WALUIGI in Super Mario 64 DS | Mystery Bit [TetraBitGaming]

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► TetraBitGaming MERCH: www.tetrabitgaming.com WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Can you really unlock Waluigi in Super Mario 64? In this Mystery Bit we'll explore the many different rumors and theories about Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS including the infamous arceus2401 rumor as made famous by WwwWario! Hope you enjoy! If you guys do enjoy these mystery bits where I explore mysterious and odd happenings in gaming, be sure to check out more of them! Subscribe TODAY and become a Bit! ► http://bit.ly/1IksDzr WwwWario video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcLmQ5KKhh0 Waluigi Waluigi Super Mario 64 Get the BEST youtube partnership today! : http://www.unionforgamers.com/apply?r... ► Top 10 Worst Mario Enemies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqnobzRlqMc ► Luigi in Super Mario 64: http://bit.ly/1PQy8ZV ► Video Game Mystery Bits: http://bit.ly/1Qvpa0u ► Mario Maker Videos! : http://bit.ly/1QaNPa8 Interested in other things I do? Please don't forget to check me out in my other social medias to keep up to date with stuff not found on YouTube such as Twitch live streams as well as Twitter posts or Nintendo and other game related Instagram posts! Much appreciated! → DISCORD: https://discord.gg/qxNJzgx → GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+TetraBitGaming/ → TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TetraBitGaming → TWITCH: http://www.twitch.tv/tetrabitgaming → INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/tetrabitgaming → FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/tetrabitgaming Like video games?? Want to buy them cheap? Check out G2A to find the best and newest games at cheaper prices! ► https://www.g2a.com/r/user-tetrabitga... 8Bit VG Music courtesy of Bulby: Bulby: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBulbamike SEE YOU GUYS IN THE NEXT BIT!

Comments from Youtube

TheBurningFlame : Here is how you unlock waluigi. Eat the game card, them wait for someone to surgically remove it from your stomach. You them have to throw a ton of purple grapes at it and then throw it in a bucket of purple dye. Put the game into the ds and if it is not broken, play it and the white door in the character room should be a waluigi door instead Edit: I forgot a crucial step, you must also chew the grapes beforehand.

Dank Littlechild : Who still has or plays mario 64 in 2018 i do

GameChanger72 : I did some digging in the manual of Super Mario 64 DS and every character has a maxed out stat, Wario has max strength, Etc. But there wasn't a character that had maxed out speed, it would make sense Waluigi would have this trait. This probably means Waluigi was going to have max speed because of long legs, and he was most likely going to be part of this game.

quinovin : Fandom: We want Luigi for SM64! Nintendo: *Gives Luigi to us in remake* Fandom: WE NEED MORE

U Rappin' Cool : Waluigi is in the game, you just have to use your imagination

TetraBitGaming : Over half a million views?? WAH

Omnipixil Gaming : i was honestly confused about the white door in the character room. It should have served a purpose

Skeletor The Best : wah is real 6969

Kevintendo : This was recommended to me today haha WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Shingo Sawatari/HGX : originally they were going to have Rosalina be playable and she would've been in that 4th door, but she was scrapped because Rosalina hadn't been invented yet.

Jam n' Cam Productions : Does anyone else find this butt-clenchingly creepy? no?

Potato Lover 5978 : Remember how people use to look for Luigi in Super Mario 64? And a few years ago they were trying to look for Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS? When (and if) Super Mario 64 3DS ends up coming out I wonder who people will be writing over-convoluted and hilarious methods of to unlock? My vote is....Donkey Kong.

Cyanide Dinosaur : My guess is that Waluigi was replaced by Yoshi during development. And originally, you started the game as Mario then Luigi, Wario then Waluigi. I'm also willing to bet that some of Yoshi's abilities were taken from Waluigi when Nintendo got rid of him.

LastGamer 64 : Waluigi: Your never find me!!!

Viktor Arvidsson : I remember, there was this bogus game guide saying "use moon jump and go into this black box for a secret room" then some random stuff about the level involving ovals and mailboxes(yes I am serious) I was 8 at the time, so of course I thought it was true. I was very sad I didn't have cheats then.

O' Ter : It's honestly quite possible that Waluigi was meant to be in the game and was was cut quite late. The only proof we have is the random white door and the purple rabbit in the manual. It's quite odd, especially the rabbit, why was the purple rabbit left in the manual. The white door was a complete let down and felt really rushed, which it most likley was. You just go in after a few rabbits and just jump out with a star, BADABOOM let's get lunch. Waluigi should have been left in if he was in the game at some point and there isn't really any reason for him to be cutout other than storage space, or laziness, but i'm sure it's not the second reason. If he was planned to be there anyway.

Mr.Htuber :P : Did u no dat 2401 means 24 of January!? Or maybe its 01/2024... Sorry Luigi, maybe in some years...

AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA aHhahah : So long gay bowser

RichiPeteMedia : I spent like a year trying to find Waluigi in that game when I was younger. Good times.

Ian The Cool Thief : I know! After beating the game with 150 stars, jump into Wario's portrait as Luigi, get every single coin, kill the boss, then go into Luigi's portrait as Wario, And once there, kill every single enemy and exit the stage. As soon as you exit, Go to the DS menu, and go back in. Win at least once in every minigame, and go to the main game. Go in the white door, which is now a Waluigi door, and beat the boss of the Waluigi portrait (the Phirana Plant) as Luigi. And then, boom you unlocked Waluigi! (At least I think that's what you're supposed to do)

mr moomooface : I think that the "Waluigi was planned to be in the game" is probably likely, because there is an extra door in the room where Mario, Luigi and Wario doors are. It would make sense if this was, at one point, Waluigi's door. Maybe Yoshi was introduced later in development, replacing Waluigi because they thought fans would prefer Yoshi. I always thought it was unlikely that, when Nintendo was deciding what four characters to include, they wouldn't have immediately thought: "Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi" Yoshi wouldn't have been my first choice.

mike_rowave : LISTEN!! 8:30 this sounds fabricated and i don't blame you if you don't believe me.. but i used to go to a video game rental place... they had mario 64 DS there.. i got it a lot.. and i know for SURE!! that it had those purple rabbits.. i saw some of these claims and i tried to investigate it myself but (and yes i am very young) my parents had to go back to the store and return the game.. the store might still be there but i've moved since, so i can't see myself investigating any further.. and i can't gather any screen shots but i KNOW FOR SURE!! that the copy of mario 64 ds had purple rabbits

ElectroBlastLuigi : The last three photos starting at 6:20 are clearly fake. I can tell all of those photos were edited.

LaLo ThE FWaG : One rumor I heard was if u reached 150 stars and jump in the princess painting outside the castle Waluigi would show up

cheezslice : Everyone is here!

TheNoob king43 : L is real 2401 2= sequel 4= fourth door 0= nothing 1= number one LUIGI WAS MEANT TO BE AFTER WARIO IN SUPER MARIO 64 DS

morelitthenu : Why does this feel like a creepypasta

Supermariohoops24 : Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Kart 7, Smash 4, and Smash Ultimate are all games that have snubbed Waluigi of being a playable character

I go WAH : Why is waluigi so underated by nintendo ;(

Joseph Oliveira : I agree that Waluigi was scrapped. It makes a lot of sense

Choker Gang Gang : I love that you're using MMBN music

BlackYoshi485 : actually you can play as waluigi in sm64 using a very obscure method it's called hacking :V

234SuperSimi : He's in the game.

TheFallofTheEleventh : I remember playing this game as a kid and ordering Action Replay DS for the game! What made me aware of this rumor/mystery was that on my copy of Action Replay there was a cheat code for SM64DS that said ‘Play as Waluigi’ which never worked, assuming due to no character model being in the game, but due to seeing that cheat code it sent me on a frenzy to find out how to unlock him. And the Purple Prizes article fooled the shit out of my dumbass as a kid and thought it was real....I also remember some bullshit theory about you needed to go to the ride side of the castle and do some weird ass jump off the walls to the top and jump into a painting. It’s a shame that Waluigi gets no love from Nintendo

Daxz Kun : 6:43 you have to *S Q U A R E* up with *Planti boi*

Otaking Mikohani : He really should have been playable. Damn you, Yoshi...

Herobrine NO : i wonder if waluigi was in the game the blue line in his logo would be purple

ItzDrgamez : I did it that window where the doors are to go to the slide you have to be Yoshi and jump off and land on invisible blocks and you will pick up a purple hat and hear the waluigi sound

Daniel Parish : Why don't you make a super Mario 64 DS lost bits and check if waluigi is in the files or there is model of him

sans the comic : Who else heard the banjo and kazooie music in the background also damn I miss banjo and kazooie :( I also wish waluigi will become a playable character

NateTha Durp : waluigi confirmed for smash 5

Malo Studios : I always remember playing SM64 DS And always wondering why nothing is in that white door.(now I know it was ghosts that was inside.)

Ropezo ZX : I obviously don't believe Waluigi is in the game, but from what I've seen from this, it's highly possible Waluigi was originally going to be in the game.

N O L M : your not suposed to!? my cousin some how unlocked it and got to play as PEACH!!! i watched him MYSELF!!!!! i think it was put in last minute for a meaning of the door you also need Japanese se version

James Russell : I really wanna know why Nintendo hasn't done more with Waluigi. If Wario has his own spinoff, then so should he. They both should have been playable in New SMBs Deluxe, then maybe I would have purchased it.

Bram Jans : Maybe the fourth door was supposed to be for yoshi, but bowser never got a chance to capture him

Ryan Sonic : I remember trying all of Arceus2401's steps, and I think I remember getting 100 coins in the boss fight, and becoming Mega Wario, which caused me to believe it even more. I have the vague memory of it happening,

Candy Complex : I'm lucky to have stumbled upon this in my recommended.

Boogie Woogie : 0:37 THIS IS A WALLUIGI