How to Make Matty Matheson's Ultimate Burger Recipe

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Joker Productions : Its only missing one thing.. _C H O L U L A_

crip knuckles : Butter lettuce is the best lettuce of all time dont @ me

pointyechidna : wife heard from across the room.. "what gay cooking are you watching?"

Sadi Al : This guy is what Oprah Winfrey would be like if she was a white fat Canadian who gives away recipes instead of cars

RahzelGza : I'm vegan and this was recommended. Watched the whole thing anyway. I like his energy.

Misougami G : I guess you can call it Patty Matheson

Benito Llan Matos : 5:54 "we're gonna put a little sauce" *proceeds to put a whole bunch of it*

jovanattisha : Is anyone else mind blown at how unhealthy this thing is?

Parham Soozandeh : and straight to the hospital for diabetes

mjs28s : does Guy Fieri know that you stole his hair?

Dont Go Bacon My Heart : I wanna be best friends with this guy

Velocity : Looks damn good, but I gagged on the half pound of butter being added to the bacon.

master shifu : Justin beiber getting *THICC*

Al Holguin : I wanna see this guy have a cook off with Action Bronson.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster : this'll give you arteries so hard you could block bullets

Yasseen Moussalli : They say to never trust a skinny chef. Man I trust you with my life

Noah Foutty : The word you're looking for is tartar sauce

james campbell : *ITS BLOODY RAWW*

Nathaniel West : Matty’s the man - met him on his cookbook tour and he’s friendly as hell. Also, does anyone know the song at 0:20 ??

Dragon Blast : Anyone else remembers: Don't eat a Burger when you're getting a *BlowJob*

El Niño : Matty Matheson = Instant click

G3T_R3KT U WONT M8 : diabetes on a burger

taegukki : The beef is raw and the presentation looks like it was done by Ray Charles

TheBebe760 : Matty chief just called he said this is it

Larvitar Dratini : Why and how do all of his ingredients look so damn fresh and so good! I've never seen iceberg lettuce that flawless looking

Jethro Phua : This guy is the Jack Black of cooking


Bob Doe : If he keeps eating like this he'll be dead before he turns 50. CMON MATTY STOP WE LOVE YOU

CLAUDY9111 : He has gained so much weight since I started watching him and that was 2 years ago. These food are not healthy. No wonder people think they're not over weight... This way of eating is nothing but a heart attack bound, disgusting!

HarrLable : 3:22 that sauce cross contaminated from the raw meat.

Goofy 1 : “Just a little tab of acid” 😂 had me dying

itzMOBSTER : What happens when this guy actually gets the munchies.... whole store gets raided

Manny Flo : 😩🍆💦💦

Anderson Liang : Its kinda raw in middle lol. I dont trust raw ground beef so much. If it was a steak would be safer.

Fer Areal Alvite : Your doctor disliked this video

Countries of the World Songs : This comment will never be found..

professorbland : wow the burger looks just like the chef

Austin Powers : He said you make the jam with salt but never added the salt

marleeboyproductions : justin bieber really let himself go

Aris Ammons : This man is Jack Black 2 and nobody can tell me otherwise

BeachJedi101 : Was driving home from LA today and had Wendys for the first time in like 10 years. Ordered a baconator! Then watched this video a few hours later. What are the odds.

james campbell : Mattys hair lookin like old man Lichen

Andy Ouellette : Matty Matheson


lilbuddha : Matty Matheson is the human embodiment of an exclamation point.

5RuLe : i love this dude!!!

jesus antonio romero navarro : He's StarLord.

Martijn : This guy is hilarious!!

Kyriacos Mouzouris : Legend

Kody Lunsford : Just casually sneaks a whole stick of butter into the pan lmao