Honest Trailers - Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Comments from Youtube

Matt Privett : I recognized the picard maneuver immediately but I legit never noticed the riker maneuver until you pointed it out! Now I look for it in every scene he is in!

Lupus Draco Aquila : But even Kirk fans can agree that Picard tommy-gunning Borg was awesome, right?

Joma L : "That one lightning effect" I'm dead

Adventures & Survival in Thailand : And Worf getting denied! You have to edit to include that. "I recommend we go to red alert" "No Mr Worf"

OneColdMonkey : Poor Worf. Built up as the strong man just so he could get his ass kicked to prove how powerful bad guy after bad guy was.

Skippy : 5:17 at some point, Patrick Stewart had to teach this kid how Picard would imitate a kid doing this. There may exist footage of this. We need to find it.

drummer4life39 : _Only question I ever thought was hard_ _Was "Do I like Kirk, or do I like Picard?"_ "White & Nerdy" by "Weird Al" Yankovic, 2006.

vgpowerlord : Gates McFadden even says she doesn't know WTF the storywriters were thinking with the lamp episode.

fleaguss : THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!!!!

George Dinsmore : Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? Worf: I do not know. Klingon chickens do not cross roads.

TheyTookMyBrain : Kardasians are more tolerable than Kardashians

G4mmaLotus : Fun Fact: Warf's been in more episodes/movies than any other Star Trek actor! The Reason? He was in The Next Generation, all the TNG movies, and also was in most of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Grimread : "Space. Zee final frontiere. Zese are zee voyages of zee starsheep Onterpreese". Nope. That wouldn't work.

chazzops : I never noticed the Ryker Maneuver before..lmao!

Justin Baker : You forgot the holodeck, where we're expected to believe only one guy in 7 seasons used it to pork facsimiles of his hot co-workers.

Clairvoyant Mole : _"Lt Commander Data, an android who drops being an android in the conversations like your friend who just became a vegan"_ lmao

Miguel Gonzalez : Dude I am a Star Trek fan ( no I do not have a Starfleet uniform in my closet ) I just had a hell of a laughter waching this video, it says outloud what I have been thinking all these years ... all true !!

E Parhas : U.S.S. Marriot Convention Center

PHGamer : its real simple. you want to be kirk (get all the ladies, be adventurours) but you want to serve under picard (less chance of dying)

KingOfMadCows : Patrick Stewart is an international treasure.

Buckaroo Banzai : Boring? Picard owning those racist aliens was awesome, Time's Arrow was great and Geordi being dead wasn't a fake out, it just took place in an alternate universe (he stayed dead there).

Nagasa Dragon : For the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek DS9, please do Star Trek: Deep Space 9; a.k.a. Keeping up with the Cardassians

Famous Feline : I just realized in watching this for the umpteenth time that while Patrick Stewarts über-emotional scenes come across as ACTING!, William Shatner's come across as chewing the scenery.

jaspr1999 : When TNG started I was skeptical of the show living up to the original... And then I saw the choreographer for the movie Labyrinth as the doctor for the show. I was even less than impressed. Then, the show got good, then great as time went on. There were several jokes about it until they finally put the joke into the show, and Doctor Crusher became the Dancing Doctor, paying respects to the fans jokes.

Scott Caslow : Patrick Stewart was the hero that Star Trek deserved.

John Moss : Am I the only one that LOVED the Mark Twain story arc?

Swadel : This is the best Honest Trailer i have ever seen.

portiz 62 : Patrick Stewart is a Classically Trained Actor so it's a Given that he remains fully committed to his Dialogue!

Jake Goudeau : lol amazing, but missed a great opportunity to use darmok scenes in picard unintelligible speech montage

VenomSpawn : I once went to a Star Trek convention that had Doctor Crusher's actress. When she was on stage she said something along the lines of "Let's talk about how Doctor Crusher was a single mother, who was strong and intelligent, and for some reason fell in love with a lamp????" Completely unprompted.

Eve Again : Mister Worf! Fire at Will! Now fire at Wesley Looking forward to William Shatner's next single, "I'm all about the space, 'bout the space (no tribbles)"

lilsabin : the riker manouver was the best , loooooooooooooool

Thomas Grant : you forgot Geordi barrel rolls or all the times Worf was denied on the show.

Jason Brown : LOL, the Kardashians. I should have seen that one coming.

Connor Tyler : Patrick Stewart could read off the ingredients in toothpaste, and it would still be highly entertaining.

Aaron Chandler : The cardassians have Gul Dukat, the greatest villain in science fiction. The Kardashians have Kanye West... I've said enough.

ear8642 : The riker maneuver is missing him stroking his beard, lol. Please do deep space 9 and voyager!

Cozmic Mojo : I've watched a lot of TV in my 34 years. Next Generations is the best series I've ever seen.

Dr. Spectre : 4:54 WOW I never seen this episode! Look at Marina Sirtis…holy crap!

CtrlAltPhreak : I'd rather meet a Cardassian, than a Kardashian

unicorn sprinkles : I actually love the one where Picard gets turned into a kid

AndyM9372 : The best of Worf's lines: "I am NOT a merry man!"

Tony Brion : Capt Picard > Capt Kirk, because he's psychic and also has a team of mutants. As to where kirk can save you money on hotels and flights.

Jake Macgregor-Boyle : I love the Picard and Riker manoeuvre 🤣🤣

MegaStefane : My best episode was when the captain Pikard was probed by a satelite from a dead civilisation and live a whole life on there planet in an hour of the Enterprise time. He has a wife, children, grand-children and friends and see the end of there world. The little song that he play on his pipe always make me cry a little. That was great acting :)

MrMeow Catty : The only thing Star Trek is missing now is space Raves.

The Great Bamboozler : "Klingons do not"... Fight horribly like Worf.

PlainBagel : Shut up Wesley , get’s to me every time

surban42 : The Riker maneuver...Worf getting his ass kicked..😂🤣🤣🤣