Liquid dancing best dancing ever!

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DemiGodClothing : Asian guy goes in for dap, white boy who just destroyed the entire competition gives business handshake. Boss.


Lily Hilli : is that sheldon cooper

luzarius : Only good dance I've seen. All the other dancers of the world should be ashamed of themselves and quit.

://SyCx1 Productions : almost 10 years later still the best dance video on the internet. why doesn't this guy have 2 billion views?

JoeNoobie : this mufuckaq still the best liquid dancer? OMG what a champ. Hope he's not from SK, but it wouldn't be surprising, SK's really got hot b-boy moves.

MR NiCE GUY : are there more vids of the guy in orange?

Ricardo Ricardo : One of the best i have seen. Not many is as flexible as this guy

DaddyFII : 2014. Still blows my mind every time!

Julian Etchegoin : If he were just talking to someone, and started doing that, they'd freek out (I know I would)

Damoncorp : What is death magnetic?

SopuchLoveHardrock : death magnetic sucks, you retarded cunt.

Damoncorp : No It's not so shut the fuck up you retarded cunt.

chyna mccloud : *wheres* lol

chyna mccloud : Wharves the liquid I feel dumb lol!

TheJuanAndOnly23 : whitey is in tha HOUSE!!!LMAO All those fools got murdered!!

Sam Anderson : same tho

TheMiightyJP : how about no?

ransom runnels : Hey guys you should check out my dubstep videos

Oliver : DA FUK


SkillHouner : David elsewhere

BlackAce322 : And thats how you get a girlfriend!

TheTherumble32 : SLAYED BITCH

Ioulum : Power lvl over 9000.

DivsyKnows Best : 'Liquid dance' or whatever makes me squirm! It's just so...KEWL

vgxephosvg : 0:54 - 0:59 Hooow!

TheAcFox : That wasn't that bad

trevor past : 👌👈

trevor past :

DarKKnightt07 : that handshake at the end was like "yeah you just got knocked the fuck out"

forksofpower : David Elsewhere

Gavin Wells : Omgbob

3avehotboy : Wow

Margaret Wilkerson : On my gosh that is so freaky

v31003 : Never mind just found it. Elsewhere.

v31003 : 5 years later and I still don't know the winners name. Never saw these kids anywhere else but on youtube.

WhatIfItWasPurple : Futterwhacken!

cgoodi100 : he still has a penis, doesn't he?

MultiMrtoto : how can he get laid if he does not have any bones! :)

TheAfterbanger : *got

TheAfterbanger : and this is the story of the day that guy go laid

looks-like-kristoff : skill level asian

BenbrookWalkout : Amazingly epic!!!!!!!! He can accomplish the impossible!!

Erik Rhetoric : wicked

w11er : that was so aewsome tou should be pro!

Esther Choi : its cus hes asian

MXokie : Thumbs up if you heard can i go to the bathroom

noah cook : thats hw i walk to school

Black Caesar : whats the kid name with the orange sweater?