Burglary suspect weeps after recognizing judge from middle school

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MIAMI (WSVN) -- A Miami-Dade judge and a burglary suspect had a one-of-a-kind reunion in bond court, as the man broke down in tears, while the judge offered him some supportive advice. "Hi, Mr. Booth, you're back. This time you're charged with a burglary," said Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Mindy Glazer, during a hearing, Thursday. Judge Glazer never expected a middle school reunion would occur while on the job. "Mr. Booth, I have a question for you," she asked 49-year-old Arthur Booth. "Yes, ma'am?" he responded. "Did you go to Nautilus for middle school?" "Oh, my goodness," said Booth, as he covered his mouth in shock. Booth, now a suspected burglar, was reunited with his middle school classmate decades later in the court of law. When realizing who his judge was, he broke down in tears. "Sorry to see you there," said the judge. "I always wondered what happened to you, sir." "Oh, my goodness!" Booth said again. "This was the nicest kid in middle school." Again, Booth, could only reply, "Oh, my goodness!" as he wept. On June 29, Booth was allegedly seen leaving the scene of a burglary at Northwest North River Drive and 36th Street in Hialeah. Police said Booth failed to pull over as they tried to conduct a traffic stop. According to the police report, "Mr. Booth drove his vehicle onto the median and drove onto the oncoming traffic lanes. Mr. Booth then bailed from his vehicle." In bond court, Glazer said Booth's alleged behavior was not the childhood classmate she remembers. "He was the best kid in middle school," she said. "I used to play football with him, all the kids, and look what has happened. I'm so sorry to see you there. Mr. Booth, I hope you're able to change your ways, good luck to you." Once again, Booth could only respond, "Oh, my goodness," as he wiped tears from his eyes. As Booth continued to cry, Glazer delivered a message she hopes will help turn his life around. "What's sad is how old we've become. Good luck to you, sir. I hope you're able to come out of this OK and just lead a lawful life." Booth's bond was set at $43,000 for a handful of charges.

Comments from Youtube

Isla Clarke : “He was the best kid in middle school” hopefully that was his wake up call.

Nader Achilles : btw that wasn't a grin on her face, it was the smile when u try so hard to hold up the tears...

Alex SJ : Super humble, respectful judge 👩‍⚖️ my respect to her. She is an amazing woman. Edit: have a great day everyone thanks ☺️. ✌🏻

F.O.E Fitness : This will probably change his life more than any time in jail would.

Frank Stein : The first "oh my goodness" sound so happy but the second "oh my goodness" sounded so full of regret and sadness. Hope he's changed for the better.

Rishi : The moment he broke down, he realized how he thought his life would be, and how it is now.

Anaria Elinta : In middle school they were in the same class for the same purpose studying the same things and getting the same education. Few years later they were in the same court for different cause and different position. LIFE'S REALLY UNPREDICTABLE.

E w o ღ : Kids remember more than you think ❤️. Mr. Booth was her good friend in middle school. You won’t ever forget special people in your life and memories that came with them

Iron Cote : Roses are red Violets are blue I got this in my recommended and so did you

T Davis : I am glad he didn't bully her in school. That would have be awkward

Srisha S : Youtube randomly showed this on my home page and successfully made me cry..what a nice way to start this wonderful day YouTube 1 - Me 0

Insightful : Oh, the remorse he must have felt. Yes probably remembering all of the memories up until now.. I hope he turns his life around..🙏

watermelon lad : If she said that he was a very nice kid, that means he's gone through alot of shit to end up there. Then he realised what he become and felt so horrible..

New Zealand : Sometimes embarrassement is worse than a jail sentence, you can see he had a conscience lmao

MossyCastle : After he was released after 10 months she was actually there and supported him.

Time Keeper : The moment you realize the world shaped you into something you never wanted to be !

Rick Borja : Please God, help this man turn his life around... Please! 😔

Leann's Adventures : Its never to late to change, I hope he is doing better now.

Anonymous Sources : "I always wondered what happened to you.....you were the nicest kid"

j-slay : I’m glad she didn’t have the *”look where i am and look where you are”* kind of attitude

tarun lala : That's why you have to be careful not to mess with geeks in school as today's losers are future bosses

Nina : Who else was wronged by YouTube and got recommended this so late

Ed Mwaniki : It's called life people...hopefully it was a wakeup call for him.

Mubarak Mahmoud : I'm sure this is gift from GOD that will make him a better person

Gang mei : She called him "Sir" i respect that....!!!

Everything Xbox : It’s crazy to think about how they both went down different paths, the judge got a successful law job, whilst the man became a criminal.

librnx1988 : Damn i actually felt sad for him more... Wow nice judge she is to even open up and say that..

Jovey : I bet after seeing his classmate be like wth now i feel embarassed i got a change my ways 😂

sLory Pixel Worlds : Poor guy, I hope he gets his life back on track

Sarath Balachandran : At first he realised his friend next second he realised himself.

SHADOWNINE79 : It's a good thing he wasn't the school bully and she was one of his victims.

Shirou Amakusa Kotomine : I wonder how would you react if you were the judge sending your childhood friend to jail? It's really sad and depressing, hope he was able to turn around.

Danielle John : OMG this breaks my heart! He is NOT a bad person 😭😭

Cody Gates : Okay like this judge is the best! From childhood friends to a judge and a robber it shows people to ways in life! I really do hope this man turns his life around and have a good life! I also hope this judge continues to be kind and caring and I hope she also has a good life. God Bless them both!

Vince Calumba : He realized what he has become and saw his school mate in a different life... so sad

Peter Balaz : What a nice moment :) She was really kind.. we need more people like this.. very touching moment..

Luxdarls ! : He smiled remembering his childhood memories He cried thinking of the present !! Nicest kid .. I wish he leads a happy lyf !!

iii Waterr : YouTube throwing these sad videos at me like bricks

newbies gaming : I had to admit it it would be ultra shameful and mortifying

Leonardo Medina : "Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late." Benjamin Franklin

Mr Roque : He still seems like a genuine guy; perhaps just caught up in a society that is particularly difficult to navigate for people of color.

Steve Edwards : So sad and pitiful juxtoposing these two former classmates' lives.

Brandon Chilvers : The vid just barely blowing up after 4 years lol

Jogi : You're showing me this now? 😲 That moment when his whole life comes flashing back and smiles and tears ... The judge is so cool both professionally and as a person - it was perhaps the best possible way to turn his life around.

The Joker : The way he says "oh my goodness" seems more like it's coming from the realization of what he's become than it is from the shock of meeting his schoolmate again. The despair and horror from this man is nearly palpable as he remembers how his life used to be and all the dreams and aspirations he once had. It must have been an even harder blow to see that his friend was now a judge and he was merely a petty criminal. Truely a haunting moment.

GD Crysisbai : what if they were in relationship back then.... that would be crazy

Jina Valentine : Thats... The most embarrassing moment to see someone you knew to judge your life now. Wow, thats baaaaaad.

Palo Santo : This made me rethink everything. I'm speechless

Nadine Dunston : I think he’s crying because he’s remembering the person he was before