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TylersReelFishing : I'm currently in shock... What can this human NOT DO???

The Wooded Beardsman : Aaron if you want to collaborate, let me know. Been following your channel for a long time bud.

thiessenwatching : Subscribed the minute you took the scissors out and started cutting hair.

Calvin Burns : Did this guy really just catch arguably one of the worlds most wary fish with a chunk of hair and the most useless toy ever created.

Cooking and Fishing : Ok, this the mad fkn genius of the fishing world!

Where'sTheSauce? : This video should be called, "Catching fish with dead memes"

49erCanMtl : Its honestly just dumb how good you are... So calculated.. So perfect.. The fishing, the filmaking, the orginality.. All 11/10. Crazy.

Keenan Moore : I've got a theory. Aaron is the Conor McGregor of youtube fishing channels. Much like McGregor, Aaron hits hard showing us something exceptional every time. Not unlike Conor he chooses his appearances wisely. Very sporadic and out of no where. Not to be fooled, it is all VERY calculated. This was so awesome. You da man.

DWS Outdoors : I love how normal this all is for you Aarron... lol

Mike Phillips : My kids have a few of these spinners... Or should I say HAD a few. They're mine now!

Mustard Of Puppets : Aaron, you should put together another 72 hours tournament this time mid winter in january/february. Ice fishing style.

Wired2Fish : Much Love!

Ladybass : Sooo.... Where can i get one?

Z Wiggles : @8:15 The rewind WITH audio almost made me fall out of my chair laughing. Fantastic video as we have come to expect. It’s hard waiting for your videos when “other people” put out a video every single day. Then you watch “there videos” and the first three minutes (of a 10 minute video) is them talking about the last video, and the last three are about the next video. With your videos, once we shoulder the burden of waiting for them, we are rewarded with unique content, and a FULL video of entertainment. Uncut Angling - often imitated, never duplicated! Keep the high quality content coming, can’t wait for the next one.

ribbie204 : Not the bullhead topwater vid I was hoping for but pleasantly surprised

Blair Fish Project : You. Are. The. GOAT.

Nick Pieterse : Never a dull moment with you Aaron. First it’s a YouTube silver play button and dead deer hair. now your own hair and a fidget spinner. Amazing.

Matthew Zaborowski : One of the coolest hookups I’ve ever seen.

The right cat 1098 : I actually thought he said Jews but he actually said juice : this guy is my spirit animal!!!

Dubcepticons : Yesssssss some more UncutAngling 🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Brett McComas : *This makes me so happy*

Afish040 : I am extremely disappointed in you Aaron. You abandoned #tillerlife! Nice boat though!

Fishing With Bottles : Hair cuts looking fly bruh!! Good fishin!!

Justin Smith : Yep, you earned a sub for that.

Jake McNamara : 8:20 like your blue under ware 🛀🏽

Max rux : i got kicked out of my stats class because i saw the notification and clicked immediately. thanks aaron

Ian Tweedie : That musky could almost ride the roller coaster at the fair

Trojs Fishing : Got to admit that was impressive

kylebugi : imagine dying to a fidget spinner

Northwoods Angling : This is straight up amazing!

TrollMaster300 : This video popped up on my feed. & im now subscribing. That's sick

B.O.A Yang : The most cancerous bait

Isaac K : If you dont press the like button on this video you have no soul

ASchmitt36 Schmitt : Would the color Silver Fox work? Might look like a Cisco.

Bob Kambeitz : That is cool

BigPapaGameDropa : Wtf I was confused when he started cutting his hair

Sweswio : Idk what you were on during this video but damn you're a genius man that's awesome!

Bob Kambeitz : Nice fish

George Kallivrousis : massage the shaft

TheLonelyTurtle._. : You should have had the title as, "cutting my hair to make a fidget spinner bait"

BEN Plant : I live for your uploads, thank you so much for everything

Robert Chaney : This is Uncut Angling! You have no haters, all you have is spectators! Most creative and knowledgeable fishermen on you tube! Happy your posting new videos! Waiting for "39 hours 2.0" 👍 great video as usual!

William GRIEVE : He is using his hair lol

EliteCanadian : Is that in Northbay?

OFF Fishing : This guy is the best angler of the modern world in my opinion 👍👍

BotanicTech : Are you in Guelph?

nashwpg : figet spinner, youtiube play button...geez whats next? how about a MANITOBA CLASSIC ice scraper?

Chicken Fried Fishin' : Doood! That was an incredible video Aaron. Loved it. I call that 100% legit catch.

Nick S : Can't be called "Uncut" any more ! Maybe "Trimmed"! Great bait make.