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Versaucey : This guy played a whole clan while making a story and content out of it, huge props to you.

Aminium Music : never played rust, but man... this video was awesome!!

Super MayoMoanas : Ok Youtube, I finally watched it, happy? And it was good.

Amrauz : Be clan leader: "Okay clan I'll be offline for the weekend have to take care of some stuff, make sure that turret is stocked with ammo you can jump over that rock wall... it's why we put the turret there." Comes back after weekend dead and no respawn points...

Fizz Pop : You almost made Rust look worth playing, almost.

UnboundGodz : Rumor has it the server reset 30mins later.

Riv & Reb : I've never watched a gaming video, I don't play video games, I've never heard of Rust, and I've never heard of Welyn. I watched the whole video...

2Pac4Life Thuglife : 8 k dislikes were from the clan members

Potato : How to advertise a game.

Davie月光 : Clan members find this in their recommended. Their reaction: 😤🤬🤯

mid or meepo : first time ever im thankful for the YT algorihm recommending a video

Joey The Wolf : I don’t even play rust but I was so entertained lmao

TerronScibe : My rule for raiding alphas: Steal and if can't carry, Sabotage. At the end of the vid is why I became a solo player thief that steals from alphas. 1st time playing Ark, "Hello, I'm new" after they killed me a few times, I then became their true enemy.. Took me 2-3 months to destroy them (kill their best dino, destroy and steal their stuff). By the way did you know you can steal saddles from tranquilized dinos? Oh and that Wyverns can't breath underwater? Tranq Darts my best friend..

Surviv God : Keep doing these, I love the commentary and savage rust gameplay! I dont even know why I found you now, but you're an amazing youtuber! Keep up the great work and do more like these!!!

Finlay Gaskins : Love the editing, deliberate, simple and not a ton of dead memes and loud noises. Also love how you kinda built up a story. Liked.

Blooprint : Definitely one of your best. Great story, editing, game play and dialogue.

Criminal Boy : As a rust player am just asking myself: HOW DOES HE DO IT !?

Gavin Shreve : youtube stop showing me THIS!! lol actually enjoyed it

Lucas Alves : I don't even play Rust, heck I don't even have a PC good enough to play fucking Tetris in it, but this. This was fucking satisfying on a whole new level. Good job mate!

GT xtrem : like for the part 2

Larry Bundy Jr : This is what Fallout 76 really should have been like.

Yosa gaming : Most watched rust video everr gud job

Fox Gundersen Lord : Being somebody who has never play rust, this really opened my eyes up to how good the game is. I though it was a Fornite like game. (Boy was I wrong!) I now have a whole new perspective on Rust. Thank you!

Farhandra R : OK YOUTUBE I'LL WATCH THIS VIDEO you happy now...?

Trey Van Zandt : I'm not sure why this was so satisfying to watch

Donut Operator : Love the storytelling man, great video!

False End : They can’t even be mad it was 1v a whole clan pathetic 😆

Mehrab Sattar : Didn't know we could watch movies on youtube

Vaporscience : This reminded me of the American Made summer of 82’ scene, with the clips timed to the music. Perfection.

Burnz Burnzy : Watch how 1 video launches this channel into success

SpartanMatt117 : Don't even play or know about this game but I'll watch haha

been in this fandom longer than taehyung's forehead : This was the best Rust video I’ve seen so far. So interesting

The Angkor Watt : not gonna lie this is the first game that had my attention since i was a little kid. I have gta,blackops4, all the new assassin creeds, and all the total war,civs, etc.

Arch Enemy : Good use of guerilla warfare. I did something similar in 7d2d. Was pretty fun

Юрий Горшков : According to the nicknames (hooray to Chaos Bunny) and graffitis, that was a Russian clan.

xXSilentAgent47Xx : It was only business.

Feat_45 : Im not even playing RUST. Why am i watching this? XD

Mike Gaming : This video got recommended to me 3 times But i decided i had better things to do. But in the last time I thought, let’s see what this really is about. Never seen better content Earned my subscription and respect

Blake Hall : This has been on my recommended for weeks GOMD YouTube

Inspector L : I Don't even know why I am watching this

Tasty : Might be the best Rust video on YouTube, well done! This is entertainment.

sub2pewds i5t005y : Oh my god, my boy Welyn is famous!

J B : absolutely awesome story telling!

Satan : So fake

SNOWY 8 : Can we play together sometime

Gnu-MamaFan : 13:11 Music Name?

wrecker bpu : Re upload?? May be

StubbsAnimations : Why you blowing up a wall with RF receiver? Isn’t that not possible?

FakeSnows : Wow dude just wow