The how and why of heroin addiction.
What does it feel like to do heroin

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paddie3535 : Heroin gave me wings but took away the sky.

Michael Rooney : 11/13/13 - My clean date

Acid Skies : Now THIS is a decent anti-drug message.

MrHabernet : I posted here about a year ago. I can't find the original post. But I just wanted to update you all that I'M CLEAN! 2 years or so since I've touched anything and I just kicked Suboxone (an opiate  used to help keep me clean). I feel like I can DO ANY THING!!

TheChronic2015 : My dad explained hard drugs to me perfectly when I was younger, he said to me "Hey, you know you should never do hardcore drugs?" I'm like ughh yeah because there bad... He said to me "Yeah, but the real reason is because you'll love them, you'll love them so much that you will give anything and everything for them"

Boris Kravchenko : Wow, it sounds like I would love that that's terrifying

Drakhund : maaan, if you only watch this vid until 3:00 it really makes you want to do heroin

TheTiberiumDawn : To all the people saying "Just smoke weed, it's all sunny and good times", if you believe it has no adverse effects you either: a) Haven't smoked for long enough or much b) You're lying to yourself or won't recognise its effects as being caused by it c) You actually have an uber tolerance and can smoke that shit, still function 100% and basically be superman I'm gonna place a big bet on it not being C. I've smoked for 12 years, pretty heavily. I loved it and still do. Cannabis introduced me to so many friends, showed me so many funny times, and helped me to question myself and the world around me. I do firmly believe it has a had genuine positive effects on my state of mind, my world view and the person I have grown up to become. However it is impossible to not recognise the negatives that come with marijuana use. Firstly that good old introspection can end up getting out of hand and cause you to become very introspective, usually in rather negative ways. If you go too far into that rabbit hole it becomes the way you are and it can be very hard to climb out of. Secondly the old mantra that it'll suck your motivation and dull your brain is very very true. If you don't think it does then you are lying to yourself. Also it can very easily become a substance that you can become behaviourally dependent on. I've seen it in myself and with most of the people I know who seriously smoke. Sure they may be effects of heavy usage but I believe these issues effect all users, albeit to different levels. So yes whilst it is not PHYSICALLY addictive, it often is extremely BEHAVIOURALLY addictive, which in some cases can be worse. This is what pisses me off about the attitude of some pro-legalisation crowd. Just because it is (comparatively) less obviously detrimental than many other drugs people perpetuate this message that it's all sunshine and roses. It isn't. Does this mean I think it shouldn't be legalised? No Does this mean I think no one should smoke it? No But this is why education is the key thing. Smoke and take what you like, it is your body after all. But remember it is a psycho active. It alters your mind. Some of those alterations can be beneficial. Some however not so much. If you can handle it, then great, good for you. If you can recognise and manage the problems it has then great, good for you. But don't try and ignore the issues and perpetuate the message that it has no negatives. Just in case people think I'm belittling Heroin addiction, I'm not. I 100% recognise that is terrible and horribly addictive. However people saying "saying you're addicted to weed is an insult to real addicts" really need to give that message a rest too. Does it have to be competition? Can we not just recognise substances have their own issues? Yes, some are worse, some have more debilitating effects than others when you try to give them the slip. But that definitely gives the wrong fucking message. That's like saying to someone that got made redundant , "You can't be unhappy at your lot in life, I lost X person from my life so anything beneath that can't mean shit to people". Seriously, because something isn't the worst doesn't mean it isn't a problem and you shouldn't try and take action if you feel that way.

MantraOf TheMoron : 7 yrs clean. This video nailed it.

dannooooooo : i wish i could say this video convinced me never to take heroin.. but its to late for that. he left out the part where it feels like the most powerful, mind blowing orgasm you will never have. but i quit. and dream about it every day. if there is one reason i can give someone to convince them not to do heroin, its that, in that moment, you may think, 'i just want to have fun tonight, i deserve to have fun tonight, ive worked all week, its been shit, im angry at my family, my girlfriend left me, and i just want to relax tonight, just one night.'..but after that one night, 5 years ago, ive never really escaped it, how it made my life feel so much better, and the question of how am i suppose to live life knowing it could be that much better, it doesn't matter i lost everything doing the drug or lost a fiance and had to move back in with my parents, lost the best job i ever had, countless opportunities. it doesn't matter, because heroin made it all ok, made it great. but if i never did it i wouldn't live everyday wishing i could feel like that again, because i cant, no one can, you will lose everything trying to pay for it, then get sick, and die, alone, and meaningless. heroin is something where your ignorance to it is truly bliss, and how can you want something you dont know, or miss something you never had. dont do heroin because it ruins life. not any single aspect, but all of it, and just the way life feels, because you will always think how much better things would be if you could feel like that all the time. that night 5 years ago, was just suppose to be one night. one relaxing night, i never meant for it to last this long, to destroy my life, my body, my relationships, and taint the rest of my existence, because now im an addict.. and i always will be. it was just suppose to be a couple hours. and i'll be affected by it till i die

arturoicetre : This is just extremely scary.

1ranjeeves21 : curiosity killed the cat..... you're better off not knowing.

stok3d99 : I love the part where he says 'You owe these drugs back what they delivered to you.' Drugs = Shylock, and they will get their pound of flesh.

Jason Green : "They are just underwhelmed... Oh obviously it's all been a lie they will think." Thats why the real cure to drug addiction is education. Weed wont make you gay or kill people. It will make you lazy and is safe in moderation. Alcohol will make you do risky and stupid things, can kill you if you drink too much, and can have long term health effects. Drink responsibly and you will be fine. Psychedelics will not make you cook a baby or go on a murderous rampage. It can, rarely, cause seizures and can definitely cause mental trauma. Respect them, don't do them too often, and always have a sober person with you. Teach people the REAL risks of drugs and don't make them so taboo. That will decrease addiction more than anything else.

johnarcheus : legalizing marijuana will reduce heroin and other hard-drug use. proved in the netherlands 20 years ago.

Oi Mate : all these people saying 'just smoke weed' shut up. I can tell you from personal experience smoking a lot of weed can have very negative consequences. anyone who says 'weed has not side effects' or 'you can't get addicted to weed' obviously hasn't smoked it for that long

Sir Sebastian : This perfectly sums up my Nutella addiction.

twitch01 : From a recovering addict, this is great.

IGGY1971 : that was fantastic , expressed to perfection

kozmobillions : As far a I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.

lefenec : this is one of the most usefull videos out there

kam30enn : Shooting heroin is more than just nice, it's probably a better feeling than anything you could ever achieve in life. I once found 4 grand on the beach, I once won 2 grand on a single hand of blackjack, I once banged a supermodel quality girl, I run a successful business and have enormous freedom, none of these things come anywhere close to a good intravenous hit of heroin. You could win powerball, but it won't compare to that first shot of heroin. And when you inevitably detox, you'll feel worse than a guy whose house is being foreclosed.

Buk Lau : My dealer was about to give me a small, free sample of dope, but I hesitated. I told him next week. Thank you for this video. It's way too accurate.

Eric Morrow : I am a recovering heroin addict. This is not my first rodeo either. I've been trying to kick this evil shit for years now, and I must say this video is perfect. It actually made me tear up because of how accurately it describes how I started, and the whole progression of this addiction. How you can go from having what seems like everything in life like having a good job, car, a family and girlfriend who trust you... To having absolutely nothing. If it weren't for my family who loved me enough to help me I'd either still be on the streets, in jail, or maybe even dead. Anyway I don't mean to ramble, this video just really hit home for me. Thanks for making it.

sam ღ : I was a heroin addict [along with meth, coke, benzos, alcohol] and this video made me feel so much. I'm crying now because it's such a vicious cycle & this video made me remember where I used to be. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. [I'm 5 months clean now].

glen Bailey : I live in the UK and I have tried everything!! EXCEPT what we call here smack. I.e heroin. I'm so intrigued but............everybody and I mean EVERY BODY I know that's tried it has ended up losing everything!!!! If I even knew 1 person out of 100 that could do it like a gent and keep their job and family I could justify it to myself to try it..but I don't not 1 person that has...has lost everything. AND one person I know who is 10 years cleans says every single day he still dreams of it and wants it. That's too much for me;( so good luck if u try it.

Bubba : I read this comment when it was on Reddit. It blew me away. I've done every drug he mentions except heroine. Thank god I never tried it.

stok3d99 : The heroin/opiate/methadone train is something you don't ever want to get on.  You think your life is bad now? You are miserable? Just wait.  Things can get much, much worse. Once you experience heroin/opiates, the things you used to enjoy won't be worthwhile to you anymore (without heroin). And it isn't only you that will pay the price, everyone in your life will pay for your addiction in one way or another. Do you want to put that heartache on your parents? Your wife? Your kids?  Life is hard. Stay away from heroin, I promise you, once your little 'honeymoon' is over, it will be the biggest regret of your life.

The ½ øƒ 9, Firmware of Unimatrix 01 : Let me add the other half.. First time, you feel sick, may be because, you had a chance to jump over from being weekend user to a daily user for a week or so (add your reason, vacation, depression, etc..etc..). Then next week, you say to yourself, Oh I feel like an addict, I get this craving to do heroin, even though I should be doing something else.. Then you try to stop, you start to get sick. Sick by no means, word justifies the feelings. Your body start to sizzle, you start sweating and you become restless for no reason. Since it was the first time you experienced heroin sickness, and it was expected, you try to let it go.. 2 or 3 days go by and you start to feel better, as it was only first sickness. But once you start to feel better physically you start to get worsen mentally. Now, nothing feels right. You are not working at work the way you used to. You feel like life is pointless. You start to get really depressed now. You find that something is really missing in life. Then you say to yourself..oh what the heck, let me see if doing heroin once again makes me feel better and I will not do it again. Then you do it again, in silent acquiescence. Oh magically, you feel great.. normal again. You work brilliantly at office, even finish all the tasks you had left over while feeling miserable for days in a single day. Next day, you say to yourself, no heroin again. And most probably you will go by that day without using (just because residual thingy is still in your body). But the next day then after, you feel sick, you know the quick fix. You WILL DO IT. Then cycle goes on, and very soon, you will be in position saying to yourself, I can't go to work without heroin, I will feel sick and miserable.. You start being late to work. Your bank account start to empty. You start to feel more miserable every time but irony is more miserable you feel, more you want that escape of heroin. It just locks you up. It's never enough. You really don't care anything any more or accurately saying, you can't afford to care anything any more. You need heroin to be alive, not to feel high or productive or not depressed, just to feel alive, you will need heroin. And the cycle goes on and on, until you loose everything to the point, you can't afford to loose anything further.. but still heroin attracts you with the same passion as it did being a weekend user.. And you will learn the hard way that, if I had to quit anyway now, why didn't I do it in that first week.. as you have already forgotten all the pleasures you received doing the heroin for years, everything was for vain, only pain remains with you.. for the life time!!  

syanide : This basically summed up Requiem for a Dream.

Jackson W : Talking about heroin makes me queasy for some reason

Spider Jerusalem : This guy sounds like he should be in The Sopranos.

John Roberts : I don't think I've ever wanted to do heroin so bad in my life. Thanks butthole.

Strummer1980 : I always wanted to know what the benefits are for heroin. The media and all the law makers are only ever full of warnings, always emphasising the addition part and the negative bits, but it's important to understand why people do it, otherwise the lawmakers can't ever understand the whole issue. I really would like to try it once, but I know I never will. This is an excellent video and surprised me alot. Thanks.

420NEALE : On 29/10/14 I quit a heroin habit that nearly killed me.  Choose life

Dean Price : I need to quit before something bad happens.

TheBestMovieAlive : I switched from oxycodone to heroin thinking it would save me a ton of money. I was buying roxies for $20 a pop and then found an H connect that I can get a gram of good tar for 60. Before I knew it, I was spending way more money on heroin than I ever did on oxy. NEVER try heroin.. It will destroy your life and take EVERYTHING away from you before you know it.

catfoosh : this makes me want to cry

Adam Robertson : Clean 3/27/15----coming out of the haze slowly but surely. Optimism 50%...overwhelming urge 50%. Called my doc...told him i was an addict....promptly got fired from the pain management clinic. Told my dealer i wasnt paying him what i owed him. Cutting ties. Starting over. God help me.

storm3698 : it's the most beautiful feeling in the world then it fades and you want to feel like that again.

Tory Langley : 8/15/14 never forget. clean date

Justin Truax : Heroin is the devil of all drugs. It makes you feel good at first, while you think it's not that bad. Then, right when you feel comfortable it turns on you and sends you on a one way trip 6 feet under. It's a hard trip to abort.

Eddie Strike : This perfectly describes xanax for me.

Pramienjager : By the time I got to 3 minutes I had already gone out and bought some heroin and shot it up. 

Scrooge McFuck : This reading gave me chills, reminded me of the OCD poetry reading in terms of how well it was performed (I know this isn't really poetry per se but in a way it kind of is on accident)

David Sjöberg : A really good explanation. I actually got goosebumps of it. I've been Clean for fifteen years but I used to be addicted to heroin and later methadone. This explanation really nailed the feeling. The only thing remotely Close to that feeling these last fifteen years have been love. And also Peace or tranquility. And to get that feeling I've got to live a Life true to spiritual principles. If I don't do that I won't get those feelings and if I don't get those feelings ultimately I would like to get high again. There's just no other way around it for me. But I'm happy and content with that. Why? Because now it's for REAL! :)

Danny Dolan : As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a gangster.

AssassInUrAss : A 100% real, truthful, and impeccably accurate explanation, so frighteningly familiar, doesn't matter what a single one of you morons say, this was composed by a DEFINITE addict/ex-addict, you want to know what it's like to ride the H.orse, ^^^ right fukin there, down to the last breath, identical. the ONLY thing I might change, is the fact that heroin is quite a bit more than just "nice". I understand the euphemism, but to be fully honest, it is complete and utter life altering Bliss, Euphoria and Happiness in an instant.

frostedsilver : Now I completely understand why Kurt Cobain used heroin. Perfectly.