I'm the Best. PERIOD.

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h3h3Productions : Fuckin love you. You my #1 nigga for the week.

h3h3Productions : Bring it, you aren't the first and you won't be the last, I'm not THE BEST because I stand down to little pussies like you, try me and see what happens. Deal with it, you're #2 just like everyone else, save your breath.

InuitInua : Your wife is so lucky.

PhilthAdelphiA : I have a feeling Ethan unintentionally goes on these idiotic rants and Hila just starts recording halfway through the rant

ZodiakAsHell : is this the actual begining of chub & tuck ?

Julithehuman : This Chub and Tuck should be memorialized in the history books for future generations.

AWPH4X0R : ethan has the biggest balls in the world

Sean Kethcart : discovering old school h3h3. this is amazing.

Hales : I swear to god Hila if you don't hold on tight to this man I'mma snatch him up.

Savant : WHO WE? WE DA BEST! Ethan referencing DJ Khaled before it was a meme.

Murr : You were doing dj khaled impressions before they were even a thing. Look at that foresight, the best Ethan, The Best™

libertati aut ad mortem : Wonder what Ethan would look like with a toned fit body. Lmao

Marissa Cole : The most underrated video of all time

Piromancy : You aren't even lubed up how can you be the best if you can't crunch?

RunItsTheCat : When I watch this video, all I can do is wonder what face Hilla was making as she filmed this.

Jared Minsky : What did we do to deserve you man hahahaha

JÆRÆFF : This was totally a 9.75

megazion34 : Lol Ethan has a goblin body XD

Pants Hobo Beavcoon : Do a vid talking to strangers in booty shorts. Make them think you'll give it up. But dont

MisterDutch93 : That last second where he looks into the camera and starts cracking up. God, I'm dying over here.

codl0ve : Ethan's pre sex routine

TheHumpjbear : miss the old Ethan, straight from Israel Ethan Showin them rolls Ethan, set on his goals Ethan I hate the new Ethan, the Vape dude Ethan The always rude Ethan, Got YouTube Beef Eth

Bob Plays : Least viewed video by h3h3 because not everyone has what it takes to be the best.

h3h3Productions : I feel privileged and honored that you and like 120 other people watch and enjoy my videos, that to me is amazing and I am truly grateful. Sincerely thank YOU and everyone for watching, really love you guyz.

ThoughtShift : i'm #1 m8 fite me

Thecurt : This is what I do at work every day.

GalacticLoaf : Him pacing around the room is what makes this video.

Ray Hyde : in this video a great scene is preformed

Chief Sweet : Boi after seeing the success you had my fupa is going to be out strong boi. Ethan you the best.

MY BOY A BD ON FUCKIN LAMRON AND THEM : oh my steez. i lob ur tiddys

Agnaye Ochani : 1:47—2:04 How did they both not break out laughing?

TheGreenPrince 02 : Oh yes, look at that glorious FUPA 😩

Tim : You make this content which is hilarious and get next to no views. I feel privileged and honored to be one of the few to witness this splendor.

A1ru : Ethan I wish to be your apprentice and become the best after you pass away.

ARyan Mustache : The double chub and tuck at the end. SO SMOOTH

Boy McFacto : 2:41 Great, now I'm hard

Harley Perez : DJ Khaled: We the best (Origins)

Madeleine PH : He thought he was the best, little did he know he was only a student in the class of memes, soon to become the teacher. The _Chub and Tuck_ has come a long way.

Uncle Jemima : Wow! Ethan, great chubs, keep it up!

Foxxy : I'm the best.. I gotta be..

sylvain1s : showed all your videos to my friends. im recruiting

katie m : 4 years later... still the best.

Jon Chames : Holy. Shit.

Premium Chap : I'm 15 and I want a chub'n-tuck

JeHayezy 97 : I know im wicked late with this but Ethan looks like a backwards letter 'B' 😂👌

marinejcksn1 : dude you perfectly capture the attitude of every snowflake in my generation

Nappa : im number 1 so dont play yourself im the best

dead channel : The birth of the Chub & Tuck.

Gustavo Cobian : This was the beginning of the Fupa Lord

h3h3Productions : Fit men aren't funny, gotta keep my pudge to keep it real.