The Anime of Stan Lee

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On November 12, 2018, the world lost one of its greatest storytellers and cameo actors. Today, I'd like to pay tribute to Stan Lee by examining his oft-overlooked career in anime and manga. nerdsync's stan lee retrospective: Answerman on Heroman's Localization: Support me on Patreon: Subscribe to Mother's Basement for anime and gaming videos every week: Validate me! Follow me on twitter: Also on facebook: And check out my Steam Curator page: and the new Mother's Basement Subreddit: In the depths of his Mother's Basement, Geoff Thew creates videos analyzing the storytelling techniques of anime and video games. He has been named the number one Worst YouTube Anime Reviewer by The Top Tens.

Comments from Youtube

99sonder : "I don't care if this is a DC movie! I love cameos" Probably the best laugh I've ever gotten from Teen Titans Go, ironically

José Rospigliosi : The protagonist of Heroman is Joseph Jones, which makes him two things: An heir to Stan Lee's traditition of alitaeration, and a Jojo

Vicente Ortega Rubilar : I guess that Stan was right...Sometimes one man can make the difference. Nuff said.

poli : “Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?” ― Terry Pratchett, Going Postal “Steal five dollars and you're a common thief. Steal thousands and you're either the government or a hero.” ― Terry Pratchett, Going Postal

jack : STANIME

Just Some Guy without a Mustache : Stan Lee was a true hero. I hope he makes his last cameo in Endgame, since they already finished shooting the movie before he passed.

Ethan Hudson : I know that this is probably a darker comment but I think it’s amazing how Stan Lee seemed so mentally sound even at his old age. He was giving speeches and walking around until the end.

GreatgoatonFire : "I don't care that it's a DC I Just Love Camoes!" is a really nice and heart-warming line.

DMUA : Finally, an analysis on the True original user of One For All

Digi : Stan Lee is the real life Speedwagon: perfect.

Justin Y. : Dude was the original 3D waifu.

Yunier Viada : I watched Heroman in Crunchy-roll back when it first aired. I loved it and it felt so American that I am still baffled that it was not aired in Cartoon Network Dubbed...

Tyler Witt : He made a manga with the creator of Shaman King? Why the hell haven't I heard about this before?!

Billbo Baggins : Stan Lee helped normalize fringe culture, and made outcasts mainstream. He's done so much for all of us, rest in peace old timer❤❤❤

NerdSync : This was a great video!

DBZMacky : I appreciate that you took an entire month to make this tribute unlike the countless other channels who shamelessly tried to cash in on his death immediately when we heard of the sad news.

MinervAthena123 : "He used that great power responsibly" love the reference

Alpha Jay 3.0 : _Than You Stan the Man,You made True Believers out of all of us._ *EXCELSIOR!*

Nathaniel Foga : Now here's a side of Stan Lee even I didn't know about,thanks for making a video about it .😁👌

Light Castle : Remember when All Might points his finger on the camera and shouts "You are next !" ? Well, who will be the next Stan Lee ?

gojira4life : Stan Lee was the man we needed, but not the one we deserved. May you rule Heaven as you ruled my childhood, Mr. Lee a.k.a. The One Above All!

XshadowmonX : “Made by Studio bones” *Runs to my laptop and binge watch it*

odinkiller727 : “He wrote the plot outlines and characters and left the others to do the work”. So the Marvel method

KurashiDragon : "I don't care if it's a d!c move, I LOVE cameos" This man was an actual god! Fite Me!

Moggtow : I don't think Heroman needs a second season, Joey's journey as a character is complete in my opinion, and I feel the last "to be continued" is there to call back to the genre of comics where stories never truly end ( think of The Incredibles ending even if it eventually got a 2nd movie )

dreamer XD : Most people didn't know this but he was a big fan of anime

thelinedrive : I would honestly kill to see an adaptation of Ultimo listening to it.

Sirrmo B Readings : 15:41 his name is Joseph Jones, now you know it's made by Stan Lee

Neil : I know this will sound cheesy but Stan Lee was my hero. He produced, alongside Jack Kriby, The Fantastic Four, my favorite superhero team. He seemed like a genuine guy, one who loved interacting with people and making them happy. And I will miss him. But his legacy shall live on. Thank you, Geoff for covering Lee. Because, to me Stan Lee had great power and used it responsibly, helping bring smiles to millions of people young and old. Excelsior.

Maria Paz G. Lesme : Thank you, Stan Lee! For being our hero.

Spongebob SquarePants : The legend may be dead but his legacy will live on

Krammy Cakes : It's also worth stating that Stan Lee emphatically loved every one of his fans; and knew that they loved him. There are videos off the record of him just waxing poetic about how he reflects the fans appreciation and couldn't be more grateful for the people who enjoy his content - just going on and on about how wonderful the people who follow him are.

William MacArthur : Something I can personally say for Heroman is that in a nutshell the manga feels like it's written for western comic fans to get a taste of manga, while the anime is made to get the eastern audience into the more western storytelling. If you're new to manga (or just not a fan from what you have read) I would definitely recommend giving Heroman a read.

Prof. Burch : A couple years ago I read and enjoyed Ultimo. I had no idea that Stan fricken Lee was one of the minds behind that story!

NodMan : *_I remember randomly running into Stan Lee at some random comic book shop. I knew who he was after a triple take and went to shake his hand. He was just there as a normal person. Great man, he got me through the 80's..._*

Mecks089 : How in the Hell have I never heard of Heroman? Also apparently the Reflection is just a comic book version of inFamous then? Because the concepts are literally the same.

Emme The Fangirl : I started getting into the marvel fandom right before he died. I also joined Tumblr a month or two before this recent crap...I'm starting to think I'm a jinx...

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE : Its okay to pirate anime under certain circumstances. Change my mind

Ziryuri : *Stan the Man* *_Will live on forever_*

B.I.C. Violet : I've been telling myself "I want to do something creative my whole life" for a while now as I am in my last year of college and applying university. Do you believe me that I didn't even know who Stan Lee was till this new broke out and AFTER THIS VIDEO I LOOK UP TO HIM. THIS IS NOT A FIRST I LOOK UP TO PEOPLE THAT ARE GONE. -*cough*rip Christina Grimmie *cough* Rip Stan Lee

Kenny Morris : I held back tears until you said "excelsior" at the end. It was a privilege to be alive during Stan lee's existence, may his teachings of compassion and dedication shape us all to be better than yesterday.

Bryan Rollins : Heroman deserved more attention.

23gameoverlord : RIP Stan Lee, you will be miss. but you will never leave our hearts, and comics.

Tristan De Ramos : JOseph JOnes

Hapmaplapflap gap : that's a lotta typos in the opening of this video

Gustbk1 : I hope this video won’t serve to remind me of The Reflection...I still go to weekly therapy to forget that madness. R.I.P. Stanley Excel-Man

Carlos Pacheco : I was always a fan of Karakuri Doji Ultimo since I first saw it in Shonen Jump. And Heroman had some kickass op songs. Roulette is always playing in the back of my head. Rest in Peace, Stan. You were and always will be my Hero.

Michael Marple : The Reflection looks a lot like the Aja run on Hawkeye but with muted colors, so I was excited to see it because I constantly imagined how cool that would look with fluid animation. Ryan Johnson must have been involved in the animation, because it certainly subverted my expectations.

NelCelestine[CG] : If you like some anime set in NA, you should check the end of season 1 for Gundam IBO! As someone who lives in Edmonton it was a trip seeing our downtown and nearby area recreated in anime form!