Burning Man 2017 Hyperlapse

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dixiehellcat : very cool! thanks for sharing. Someday I will make it to the playa!

h7opolo : you make it look breathtakingly spectacular in this vid, all the LED's and structures compressed into a "hyperlapse".

smack down : Is there a word stronger than wow! I know the details in these spectacular art works are also astonishing... Burning Man is mainly this for me...Thanks again and again Mark for sharing and letting us in

Happy John : 2:25 Is the actual highlight of Burning Man. 8:47 PM 11/8/2018

J Porter : Yeah I'd get bored real fast..I like nature

Frances Macdonald : Mark (may I call you Mark?), you are the best videographer at The Burning Man. I am eagerly awaiting your extended version.

Happy John : 1:11 The climax. 8:44 PM 11/8/2018

Kev's Bootlegs : Hey Mark I went to burning man and looked all over for you. Your videos are one of the main reasons i went.

InSurrealtime : When do we get the full 24hrs?

Ill Gamesh : What a trip. Thanks, Mark!

TL M : It all looks so eerie now that someone actually died

Life With THE ROCK : SILLY!!!!

Andreas Sagert : 🕺🕺SONG PLEASE..PLEASE PLEASE🕺🕺🕺

John French : If I ever make it to Burning Man... it will be 100% because of Mark Day and his YouTube videos! I've loved your videos for a 3 years now (since I found them), keep up the great work!!

J Upton : Mark, Thanks for 2.half min update from 2017. Cool stuff as usual!

Max Hunter : Playa was something special this year, I don't want it to end

раб БОГА ИИСУСА ХРИСТА Виталий : От Матфея 25:31 Когда же приидет Сын Человеческий во славе Своей и все святые Ангелы с Ним, тогда сядет на престоле славы Своей, 32 и соберутся пред Ним все народы; и отделит одних от других, как пастырь отделяет овец от козлов; 33 и поставит овец по правую Свою сторону, а козлов — по левую. 34 Тогда скажет Царь тем, которые по правую сторону Его: приидите, благословенные Отца Моего, наследуйте Царство, уготованное вам от создания мира: 35 ибо алкал Я, и вы дали Мне есть; жаждал, и вы напоили Меня; был странником, и вы приняли Меня; 36 был наг, и вы одели Меня; был болен, и вы посетили Меня; в темнице был, и вы пришли ко Мне. 37 Тогда праведники скажут Ему в ответ: Господи! когда мы видели Тебя алчущим, и накормили? или жаждущим, и напоили? 38 когда мы видели Тебя странником, и приняли? или нагим, и одели? 39 когда мы видели Тебя больным, или в темнице, и пришли к Тебе? 40 И Царь скажет им в ответ: истинно говорю вам: так как вы сделали это одному из сих братьев Моих меньших, то сделали Мне. 41 Тогда скажет и тем, которые по левую сторону: идите от Меня, проклятые, в огонь вечный, уготованный диаволу и ангелам его: 42 ибо алкал Я, и вы не дали Мне есть; жаждал, и вы не напоили Меня; 44 Тогда и они скажут Ему в ответ: Господи! когда мы видели Тебя алчущим, или жаждущим, или странником, или нагим, или больным, или в темнице, и не послужили Тебе? 45 Тогда скажет им в ответ: истинно говорю вам: так как вы не сделали этого одному из сих меньших, то не сделали Мне. 46 И пойдут сии в муку вечную, а праведники в жизнь вечную. 43 был странником, и не приняли Меня; был наг, и не одели Меня; болен и в темнице, и не посетили Меня.

Mark Anthony Fuentes : R.I.P Larry Harvey May your Legacy and Spirit live on!!

tortugabob : Well you got your burning man didn't you? That must have really be the highlight of the freak show.

Venus Venésia di Castellamare : This looks so cool!

shejean : I can't believe I missed this whole week of BM! Eek. Too much going on at home front. I have a lot of catching up. I Usually follow and watch online. Next year daughter and her boyfriend will be attending (multiple times for each), so I'll be more aware. Too bad that man felt the need (consciously or un-) to kill himself and ruin a joyous week for many people. Empathy to his wife and family.

jd dr.jkindle : Awesome video (and muzik). Thanks for the share. - James

The Otherme : wow. none of those art installations looks particularly interesting or inventive.

Nathaniel Richards : So pleased to see the youtubing legend that is markdaycomedy still going strong

kris aebi : Good shit, can't wait for more videos from you Mark Day. ~respect

Grandfather Tech : Thanks.

Join The Progress : When is someone going to talk about what happened last night and with the live feeds so everyone knows what's going on.

Sideshow Bob : yawn. It was better back in the day just like cochella. These events started getting stale 10 years ago. Now these are haunting grounds for the average douchebags.


ricardo quiteño : Hiperlapse?

palmatica : post-dieselpunk )

Maxim Mezentsev : Uns uns uns

Ann Bertoli : My goal is to go in 2019 fingers crossed

Michael Priest : looks amazing. nauseous video tho i feel so sea sick right now... spinning spinning

Jason Gray : This looks Different than that Bohemain Grove thing Viedos on YouTube It's held in the RedWoods wonder if they have zip lines at that one.

outbacktrek : (Y)

RimeTime : So certain people bring trucks filled with their creations then build them there? That is really awesome

Elena Yazykova : Not getting to go this year, so lurking on last year's videos. I can smell the playa now! *sobs*

Ocean : 1:46 - Anybody know the name, company of this art installation? Looks like a portable ceiling LED screens that changes colors with people lying underneath

Psycandy : very pretty thank you. not a hyperlapse, tho. one frame every 9 secs is 270x speed, one every 30 secs is 900x ~ that's the 'lapse' part. nonetheless, cool vid, looks like loads o fun

:Paul-John: Barrett - Alexander Technique : Art

David Priddy : I just want a friend

Marco Santoni : Love burning man❤

jdukes0004 : Amazing Art!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I love the tree in the middle of the desert!!!

Don Page : Everyone wants to be special

julle huu : do they hawe whiskey there

BoiseG : I get the art, but not the wood burning, it's wasteful. Why not use that lumber, money, time and carpentry skills to help rebuild Puerto Rico and the other areas devastated by natural disasters?

Frances Macdonald : Mark, I cannot wait until August 26!!!

Sourguy30 : Festivals for drugs let’s be honest like other festivals ewwww everybody high and screaming for everything totally annoying.

scotiansen : Is there a bunch of loose hippy chicks there?