Guy uses a Fidget Spinner and his own hair to catch a BIG fish

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They're only going on this one very specific lure, and you sure don't have one. Watch as the Dirty Blonde Crazy Spinner revolutionizes the musky fishing game. LAKE OF THE WOODS MUSKY GUIDES: ►Darcy Cox (Tank Industries Guide Service) in Kenora: ------- ------- ►Joe Cooper in NW Angle on Lake of the Woods ------- ------- -------joecooper89 @ ►For information on Manitoba fishing opportunities: ►MY BOAT: Alumacraft 205 Competitor Sport: Yamaha VF250hp SHO Motor: Garmin GPSMAP 7610XSV: White Cap Mfg. Splashguards: Ram Mount for Fishfinders: Minn Kota Terrova 112# w/ bluetooth: Terrova Mounting Bracket: Minn Kota 12ft Talon: Talon Mounting Bracket: ►MY FILMING GEAR Garmin Chest Cam: Main Camera: Waterproof Camera Case: Camera Post Monopod: Ball Head for Post: Aqua Vu Underwater: Waterproof VLogging Camera: Vlogging Camera mini tripod: Ball Head for mini tripod: Drone with kit: Drone Lens Polarizer: Waterproof Drone Case: iPad holder on Drone Remote: ►COMPUTER GEAR Editing Program: iMac Desktop: Laptop: Waterproof Laptop Case: ... ►FOLLOW UNCUT ANGLING EVERYWHERE: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: who cares about twitter? Vine: is dead and it's not my fault. MUSIC PROVIDED BY: *Amazon Associate Links Included*


Evan Yaretz : "Hey man I think you need a haircut!?" "Nah mate, i'm going fishing tomorrow!" "Oh alright"

thiessenwatching : Subscribed the minute you took the scissors out and started cutting hair.

TheUnluckyFisherman : Aaron uses Berkley powerbait scent as conditioner

DawgFan87 : 2 minutes into my first time on your channel, I immediately realize you give 0 f**ks. This is gonna be a fun ride.

49erCanMtl : Its honestly just dumb how good you are... So calculated.. So perfect.. The fishing, the filmaking, the orginality.. All 11/10. Crazy.

TheOregonOutlaw : Dear GOD . .. just IMAGINE what would be possible if he was a RED HEAD!

BrAD Strayer : Only clicked on this video because of the beautiful fish this man was holding.

Sciwiz16 : I legit know the exact spot you are fishing at.

Scott L : Uhh so this is the first vid of yours I've ever seen. You wild AF! Love the spirit. Keep em coming.

Max Kalinyuk : Anybody else didn’t wanna watch this video and just clicked on it to get it outta your recommend? Edit: I actually loved this video

Nico Due : Lol you should do a series of just crazy tackle builds, n just use the comments for ideas.

The Sandwich Crew : This nibba caught is ducking hair for a lure

richard bidinger : Looks like I'm going to have to canabalize my fidget spinner come spring.

Cameron Ash : Catching a 48" fish with a fidget spinner, your own hair, a thin piece of metal and a hook huh that's new.

L_James_S : Missed the fidget spinner craze by about a year.....Lol still good video though!!

andy vang : Man this guy is a legend

Chris Cooper : hey did riff raff start his own fishing channel on YouTube

P.P.F. gaming gameing : You need to use s mini food lion fidget spinner and some metallic paint or sharpie so that more bass can bite it

Water Warrior Fishing : hater's gonna hate keep doing you bro. Best fishing vids out hands down!

Liam Mottram : Goes fishing. Barber shop: Am i a joke to you?

Sweswio : Idk what you were on during this video but damn you're a genius man that's awesome!

Lucas Damoff : He may have been foul-hooked but obviously that lure was doing what it was designed(?!) to do. Impressive, sir. Most impressive.

Nick Letsas : This dude just causally cutting his hair to make a lure

TylersReelFishing : I'm currently in shock... What can this human NOT DO???

Dee Sabird : This is the greatest angling video I have ever seen- and I'm 1 minute in. You cut your hair for your lure. Like, just did that. Bravo. Bra-VO!

ItsSweatt : What happens when he has no more hair

WACKY GARY : Youtube play button, fidget spinner, whatever, catch one off something hard, key, spatula, shoe.....jk thats funny and awesome

-Apehanger - : Nice!!! Guess it's time to grow my hair out... Next time try your beard hair.. 😉

Where'sTheSauce? : This video should be called, "Catching fish with dead memes"

Fish Tropic : I got half my head in here 😂👀👌😎🇨🇦 great video lol 😂

ZildjianGuy Man : Cutting off some of your hair to make a ridiculous fidget spinner muskie lure, then actually catching one with it...... You got another subscriber. Sweet vid.

Justin Woods : Makes a bigger point of the fidget spinner, but... bro, you just chopped off a bunch of your hair...

Bartsky : Right so this had been in my recommended for probably two weeks now and I was hesitant to watch it because I thought it was some bullshit click bait but holy shit dude you just caught a muskie with your own hair and a fidget spinner. Mad respect.

Cooking and Fishing : Ok, this the mad fkn genius of the fishing world!

William Leitschuh : "Got half of my head on here" - Uncut Angling I Subscribed the Second he Said that

Collin Eddo : "Nuttin' taste good like Head and Shoulders taste good!" - Fish probably

anglinadventures : that was a cool idea.. I did something similar.. ill be posting the video soon!!!!

Kramer BrosTackle : Appreciate the Revolution shout A-Dub! Nice necktie and hairtie;) Glad the fidget spinner and hair style made it to CA along with the Hanson Bros MMMBop song in 2018

Muskeystalker Muskeystalker : Dude you are my HERO!! That Was AWESOME and inspiring! Thank you for sharing that with us!

Thomas XiongnuZ06999 : The music tho it fits perfectly with the chase. 😂😂😂

Joe Gest : So how much for about 10 patches of that hair to make the fidget spinner. I have short cut hair cant use my own !!!! Loved the video and thinking outside of the box. Humorous and great videos. Your video popped up after watching a whopper plopper vid.

Enrique Arevalo : Heavy duty buck tail wire shaft? Is there an accurate name for this? Lol doesn’t come up on amazon

Nick S : Can't be called "Uncut" any more ! Maybe "Trimmed"! Great bait make.

israel alonso : OK. my friend mario send me a link to the video and am in shock, these guy is the greatest ever and I decide to subscribe and share the link to my friends.👍✌🤙👏🤟👍

Kyle Sager : I can really tell you love this stuff and that enthusiasm is inspiring! keep it up bud.

Lodge 676 : Love your steeze buddy! New fan and new sub here from Oshawa. Real neat stuff.

DWS Outdoors : I love how normal this all is for you Aarron... lol

Brandon Blair : Just found your channel. As soon as I saw you take two giant chunks of your hair I knew I had stumbled across a find. Quality content. Bravo Sir

Linus Knutsson : Never seen a more dedicated fisherman than this, holy hell XD