Burglary suspect weeps after recognizing judge from middle school

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Lwazi Sbu Live : The day that changes your life around Jim Rohn said it better. One person becomes a judge and the other a suspect. It's a mystery of mind.

Mahir Cave : Her remembering him may have the biggest impact to change his current course

Adhi Suryana : I believe they must be close friends in school. So sad... 😢

Moka Faden : I just realized that this video was uploaded 3 years ago and i just got it in my recommended 🤔🤔

Andrew Hampton : Gods Awakening And Mercy 🙏

War Chest : She was so kind to him while remaining professional. I hope he’s able to turn his life around.

BTS Stole My Weave : Same school, different paths

Ikcatcher : Imagine bullying someone in middle school and decades later the same kid is overseeing your court proceedings

Stop Being Confused About Health : She looks like she’s about to break out in laughter

Daniel Loomis : He realised he should of never broke up with her

Morgan Lemons : Wow that's amazing

The GOLDEN FAMILY : Life is Crazy 😳😳😳😳

honey poo : Rumor has it he still walking the streets saying "oh my goodness"

RedyTheLegend : 0:09 Points at shoes *WHAT ARE THOOOSE* (sorry)

TomDiamond1 : He’s embarrassed af lmao xD

Wgy are we still here : Its a small world.

referral madness : This is shameful af 🤦🏾‍♂️ this is not the way to see someone for the first time in years 😢😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

Samantha Garcia : The "oh my goodness" that came out of him really came from the heart. It's crazy how our environments change and we adapt to them in different ways. I hope he turns his life around.

Karionite : Aweee! This is so sweet and the judge probably felt just as tearful, but I bet she knows that she can’t get too emotional there.

paul yi : This is reason why you should be good to those friends and acquaintances you meet!!

Q-10 : Wow😮

Beary Captainjack : Bitter and sweet, it’s how life go sometimes.

Steven Campbell : LOL all these comments saying how poor this guy is. He stole a car and then tried to escape the police people. I hope he turns his life around 2, but this is what happens when you create your own life and commit criminal Acts

Krwler : His humiliation is now complete

Pat L : Remember those cute kids you see??? Yeah well they turn into rapists, child molestors, murderers, burglars, kidnappers and drug addicts

the real slim savvy : Oh my god, I hope his life turns around and he does well.

Johnny Bonez : 0:31 You can see that's where he remembered and in his mind saw him and her as kids again, and the innocence of being young compared to his reality in court made him breakdown in tears. Crazy how life works. Truly inspiring story.

CrunchGirl 97 : Small town

Jason Lagud : 49yrs old ain't much time left.

john smith : Life decision.

Riçk R : Dont nail me to the cross for this But Judge Glazer kinda sexy tho! 😍

Gabriel Borjas Garcia : This is really sad. She was so nice to him :(

MostDear : Meh. The judge isn’t so kind to him. And she’s smirking the whole time. And being a judge in a criminal justice system responsible for more prisoners and racially sentenced prisoners than anywhere else in the world is not something to necessarily admire. Just a bunch of careerists and politicians.

Riçk R : Been following her since 2014.. she's the best in SoFlo. Down here in South Fl .. that who you want as your judge

Laci Mancha : Crazy

E.J. Reed : Me after I bust too quick "oh my goodness"

John50 Beach : Why am I being recommended this 3 years later?

black Barbie : he's embarrassed that's why he crying lol

Anaconda : So how many years he got judged

DKZ7 : Life😔..... Smh

Nur Atilia Ramle : Turn a new leaf. I wish you best of luck, sir.

Saksham Ranga : Universe is always watching out for us. What an awakening. I hope everything went well from then on for him.

Henry Bust : I tell my kids all it takes it’s a wrong decision with who you hang out with, to change your life in minutes. They ask why you see peddlers asking for money and are young in most cases l tell them these are guys that once had dreams and got in trouble early in life cause of their bad decisions. They won’t get hired cause they have a record that’s going to hunt them for the rest of their life’s. This is a country of laws that are unforgiving and all it takes it’s just a fist fight and they can sue you and send you to jail for it if they want to. Those days are over if you had a problem and you told the other kid see you after school

Dante Miller : Blame the government for not helping the blacks we need more acceptance and employments

redlinejae : "What's sad is how old we've become"

Saim Tariq : The world isn't that big ...

Victory George : Really emotional

K O R i G A N : Has this been really 3 years 🤔🤔😞

unsub : White privalage hah. Appearently they went to same school

Dan Juric : So sad. I feel for him so much. Life isn't simple.