How to Make Matty Matheson's Ultimate Burger Recipe

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Joker Productions : Its only missing one thing.. _C H O L U L A_

kevnation55 : "You don't wanna season anything" *Gordon Ramsay has entered the chat

Karim Rifai : he's the jack black of food

Brad Cooper : Never trust a skinny chef

pointyechidna : wife heard from across the room.. "what gay cooking are you watching?"

Misougami : I guess you can call it Patty Matheson

master shifu : Justin beiber getting *THICC*

Samt2019 : Matty and binging with babish need to do something together. Yin and yang right there

RahzelGza : I'm vegan and this was recommended. Watched the whole thing anyway. I like his energy.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster : this'll give you arteries so hard you could block bullets

Dont Go Bacon My Heart : I wanna be best friends with this guy

Nicolas Cortes : Great video bro keep it up!!!

Dragon Blast : Anyone else remembers: Don't eat a Burger when you're getting a *BlowJob*

Velocity : Looks damn good, but I gagged on the half pound of butter being added to the bacon.

james campbell : *ITS BLOODY RAWW*

Al Holguin : I wanna see this guy have a cook off with Action Bronson.

itzMOBSTER : What happens when this guy actually gets the munchies.... whole store gets raided

Bob Sti : I gained 10 pounds watching this

Parham Soozandeh : and straight to the hospital for diabetes

Fer Areal Alvite : Your doctor disliked this video

atomicaereser lover : I always look by fat people in the comments if there stand rust in peace or somithing.

Ed Jackson : Get creative with your sauce my dude. Ketchup, Smoked paprika, Onion powder and garlic powder would all be welcome additions to that sauce.

Bob Doe : If he keeps eating like this he'll be dead before he turns 50. CMON MATTY STOP WE LOVE YOU

El Niño : Matty Matheson = Instant click

Greta mmm boi : Oooooo bacon onion jam - when I first tried it it was in a butternut squash sage pastry 😍😍😍 it was at my favorite coffee shop in Phoenix and I have no idea where that baker went but my god flaky pastry surrounding butternut squash sage and bacon onion jam 🤤🤤 I swear I ate one every day for months

shortyfry85 : Cookbook cover Matty - 10/10 would smash

John The King Robinson : Send the cheque! !!

5RuLe : i love this dude!!!

Yasseen Moussalli : They say to never trust a skinny chef. Man I trust you with my life

Galaxy Guy : This guy is so wholesome.

professorbland : wow the burger looks just like the chef


MrCP : buttering brioche seems a bit redundant given that brioche is basically butter bread. I'd substitute that step with the Gordon Ramsey method of buttering the meat that way your brioche isn't soggy.

Goofy 1 : “Just a little tab of acid” 😂 had me dying

Larvitar Dratini : Why and how do all of his ingredients look so damn fresh and so good! I've never seen iceberg lettuce that flawless looking

james campbell : Mattys hair lookin like old man Lichen

Austin Powers : He said you make the jam with salt but never added the salt


lilbuddha : Matty Matheson is the human embodiment of an exclamation point.

Matthew Eveland : Matty looking thicc and healthy- a true beauty.

Junior Rozay : “ Ha th th th th ... lick on that “ lmao I’m crying

Ed Jackson : Great video - like the last one but minus the 'swearing is comedy gold'.

Noah Foutty : The word you're looking for is tartar sauce

Jethro Phua : This guy is the Jack Black of cooking

emil viuff : Food is great and all, but i can't find it delicious when the cook looks unhygienic

Martijn : This guy is hilarious!!

emil claesson : this guy really reminds me of Post Malone

Andrew Arrachie : Does anyone else get a Chris Pratt kinda vibe ?! :)) LMAO

Alex Vickery : This looks so good. Think I gained 10lbs just watching him make it.

Natropia Natrox : americans food taste in a nutshell