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Jejon Yang : 1. I dont play rust 2. Why is this recommended 3. I actually enjoyed it Edit: i guess i wasnt the only one xd

rezac : nibba beans

NAME : You know your content is good when people who dont even play this game still enjoy the video

bob lol : who will win? 1 random youtuber start with a rock or a clan that have 19 armed people

InFiHax : I have to say your video presentation is excellent. High production quality, nice job.

Jocelyn Flores : anyone else just love how the music's beat goes with him building and everything he's doing in the game??

Obsessive Gamer : *about 20 ragequits later* "Piss, he got everything"

Supreme Elit : That raid was f*cking satisfying!4!!!! 5/5 man really good.

Anthony Filippo : One of the best gaming commentary I've seen in years. Never playing it but glad I watched it. Thanks Youtube

Honestly Trash : Am I the only one who doesn't know what the hell is going on, but still watched till the end?

BOSJESMANN : Nobody: Youtube recommendations: SOLO Player BANKRUPTS a CLAN - Rust 1000x Me: It's actually not that bad, kinda like it

Random Person : This man has achieved the impossible... He can rival John Wick.

Henry Hohman : This was the farthest I could go without explosives Welyn quote

Cristina Fernandez : We've deployed 1 of the best agents to attack a secret terrorist base and dear god he did it

Super MayoMoanas : Ok Youtube, I finally watched it, happy? And it was good.

King Alibaba : clan base:Exists Welyn: *IM ABOUT TO END THIS CLAN'S WHOLE CAREER*

pedroBR games : *"This was the farthest i could go... without explosives"* I loved this one

Anthony Robbins : “Don’t know what that guy is doing” *Proceeds to walk in barb wire like a mad man*

dragonl0l : "yes sir i killed the intruder outside our compund names welyn" "You did what, we need to up the defenses 100 times" *They still died*

Stealth ASF : Never played rust, never watched rust videos, never seen your channel before. Yet one of the most enjoyable videos I have ever watched.

Christian Woodhouse : This man just destroyed an entire clan and took all their loot just because one memeber killed him once. I love it

Taco Ninja : 6:50 the gunshots mix with the music so well. I can’t stop replaying haha

I : Btw how made you the nailgun without a workbench? Randome found one? Edit: I'm an Idiot, the costs for a workbench are cheap

Użytkownik Nie Podejrzany : Solution for the clan was simple 1. Start patrols 2. Destroy every square close to the compound

Plz no oWo : Fast, funny, strait to the point, no clickbait, no annoying sellouts. 10/10

Lil Broomstick : I don't know why, but any type of raiding is so entertaining to me. Good job man. I actually enjoyed this video

Vince A : The music is fantastic. Reminds me of Persona 5.

President Gaming : this is strangely entertaining even though I haven't really gave a shit about rust up until now nice vid dude!

I don't know what to name my self y : Why do I have a feeling you’re gonna be my new favorite YouTuber

Rawr_ 24 : Bro, that intro sounded like an openeing to a shounen anime

The Aliplayer : Who's here cause YouTube wouldn't stop notifying this to you?

TKR : I don`t play rust but I watched a bunch of videos and this is by far the best one . Thanks Welyn

Harut303A.K. : No one: Headshot sounds in Rust: *CRUNCH*

NightRunner : People who watched this video: 20% have played Rust 80% never played Rust

XYCephei : Yo Welyn, can you please enable the community contribution for this video? I'd like to add Turkish subtitles to it ;) Let me know, when you do.

FEROZSS : Here we all are again watching this video together. Youtube recommendations at its finest.

Literral Gaming : Guys... MY CLAN WE FOUND HIM

Tanya Sapien : Speaking as somebody who's seen overgrown clans completely bully and destroy servers on various games, it gives me a special kind of warmfuzzy feeling to see a single highly skilled player completely wreck one.

UnboundGodz : Rumor has it the server reset 30mins later.

Michael Rissler : What is bare minimum pc specs to play this without lag?

Alex Ocampo : holy crap that was one hell of a story HAHAHA it actually got me invested

Matt Carrasquillo : Last time I played I ended up naked in a Gladiator arena fighting for my life against other poor Gladiators lol

Harrisano : What editing program do you use

shellnut : I've literally never watched a rust video on YouTube but this has been in by recommended for 4 days

hirji maulidy : I didn't know rust was This interesting until this video showed in my recommendation, I'm going to play the game

JTDiamond Gamez : Bad Sponsors BANKRUPTS YouTubers-Real Life

Josh2Shady : Never played rust but seems like a fun game. Only difference is I don't have the patience for that game. Video was great man. U had a mission and did it. Keep making videos like that I'll definitely watch them!

Spencer Stanbridge : this was sick, love the editing

Lunnar : Clan member: *being a frick* Welyn: I’m about to end this mans career