How to Make Matty Matheson's Ultimate Burger Recipe

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Matty Matheson already showed us how to make the perfect cheeseburger, way back in 2014. In 2018, he's back again, doing the impossible and improving upon perfection. (JK, he hates this recipe, but it's still delicious!) The P&L Burger comes from the pages of his newly-released Matty Matheson: A Cookbook and gets topped with bacon onion jam, dill pickle mayo, shredded lettuce, and Monterey jack cheese. Get the full recipe on MUNCHIES: Order Matty's cookbook here: Subscribe to Munchies here: Check out for more! Follow Munchies here: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: Pinterest: Foursquare: More videos from the VICE network:

Comments from Youtube

Karim Rifai : he's the jack black of food

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master shifu : Justin beiber getting *THICC*

Kenny Westone : 2:48 that's my new notification sound.

Samt2019 : Matty and binging with babish need to do something together. Yin and yang right there

Bob Sti : I gained 10 pounds watching this

Dragon Blast : Anyone else remembers: Don't eat a Burger when you're getting a *BlowJob*

Justin Morgan : Matty is just a cool chill person nice to get an emotional boost from him

Lady D : wish I could come hang out and eat burgers lol

Sitranine : If Jack Black and Guy Fieri had a baby...

Marksicc Foo : Every time I hear his voice I think of the one eyed Trans Alien from Lilo & Stitch lol

Misougami : I guess you can call it Patty Matheson

Thomas Britton : "Iceberg lettuce is the best lettuce of all time" Jamie Oliver would be triggered af😂

Etwas : If Jack Black could cook...

Fer Areal Alvite : Your doctor disliked this video

Champ - DC : He's one recipe away from a heart attack.

Yasseen Moussalli : They say to never trust a skinny chef. Man I trust you with my life

Mika Lopez : It's like if Jack black was a chef

Blaster Blaster : anybody else ever notice how matty kinda looks and give a general vibe similiar to andy from parks and rec

Galaxy Guy : This guy is so wholesome.

samuel bico : Idk if anyone thought about it but matth matheson is like the jack black of the cooking kingdom

El Niño : Matty Matheson = Instant click

Meshie Boy : Moto moto has entered the chat

Evan Nichols : He is the jack black of cooking

Scott Pilgrim vs Za Warudo : What's the music from the intro? It slaps, and I need the source.

david delaghetto : WENDY´S SEND THE CHECK JAJA

Joker Productions : Its only missing one thing.. _C H O L U L A_

brenton. : Matty is so entertaining how can you not like him

Durty Capone : he looks like a plump Chris Pratt with even more energy

Andrew Arrachie : Does anyone else get a Chris Pratt kinda vibe ?! :)) LMAO

Tanner Cryden : Soooo what is the pint of the jam if you dont put it on the burger?

Dont Go Bacon My Heart : I wanna be best friends with this guy

radiohead4everrrrr : 6:25 Matty, I love ya, but this is why you poke a hole down in the middle of the patty. Patties shrink slightly, and they turn ball-shaped if you don't push the middle down. I do appreciate that steam-melts-the-cheese trick though. Def using that one next time.

shortyfry85 : Cookbook cover Matty - 10/10 would smash

kakuella : As a person who used to make an hr and half trip to P&L for a burger, Matty KNOW how to make a good pub burger. Sad that P & L is gone but i guess I'll try this recipe out 🍔

Amit Rawat : 3:26 don't slice the puppies.

Jethro Phua : This guy is the Jack Black of cooking

Trevor Hernandez : I am not usually a fan of super energetic cooks BUT I NEED MORE MATTY COOKIN IN MY LIFE

Mike Thomassen : I LOVE the message of; "I'm just giving you a gateway". That is a PERFECT way to describe what you do, and you do it better than any others!!! Keep the gateways coming......

The Jungle VLOGS : I loooove himmmm❤️ His personality is mine. We have to meet.

Ahmed : Needs more cursing.

lilbuddha : Matty Matheson is the human embodiment of an exclamation point.

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Heyall : Holyyyy shyat! NOW I get why people love him so much. I am totally hooked. Been binge watching all of his videos and even giving a thumbs up on the ones highlighting meat, even though I am vegan. THAT'S how you know the love is real. He is a goddamn genius. Both comedically as well as a chef.

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NERD LOGIC : My favourite chef hands down He knows exactly what I want in a burger 😂