Techno Viking (Unedited Original Video)

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WallEast : Techno Viking, save Germany in 2016...

Lekteris : Now I have purpose in life - find out who he is and then join him to eternal techno dancing

MrRiggyRiggs : never gets old!

Darryl Walker : sometimes you've got to dance your way into Valhalla

British Beer Dude : Chuck Norris thought he was badass until he saw the Techno Viking.

AmpZillia : Some say he still dancing to this day.

Mark Moore : Every time I see this video I like to think this Parade never stopped and he is still dancing around somewhere in Germany.

EdwardFirewalker : 1:04 He pointed at him... that guy's dead now for sure.

Philem : The first legitimate boss of the internets

katey1dog : The only man that can kill Chuck Norris.

Yves Bourlet : first track:  Can-D-Music - Navigator second track:  Winstan - save change and exit

Katoji Sora : They say his pecks still roam the streets of berlin

PabloCruise91 : I don't understand the guy putting the water bottle upside down right in his face.

João Paulo Corrêa da Costa : ragnar lottbrok

oh_gee_man : Seeing him reminded me of this one time in the gym. There was only one guy in there with me, and he looked an easy Almost foot taller than me - he was around 7"10 - and he had this crazy Viking-Braided hair and beard, and he was lifting weights I had trouble lifting - but he was lifting them like toys. One of the workers came in, and said, "We're closing in 15, and we'll turn the lights off in 5 even if you're in here.". The Viking dude looks at him, and yells at him with this deep, Masculine voice, "THEN WE SHALL LIFT IN THE DARK!!!". The worker just ran, scared shitless.

evilfangs : I can't believe we still don't know who he is.

Troy Bell : The Dovahkiin takes a vacation to dance his ass off on Skooma.

Benedikt.95 : Odin decided to do something about the world problems so he came down to Midgard in his mortal form and saved us all through dancing. He has to do this every millennium to hold back the ice giants.

Cartoon CN : That's exactly how Jesus walked into Jerusalem

Andrew : This man is a god

In Debt College Student : That dude is on another level the people need to catch up

Daniel : That's how I danced once in a disco. I was the king for the night.

R0kushi : the bass is in his nipples

sadboii : Techno Viking is so badass that when he gets party invitations from Nordic Kingdoms he rips it apart and begins to dance.

Protherium : After 15 years, aZgard power still doesn't fade...

Ali Naderzad : 1:04 this is THE look. The look for all look, meme of all memes. Techno viking ist got

wowa check : A real Leader :D. When he started to move, all other people started too :D

L.A. Prodigy : This guy might be an angel of God, but lost his way after discovering techno

kibbles : i will follow that man into hell its self

Patrick's Mayo : Legend has it if you say viking three times and play german techno he will be summoned and provide prosperity to your life

piotrek987a : 1st song: Can-D-Music (Navigator) 2nd song: Wistan - Save Changes and exit

Ren Kamatsu : OLAF!!

♥ Luz ASMR ♥ :

tegan leva : classic just too bad this man sued the person who filmed it.

Do you like my Nickname? I've made you waste 5 sec : This man is legend. 100 years in the future fables will be told about how he repelled the muslim invasion from Europe with his dancing skills.

Canis Majoris : Sixteen years later. RESPECT TECHNO VIKING.

The Red Pain Podcast : Techno Viking once pissed into and old broke ass16 wheeler truck..... That truck is now known as optimus prime

Terminator1337CoolDude : techno viking - protector of all ravekind

roydamanna : After this video the meaning of: One man army. Became more clear for me...

Ivonne Martinez : I loved the way he stood up for the girl that was dancing.  That's just awesome.

manny manzanilla : 13 years ago techno Viking is still king

Reed Armistead : So many questions

Lucas Shaw : I know I'm not the first person to notice this but the guy @ 0:37 that TechnoViking grabs and scolds is the same guy sitting on the back of the trolley @ 2:49 - I had always thought that he had pushed the girl at the beginning and that's why TV got mad and grabbed him but now it looks like he was drugged out of his mind and stumbled into her and TV was just telling him to get back up in the trolley and stay put. I don't know.

ramO 1995 : 3:50, I thought this guy was about to get the ass whooping of his life

Matt Smith : Upside down water bottle. Guy hands him a flyer and he just rips it up. Dudes got some moves. Great video shoot.

Jerikco1 : Love it!!! He is looking after everyone!! Awsome!

Matteo Piccioni : techno viking you are the king...fables will be told about your actions!!

hdawg12 : legend has it, if you wonder those streets at night, you will see him dancing.

Mr Pixels : Makes me want to load up mercenaries 2 and play as Mattias Nilsson. Got to say the guy has moves though!

mercedes benz : Good techno sound come always from Europe! Techno vikings also !