Techno Viking (Unedited Original Video)

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Kreyzi : This dance made it to Fortnite

WallEast : Techno Viking, save Germany in 2016...

Darryl Walker : sometimes you've got to dance your way into Valhalla

Dutch : this guy wards off enemies by pointing at them and has minions bring him water, truly a god among men

AmpZillia : Some say he still dancing to this day.

katey1dog : The only man that can kill Chuck Norris.

MrRiggyRiggs : never gets old!

Cartoon CN : That's exactly how Jesus walked into Jerusalem

EdwardFirewalker : 1:04 He pointed at him... that guy's dead now for sure.

Mark Moore : Every time I see this video I like to think this Parade never stopped and he is still dancing around somewhere in Germany.

Philem : The first legitimate boss of the internets

R0kushi : the bass is in his nipples

Cadbur : Seeing him reminded me of this one time in the gym. There was only one guy in there with me, and he looked an easy Almost foot taller than me - he was around 7"10 - and he had this crazy Viking-Braided hair and beard, and he was lifting weights I had trouble lifting - but he was lifting them like toys. One of the workers came in, and said, "We're closing in 15, and we'll turn the lights off in 5 even if you're in here.". The Viking dude looks at him, and yells at him with this deep, Masculine voice, "THEN WE SHALL LIFT IN THE DARK!!!". The worker just ran, scared shitless.

piotrek987a : 1st song: Can-D-Music (Navigator) 2nd song: Wistan - Save Changes and exit

Shock Master : SEE !!!! You don't need ecstasy to RAVE... you just need water !  1:23

Patrick's Mayo : Legend has it if you say viking three times and play german techno he will be summoned and provide prosperity to your life

evilfangs : I can't believe we still don't know who he is.

C1 Big : That dude is on another level the people need to catch up

Yee Yee? : These were much simpler times

Lucas Shaw : I know I'm not the first person to notice this but the guy @ 0:37 that TechnoViking grabs and scolds is the same guy sitting on the back of the trolley @ 2:49 - I had always thought that he had pushed the girl at the beginning and that's why TV got mad and grabbed him but now it looks like he was drugged out of his mind and stumbled into her and TV was just telling him to get back up in the trolley and stay put. I don't know.

Canis Majoris : Sixteen years later. RESPECT TECHNO VIKING.

check check : A real Leader :D. When he started to move, all other people started too :D

PabloCruise91 : I don't understand the guy putting the water bottle upside down right in his face.

Kibbles : i will follow that man into hell its self

Ali Naderzad : 1:04 this is THE look. The look for all look, meme of all memes. Techno viking ist got

Rieksfier : 2:17 Not even Chuck Norris would tell this guy to stop littering.

Do you like my Nickname? I've made you waste 5 sec : This man is legend. 100 years in the future fables will be told about how he repelled the muslim invasion from Europe with his dancing skills.

L.A. Prodigy : This guy might be an angel of God, but lost his way after discovering techno

Daniel : That's how I danced once in a disco. I was the king for the night.

Terminator1337CoolDude : techno viking - protector of all ravekind

Thad tuiol : This guy's distant ancestors probably looked like this when they were slaying Roman legions in the Teutoberg forest...

musikdoktor : Ah... the old mighty rave era... was fantastic...

zero 0000 : he is all man, you can smell the testosterone coming through the computer screen.

Claudio Tello : *This is in fortnite know*

DarthMorius : Got to assume that guy who grabbed the massive viking by the beard was a friend, either that or VERY brave.

- Austintacious - : He isn't dancing he is making sure the earth keeps rotating!

Christopher Lucas : To this day, techno Viking dances amongst the gods of old and has danced since the dawn of time.

Mike Bircher : Techno Viking skips leg day, obviously.

Marlynne Struwig : he's protecting a woman

Josh Joyce : I've never seen someone who looks like they are going to murder someone while dancing so flawlessly... amazing

Delilah Navarro : him and terry crews should have a dance off in white chicks two in some neon lit club lmao

Matteo Piccioni : techno viking you are the king...fables will be told about your actions!!

Ewa Wdzieczak : Man who has a good sense of rhythm ALWAYS happens to be incredible in bed. Funny how it works.

DarthMorius : I would love to know the conversation that went on between Techno Viking and rude pusher.

Jake Andry : He shall dance in the halls of Valhalla for eternity

Aaron Hurst : there can never be another techno viking.

mercedes benz : Good techno sound come always from Europe! Techno vikings also !

phuturephunk : Funny thing is...they were listening to better beats than what was going on at the actual love parade.

HillbillyJimScrapz : Hail King Ragnarr

Pugweed : There isn't actually a drumbeat, it#'s Techno Vikings footsteps.