THE LODGERS Trailer #1 NEW (2017) Horror Movie HD

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koster : I cannot see a damn thing

The Plague Rages : The "Ghost House" thing has kinda been done to death, but this does look like an interesting movie.

Emma Whelan : I'm in this movie

Scream Bloody Murder : Underrated, highly appreciated and recommend.

The Stories The Haunter Whisper in The Dark : This movie is indeed really good, it feels like a an oldschool horror movie with some gothic elements to it without the emo aspect to it. It feel slow at times but there's enough buildup in there to keep you watching,

K n o c k e d L o o s e : Ahh ffs!,boring!,make some movies about any of the SCPs

id104335409 : Man, screw the house! Burn it down and leave!

Ayoosh .482 : Thats the Worst movie I've ever watched.

Ever million : I don’t get it🤣🤪

july fadly : Who sang that song? I kinda liked it ! "Girl child boy child listen well" . Anybody ?

Bernice Oneil : *Watch The Lodgers | (Full Movie_HD)* ➥ *17+ | 1h 32min | Drama, Horror, Romance | 9 March 2018 (Ireland)* all subtitle downloads, this is real you will not be disappointed after seeing it, ENJOY.

Goat man Has scammer insurance : They should have showed parts of the movie other than in loftus hall. They also filmed right beside my school in clongeen

Mai Maitho : I loved this film, good acting and you won’t regret it.

Emily Yang : The trailer looks interesting...

Qazi A : Really nice movie with a twisted plot shot on beautiful locations as the script demanded but I feel the ending could have been better.

Fernanda Saville : I didn't like the film.

Energizer Gaming : Rather watch Tom n Jerry instead of this. #smh

Guilherme Branco : Looks good!

john smith : meh

unodostre _1997 : I'm pretty sure this is Loftus Hall, a place in Hook head wexford Ireland