Battlefield 5 – Official Gamescom Trailer – Devastation of Rotterdam

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Battlefield : Watch the Battlefield V - Official Single Player Trailer now:

ContrastSounds : If this would have been the reveal trailer, the pre orders would increase like 100%

Said Charanek : EA: "If you don't like it, don't buy it." US: "Ok". EA: "Wait, what?!"

Barnitzke : Let's be honest, this is a heck of a good trailer

haokles : now thats a battlefield trailer

str8 locs : I can finally tea bag a female in the game

trycoldman23 : Where are my female hooked transgender soldiers? *What will my daughter say?*

Skowl XD : Bye bye black ops 4 🤘🤘

Алекс Ник : Genderfield 5

luxo117 : WHITE MAN

moses Irfan : I Don't care what people might say. I think bf5 will be awesome

Epic GamerZ : Song choice was excellent to this trailer.

FlossyCarp506 : Battle field 1 trailer was better

l Mr MoonLight l : Everybody else = Oh thErE iS feMales in this gaMe Im nOt PrEoRdEring, all i cArE aBoUt is hiStoRical acCuaRacy ThAt ProStheTic aRm Tho Me & My Friends= Im still buying this game. the beta was absolutely a blast. This trailer is awesome & the soundtrack

Adam Dya : No Russians or Japanese 😢

DANNYDELASOUL : who's ready for battlefield v?

Swifty Unknown : So why wasn't this the reveal trailer exactly? I wasn't going to get the game either way, but this trailer seemed more representative.

gabriel rodriguez : You need at least a bachelor's degree to purchase this game.

Optima : To be honest, i rather play this "BADdlefield" V than CoD... and people who don't want buy it... f*** off, cry me a river. Its might not the best BF but its still better than CoD. My oppinion...

Mirek0010 : Sad thing is top comments are about political correctness not about the trailer. It's great

Chadius Thunderloins : Honestly? I personally enjoyed the beta and had fun playing it. I'll probably be picking this game up.

Jordan Valladares : Not enough wamen. 0/10

Jerry Velez : I'm so ready to play this game already I dont care what everyone else thinks about this game I'm getting the Deluxe Edition for Xbox One on Digital so hype and excited to play already

Mode 7 FPV : white man

Marduukk Gaming : I will never play this game , what a shame.

Kacper Kosiński : Uhh, God. All those butthurt comments. Like kids came here to study history from the video game.

Rawjent Productions : Now that's a trailer

Hanif Aqila : this trailer should be the reveal trailer in the first place

Róbert Lajkó : I think dice and treyarch compete who can make the worst game after this cleary the dice have the lead

Lz Lucas : GaMeS PlAy BeSt On XbOx OnE

djhappyyyyy : Unpopular reaction: I am really looking forward to play this game. I also don't support the gender ect thing but at the I end I just want to capture flags and kill people in the game ;)

North Cinematics : finally a good trailer. Good job dice. THIS should have been the reveal trailer not the shite you released before.

samuraibunny : So much hate... I'm looking forward to BFV VERY much, thank you.

Ron Ronson : I've never seen any pics or reels of WW2: So the allies army was 5% android lesbians with claw machine arms, 75% black males, and the rest some amalgamation of random races and sexes?

Daryl Mosely : Won't be buying their social justice coward crap.

TitanzPlay : We want BF1 kill sound to BFV

Adventure Film Production : I am "educated". I read a story of a Transgender half Black and Asian Muslim atheist in the German Luftwaffel who would shoot down enemies with happy wishes and rainbows! Such an honor to see him in the story mode! RIP Häns Ligmä fredirck fragman the 4th of Gaymany, as it was know for all you uneducated people. Birth: 110BC - Death: 2457 AD

name name : I swear to god Battlefield V is like the Cod WW2 of 2018, Everyone hated a single aspect of the trailer like females in the game But after a while nobody will care because they will still buy the game and have fun, unless they really really hate the company then in that case i dont know

Bri xo : I Love BF5

Anthony a : This game will be the best Battlefield yet

Aranea Newton : Mother, tell your children Not to buy this game early Cause you’re uneducated

Cameron Neufeld : Now that's an actual good trailer

World War Gaming : What a disgrace to history and "The House of the Rising Sun"

Ru Roh Raggy : 1:20 lol Meme tank makes an appearance Honestly it looks really cool... but I seriously hate how you put women and blacks on the front. Yes, some blacks fought in the front lines and in Russia lots of snipers were women but not brits or muricans.

Fatgaysheep : Women in this game? No can do EA ima stick to bf 4.

Wacko Lover : Can we just stop on the fact that there is a woman on the cover and just look at how dope the game looks. Btw the guy who triggered all of you left the company soooo. Most are hating on it right now but let us be real, you are gonna buy it.

Aidan S : Honestly a ring of fire in battle royale is such a good idea! What's more terrifying than a massive wall of fire that even destroys the structures it touches! Why has no one thought of this!

Cute Scorpion : Stop making bad games

Helmut Rieder : their stock market value dropped harder than in ~2008

Ruth Depaz : You have to admit even though there’s a lot wrong with this trailer it still looks amazing