THE LODGERS Trailer #1 NEW (2017) Horror Movie HD

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Diablo X Machina : The "Ghost House" thing has kinda been done to death, but this does look like an interesting movie.

koster : I cannot see a damn thing

The Stories The Haunter Whisper in The Dark : This movie is indeed really good, it feels like a an oldschool horror movie with some gothic elements to it without the emo aspect to it. It feel slow at times but there's enough buildup in there to keep you watching,

Emma Whelan : I'm in this movie

Scream Bloody Murder : Underrated, highly appreciated and recommend.

K n o c k e d L o o s e : Ahh ffs!,boring!,make some movies about any of the SCPs

RealityKings _6Nine : I don’t get it🤣🤪

ayk7 7 : Thats the Worst movie I've ever watched.

id104335409 : Man, screw the house! Burn it down and leave!

Gabriel Caveman : Who sang that song? I kinda liked it ! "Girl child boy child listen well" . Anybody ?

Shane is a goat : They should have showed parts of the movie other than in loftus hall. They also filmed right beside my school in clongeen

Mai Maitho : I loved this film, good acting and you won’t regret it.

João Paulo Nascimento : Que filme vagabundo!

Emily Yang : The trailer looks interesting...

Qazi A : Really nice movie with a twisted plot shot on beautiful locations as the script demanded but I feel the ending could have been better.

Milton Medina : Sólo comentario en ingles

Fernanda Saville : I didn't like the film.

Energizer Gaming : Rather watch Tom n Jerry instead of this. #smh

Guilherme Branco : Looks good!

Lala Stahl : Looks boring

john smith : meh

unodostre _1997 : I'm pretty sure this is Loftus Hall, a place in Hook head wexford Ireland