Burning Man 2017 Hyperlapse
Burning Man 2017 Hyperlapse

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Burning Man Hyperlapse 2017 Made with the Hyperlapse app (and thus "not a real hyperlapse" but fun none the less....) Music " Mario Bava


h7opolo : you make it look breathtakingly spectacular in this vid, all the LED's and structures compressed into a "hyperlapse".

Frances Macdonald : Mark (may I call you Mark?), you are the best videographer at The Burning Man. I am eagerly awaiting your extended version.

Happy John : 2:25 Is the actual highlight of Burning Man. 8:47 PM 11/8/2018

D RolyPolyMan : They definitely get points for Creativity! Some very Cool displays and Ideas! But I’m not going out to the desert to see it! Thanks for posting this!

Happy John : 1:11 The climax. 8:44 PM 11/8/2018

smack down : Is there a word stronger than wow! I know the details in these spectacular art works are also astonishing... Burning Man is mainly this for me...Thanks again and again Mark for sharing and letting us in

Kev's Bootlegs : Hey Mark I went to burning man and looked all over for you. Your videos are one of the main reasons i went.

Mark Anthony Fuentes : R.I.P Larry Harvey May your Legacy and Spirit live on!!

John French : If I ever make it to Burning Man... it will be 100% because of Mark Day and his YouTube videos! I've loved your videos for a 3 years now (since I found them), keep up the great work!!

jd dr.jkindle : Awesome video (and muzik). Thanks for the share. - James

InSurrealtime : When do we get the full 24hrs?

Higher Vibrations : Badass!! Thanks for sharing. It gave me goosebumps. I can't wait til I get to attend my first Burning Man!

kris aebi : Good shit, can't wait for more videos from you Mark Day. ~respect

Avishai F : BM for me is newArt newPeople and NewIDEAs! love i bro you are ART and saw some missing pieces from last week JAhBLass💚💙grass hooper

Ill Gamesh : What a trip. Thanks, Mark!

Jennifer Coffey : Thanks for stopping by RhythmWave! It was great to see you. Let me know if you got any footage for future pieces <3 See ya at the mext magical moment.

Nathaniel Richards : So pleased to see the youtubing legend that is markdaycomedy still going strong

fantasticfantastic43 : Looks amazing there. A LSD experience.

nevermorefarm : Thanks for this...I went for nine straight years but haven't made it there in a long time. Nice to see the installations again, without the dust ;-)

Max Hunter : Playa was something special this year, I don't want it to end

jdukes0004 : Amazing Art!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I love the tree in the middle of the desert!!!

A Lynch : Thanks! Can't wait for next year (I hear it was better)

Bob Smolenski : Thank u. Looking forward to more from you. Our favorite.

Kelly Peck : Gorgeous! Thanks so much for this.

hoe273 : I will be there hopefully next yr, definitely b4 I die, #1 on the bucket

On a zephyr : amazing!! feels like I was there again :)

Michael Priest : looks amazing. nauseous video tho i feel so sea sick right now... spinning spinning

Tom : Hey mark! When’s the 24 hours coming out? Eager to watch it 😂

Venus Venésia di Castellamare : This looks so cool!

cool beans : looks way better than previous years

Tear101PK : 2:20 I wasn't at burning man but my aunt was apart of the team that made this sculpture. It's cool to see a video of it there.

TL M : It all looks so eerie now that someone actually died

Marco Santoni : Love burning man❤

J Upton : Mark, Thanks for 2.half min update from 2017. Cool stuff as usual!

neptune Trace : You can jump into the fire but you'll never be free.

Billy Krzemien : By the thumbnail, I thought that was a Marilyn skirt-billowing statue. ;)

tortugabob : Well you got your burning man didn't you? That must have really be the highlight of the freak show.

shejean : I can't believe I missed this whole week of BM! Eek. Too much going on at home front. I have a lot of catching up. I Usually follow and watch online. Next year daughter and her boyfriend will be attending (multiple times for each), so I'll be more aware. Too bad that man felt the need (consciously or un-) to kill himself and ruin a joyous week for many people. Empathy to his wife and family.

Elena I : Not getting to go this year, so lurking on last year's videos. I can smell the playa now! *sobs*

baphomet666_MONSTER : so beautiful!

pascquallo : Would like to go there once. Can anybody recommend me how to best install myself ? Truck? camper? Guess a lot of water is needed and I heard that you cant pay with money, correct? thx

Life With THE ROCK : SILLY!!!!

раб БОГА ИИСУСА ХРИСТА Виталий : От Матфея 25:31 Когда же приидет Сын Человеческий во славе Своей и все святые Ангелы с Ним, тогда сядет на престоле славы Своей, 32 и соберутся пред Ним все народы; и отделит одних от других, как пастырь отделяет овец от козлов; 33 и поставит овец по правую Свою сторону, а козлов — по левую. 34 Тогда скажет Царь тем, которые по правую сторону Его: приидите, благословенные Отца Моего, наследуйте Царство, уготованное вам от создания мира: 35 ибо алкал Я, и вы дали Мне есть; жаждал, и вы напоили Меня; был странником, и вы приняли Меня; 36 был наг, и вы одели Меня; был болен, и вы посетили Меня; в темнице был, и вы пришли ко Мне. 37 Тогда праведники скажут Ему в ответ: Господи! когда мы видели Тебя алчущим, и накормили? или жаждущим, и напоили? 38 когда мы видели Тебя странником, и приняли? или нагим, и одели? 39 когда мы видели Тебя больным, или в темнице, и пришли к Тебе? 40 И Царь скажет им в ответ: истинно говорю вам: так как вы сделали это одному из сих братьев Моих меньших, то сделали Мне. 41 Тогда скажет и тем, которые по левую сторону: идите от Меня, проклятые, в огонь вечный, уготованный диаволу и ангелам его: 42 ибо алкал Я, и вы не дали Мне есть; жаждал, и вы не напоили Меня; 44 Тогда и они скажут Ему в ответ: Господи! когда мы видели Тебя алчущим, или жаждущим, или странником, или нагим, или больным, или в темнице, и не послужили Тебе? 45 Тогда скажет им в ответ: истинно говорю вам: так как вы не сделали этого одному из сих меньших, то не сделали Мне. 46 И пойдут сии в муку вечную, а праведники в жизнь вечную. 43 был странником, и не приняли Меня; был наг, и не одели Меня; болен и в темнице, и не посетили Меня.

Evan Thomas : apply warp stabilizer in After Effects!

scotiansen : Is there a bunch of loose hippy chicks there?

Maksim Orlovskyi : просто, подскажите, как туда попасть?...хочу....

J Porter : Yeah I'd get bored real fast..I like nature

LINDA OZAG : just like Heaven was

RimeTime : So certain people bring trucks filled with their creations then build them there? That is really awesome