Burglary suspect weeps after recognizing judge from middle school

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The Joker : The way he says "oh my goodness" seems more like it's coming from the realization of what he's become than it is from the shock of meeting his schoolmate again. The despair and horror from this man is nearly palpable as he remembers how his life used to be and all the dreams and aspirations he once had. It must have been an even harder blow to see that his friend was now a judge and he was merely a petty criminal. Truely a haunting moment.

Mahir Cave : Her remembering him may have the biggest impact to change his current course

Stop Being Confused About Health : She looks like she’s about to break out in laughter

Frank Stein : The first "oh my goodness" sound so happy but the second "oh my goodness" sounded so full of regret and sadness. Hope he's changed for the better.

TheBashar327 : I read where a behavioral therapist suggested you keep a picture of yourself as a kid on your desk. Everyday look at that picture and ask yourself, 'Are you doing the best you can for that kid? Are you treating that kid well?"

PleaseSubscribeToMe : The fact she says “I remember you were the best kid in middle school” just shows that good grades and good behavior in school don’t guarantee good life afterwards.

kj : This is how you treat someone like a human being

Gabriel Rosalez : You know he was the nicest kid in school, he said, "Oh my goodness".

cristian c : That judge looks pretty good for being almost 50.

Milky Way Maruaders : He cried because he became self reflective in that moment probably for the first time in years.

JOE MOMMA : Judge "How have you beeeen?" Black guy "Ehh"

Ayub Osman : "He who is not taught by his mum will be taught by the world" think huge on these words

Bible Illustrated : This is just heart wrenching!

Gtifighter : this is what happens when good persons hang with the wrong kind of people. they corrupt you, they make you do dumb and stupid things just to fit in, they turn you into something or someone else. Pick your friends carefully to make sure you don't get too much bad influence and live a normal fullfilling and happy life.

RARE AKUMA : Damn it’s a small world

Six Paths Sonic the Pokémon Trainer : This man probably changed. Whether he’s in prison now, or out now, he’s definitely going to be different, much kinder, and not a criminal,

Annaliese Cancilla : It’s probably so hard for him because he is laid out like this in front of someone he knew.

Carnie Style : It's a small world after all.

Werner Boden : This might have been the moment where he redeemed himself to lead a lawfull life. Might be, no prison sentence could be as helpfull than this.

Dan Juric : So sad. I feel for him so much. Life isn't simple.

Tanner man : Crap this actually made me feel sad.

Thomas Grabowski : He must of had a hard life. I hope he's okay.

Carlo Lim : This is so sad. A good guy turned into crime.

Honey Tiwari : After watching this video I realized that a few people remain in heart and we can recognize them even after so many years

War Chest : She was so kind to him while remaining professional. I hope he’s able to turn his life around.

Michelle Burkholder : I nominate that judge for the supreme court.

Ryan Kiddo : This is what you do when you're so embarrassed to the extent it makes you cry.

Nur Atilia Ramle : Turn a new leaf. I wish you best of luck, sir.

Radhiya Van Gobel : its just such a sad ways to meet old friend

Bucephalus unruly : That's why my mother always said *do your homework*

j-slay : I’m glad she didn’t have the *”look where i am and look where you are”* kind of attitude

Maria Jefferson : I believe God allowed this man to come face to face with his childhood friend who is now a Judge . He needed to feel the shame & embarrassment . I hope he gets help & cleans up his act before it's too late . May God bless him again !

Dead Girl : The Life is Not so Fair to everyone...

kaw628 : This made me cry with him, i'm nothing near what I've wanted to become or thought i would be. I've never been arrested or anything but I've ran into major mental issues after multiple huge tragedies took everything i looked forward to in life, leaving me feeling like i have no purpose. Today i found purpose again, once i get my mind straightened out i want to be a therapist to help others sort out their issues, specifically with schizophrenia. I realized i'm schizophrenic recently after just thinking i'm simply depressed for most of my life. Realizing it alone has helped tremendously already, and i actually want to seek help now that i realize how much i need it.

Lewys Cousins : OMG IS THAT YOU?!? I'm so sorry I copied your homework in Year 9!!

Sean F : There is good in this man, he just needs to reboot and turn his life around.

They Hate Me : This is just plain pitiful. This man has just come to the realization what type of life he leads.

OneTwoMark : This is such a good video motivator to tell you to do well in life, otherwise those close to you will succeed and realise their dreams while you are laid bare before them feeling ashamed.

Andrew Nazmi : Legend says he is still saying "oh my goodness"

Raging Gamer : What are the chances

black Barbie : he's embarrassed that's why he crying lol

GD Kaci : good judge. Respect to her for not skipping the opportunity to say something good for the guy.

Kenneth Jones : One became successful person the other a loser . That’s life

William Waha : Has anyone ever watched the movie "Stardust" ? The Dad in that movie says, "I can tell you that nobody I ever admired in school ever went on to do anything spectacular ." This is the Ultimate TRUTH ... In this case the Judge says , "Welcome Back Mr. Booth ." This tells me he's a career criminal and has been in her court before . Apparently she thought he was someone she once went to school with but probably wasn't sure so she asked. This is the basic TRUTH in American Life. Some people will forge ahead and others will stay behind . Choices You make will lead you to your future whether your a scumbag repeat offender or the Prosecuting Attorney or the Judge .

Zach Blackburn : This is so sad man.

Henry Bust : I tell my kids all it takes it’s a wrong decision with who you hang out with, to change your life in minutes. They ask why you see peddlers asking for money and are young in most cases l tell them these are guys that once had dreams and got in trouble early in life cause of their bad decisions. They won’t get hired cause they have a record that’s going to hunt them for the rest of their life’s. This is a country of laws that are unforgiving and all it takes it’s just a fist fight and they can sue you and send you to jail for it if they want to. Those days are over if you had a problem and you told the other kid see you after school

someone667 : So sick of seeing people make excuses for this guy. He chose to be a criminal. He chose to rob people instead of work a full time job. Pro tip... you can actually live off the state entirely as well as collect food stamps. That alone lets you live. What a man SHOULD be doing is finding a way to work for his keep while he is accepting assistance from tax payers. Instead he decides to live off the system and rob people rather than find work. The man is 49 years old... he had plenty of time to get it right.

REDD111 : If only they reunited under better circumstances😕

Stewie Griffin : How many of us were just taken back to our childhood memories just for a couple of minutes

The Last Survior : the awkward moment when your a convict and see your former classmate as a Judge, I would also cry like him