Burglary suspect weeps after recognizing judge from middle school

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The Joker : The way he says "oh my goodness" seems more like it's coming from the realization of what he's become than it is from the shock of meeting his schoolmate again. The despair and horror from this man is nearly palpable as he remembers how his life used to be and all the dreams and aspirations he once had. It must have been an even harder blow to see that his friend was now a judge and he was merely a petty criminal. Truely a haunting moment.

Steven Sushi : He’s so embarrassed and ashamed ☹️

MossyCastle : After he was released after 10 months she was actually there and supported him.

342K views : Man looks 60 Woman looks 30 Same class

Skipper : That's honestly one of the saddest things I've ever seen :(

PleaseSubscribeToMe : The fact she says “I remember you were the best kid in middle school” just shows that good grades and good behavior in school don’t guarantee good life afterwards.

*SlickySlickDo * : First “oh my goodness!” was him happy to see his old classmate again but the second time was him regretting every single decisions has ever made and knowing he could have done better or choice wiser choices while his classmate is a judge.

Johnny John : It's not too late to do good in life.

oyobio akpan : I think he's reflecting on what he is now and what he once was and keeps saying "oh my goodness" because reality is hitting him

Draqon-X : Very heartwarming but Why did it just pop into my recommendations? Edit: ! 550 likes!

RARE AKUMA : Damn it’s a small world

Double Den : Once together, but now so far apart..😞

d tczyk : God that moment when you realize what your life has become, you can see the genuine regret.

Står // Erin : Why did it make me want to cry when he cried?😂 Edit: Stop with the random hate comments

Tejaswi Pathak : Try to imagine the conditions which made him like this

John Intonato : The Judge said He was the nicest kid in School. It's nice that she treated him in a decent manner. Maybe it will give him the incentive to change in the future.

TheLegend Universe : Imagine if the judge disliked him in middle school..

I live in a pineapple : My thoughts about burglars were negative and I hated them like almost everyone does, but if you change your point of view, you'll realise that most burglars tried so hard at life but failed.... It's just sad that people who never moved a muscle are millionaires and people that worked really hard are homeless.

xAoxic : His childhood crush gonna sentence him to 50 years in prison

Mahir Cave : Her remembering him may have the biggest impact to change his current course

Marioma : Some people are forced to steal, they literally have no other choice. It's funny how some people say that "America has a lot of opportunities" but maintaining a stable job isn't one of them.

Sean Douglas : Saddest YouTube video out there

Amaira Subedi : Plot twist: That guy was "ex" of that judge in middle school who dumped her...😫😫😫

aminaaa : sadness on his eyes is heartbreaking

War Chest : She was so kind to him while remaining professional. I hope he’s able to turn his life around.

GamingYt : Legend says he's still saying : Oh my goodness up to now 2018

RightMostAxe : *Damn* That ohh my goodness felt really regretfull

Zjackattack99 : She looks damn good!

- Shiroyasha - : This is so sad actually

Bucephalus unruly : That's why my mother always said *do your homework*

Slylie Zeroseven : When you see the old gang after 10 years

Sarath Balachandran : At first he realised his friend next second he realised himself.

User Name : is she allowed to judge if she knows him?

Иван Атанасов : you could be the best and the most charming person but when life slams you to the ground you try to get up with every possible way...

Dan Juric : So sad. I feel for him so much. Life isn't simple.

Rasmus Bro : This is what not having Any money, is going to do to you(life Hard Even when you Are smart)

Fads Ez : 0:16 is that Will Smith?

Aldo My Puppy : Oh my goodness count: 999,999,999,999,999,999,999 1. You didn’t realise I put a 6 in their 2. You checked to see if I did 4. You were wrong 4. You read the first one wrong 5. I skipped number 2 6. You went to check but you didn’t realise I repeated 4 7. You checked again 8. You are getting fooled 9. You are going to like this comment 10. You are awesome

Some Crazy Gaming : And think if he was the school bully. That will be a life sentence

Zach Blackburn : This is so sad man.

D J : Imagine the reaction if they used to to date...LOL

Veloxzr : Isn't this a massive conflict of interest?

calboy seseman : He didn't do it he's black of course the cops would arrest him.

Entertainment4all : What an embarrassing situation. But she was kind enough to help him

PandaKitty AJ : “Oh hey.. i copied your homework in year 6..”

casara __anna : cannot imagine what emotional flashback this guy would have got.... may his life turn better :)

arieyshma chowhan : That smile at 0:03 tho

yukio ichijo : his hidden crush for sure...

Rakesh Mahat : hope the guy will change💞💞

Raging Gamer : What are the chances