than a massive wall of fire that even destroys the structures it touches! Why has no one thought of this!

Алекс Ник : Genderfield 5

luxo117 : WHITE MAN

3 BUENOS : Dont’ like, Don’t buy. EA 2018

gabriel rodriguez : You need at least a bachelor's degree to purchase this game.

Pocket Fox : If EA/DICE had released this trailer originally, a lot more people would've been hyped. This trailer, good. The first one, bleh.


Marduukk Gaming : I will never play this game , what a shame.

Helmut Rieder : their stock market value dropped harder than in ~2008

Moravian Mapper : Sad thing is top comments are about political correctness not about the trailer. It's great

DANNYonPC : This is exactly what we wanted from a trailer!

Fatgaysheep : Women in this game? No can do EA ima stick to bf 4.

Erika M. : I don’t get why people care so much a about a female in the game. At least dice is keeping it on ground. Imagine if it was exo suits or futuristic like it literally doesn’t matter they just want more content for customization and for little girls to have role models in the game so pls just shut up about it. It’s a video game not a history book

Otso Närväinen : This actually is not that bad of a trailer. Compared to the reveal trailer. (cough cough)


Adventure Film Production : I am "educated". I read a story of a Transgender half Black and Asian Muslim atheist in the German Luftwaffel who would shoot down enemies with happy wishes and rainbows! Such an honor to see him in the story mode! RIP Häns Ligmä fredirck fragman the 4th of Gaymany, as it was know for all you uneducated people. Birth: 110BC - Death: 2457 AD

Great War Gaming : What a disgrace to history and "The House of the Rising Sun"

Comrade Swaglin : *WHITE MEN DLC*

Nicholas Thomas : 100% historically accurate or else you’re uneducated

Mode 7 FPV : white man