Honest Trailers - Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Scott Caslow : Patrick Stewart was the hero that Star Trek deserved.

Fisher Theo : The Reiker maneuver, gotta love it.

CaiusCassiusLonginus : I love his Patrick Stewart delivers everything like he's doing Shakespeare. And it works.

Tim Possible : Tell me who wouldn't want to watch Keeping Up With the Cardassians?

Wonderwaffle Mapping : PLEASE DO STAR TREK VOYAGER

Jak Mockery : I only really watch Screen Junkies for Honest Trailers to be honest.

ActaiosReborn : The Kardashians LMAO!

Max Power : please say "very funny, Scotty. now beam up my clothes."

Crazeenerd : Love how every time Patrick Stewart has to speak in an alien language he has this look on his face that says. "I gave up Shakespearean acting for this crap?"

Connor Tyler : Patrick Stewart could read off the ingredients in toothpaste, and it would still be highly entertaining.

Vicente Ortega Rubilar : Patrick Stewart is the spirit animal of this show

jay pee : Kirk or Picard?  Who cares.  Spock beats them both.

magusxxx : Picard - "Tell Starfleet we have engaged the Borg...It will be a simple wedding and I shall wear white."

Alejandro Garcia : "Klingons do not allow themselves to be......probed."

Buddy Jenkins : I thought the riker maneuver was when he puts his leg on console.

Leonhart : the rikard maneuver had me LOLing

RJJacob101 : Jean Luc Picard, the most British Frenchman in history! LMAO!

RagingDragon13 : To be fair to Patrick Stewart his acting was amazing. He was good in every episode he was in but some episodes like the inner light, Sarek and so on really showed the level he was on. While at times Sisko, Janeway and Kirk had did have very corny acting moments like sisko's voice sometimes was so silly and over the top especially the episodes where he was a writer, janeway had some god awful lines and she never had any episodes or moments to me that made her such a profound leader like the other captain's did other than the final episode, she just did very uninteresting things most of the time. and Kirk is well marmite you love him or hate him corny as hell over the top but the whole series was that way in all fairness.

Torgo Torgenson : "the most british Frenchman in television history." I love how Patrick stewart didn't even try to act or sound French.

Riskteven : The BEST Star Trek series EVER :-)

Simon James : I've never seen this show but I couldn't stop laughing during this Honest Trailer and now I kinda want to see the show!

FFcecil1991 : Deep Space Nine

viberunner : It's not "Kirk or Picard", it's "Spock or Data". Bonus follow-up round: "Scottie or Geordie". But it's never "Dr McCoy or Dr Crusher" because that one is ALWAYS Bones.

buzman1985 : *****DO STAR TREK: VOYAGER*****

fakemail4suckers : Pretty sure getting jacked in the sternum by DATA would ruin your day

Cheese4G : I don't expect you to do this so soon after TNG, but how about Star Trek Deep Space Nine next.

Lily Blakeledge : The riker manoeuvre, I literally never noticed this it’s bloody hilarious 😂😂

Anewlevel : Lmao Worf got manhandled by Deanna Troi

Tony V : You forgot... Captain Picard, the only Frenchman in the Universe who doesn't seem to realize his nickname for his girlfriend Vash means "cow" in French (vache)! Or maybe he does... :-o

Robert Kolakowski : My favorite episodes are the two episodes with Mark Twain!

Jonathan Peck : Do Blade Runner.

Justin Johnson : Kirk vs Picard? The answer is Sisko

troywestleybailey : i swear patrick stewart is such a good actor.

petrie911 : Well now that you've done TNG, you have to do DS9.

tsrif tsal : Do doctor who.

Screen Ninja : Finally a Star Trek Honest tv Trailer! All we need now is Doctor Who

Ausare911 : Holy f*ck that was epic!

HelloIamBear : "Tells everyone he's an Android like someone who just turned vegan" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Daryl Spurrier : Now do ds9 and Voyager

Juliabohemian : Q's mancrush wuhahahahaha

troryANCAS : This was so good. I totally forgot how campy this show was. I still love it, though, and prefer it to TOS, actually. Don't at me, fam. Also, how come I've never noticed the Riker Maneuver? Thanks so much for Honest Trailers.

Learn From Us 1 : 4:54 WOW I never seen this episode! Look at Marina Sirtis…holy crap!

Paul Fletcher : Kardashians / Cardassians.... Thanks for that, damn near spilt my hot Earl Grey.

Vthe Man : Gotta Love Patrick Stewart!

Adeptus Arbite : Star Trek defined my life.

Jack Fletcher : "An awkward hybrid of cutting edge space battleship and a Marriott convention center"!! LMFAO

Feryl spectural knight : Please do a batman forever honest trailer

ladymay30 : The most british frenchman in the galaxy...lol

Dave F : This was incredibly entertaining. To be honest, I never really liked this show much as a kid, but I might give it another go now.

woodstar : Can we get a Honest Trailer for the horrendous Transformers: The last knight?