Honest Trailers - Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Scott Caslow : Patrick Stewart was the hero that Star Trek deserved.

Crazeenerd : Love how every time Patrick Stewart has to speak in an alien language he has this look on his face that says. "I gave up Shakespearean acting for this crap?"

bronzedivision : How did you guys make this whole thing and NOT mention the excessive number of poker games.

ladymay30 : The most british frenchman in the galaxy...lol

ActaiosReborn : The Kardashians LMAO!

Vicente Ortega Rubilar : Patrick Stewart is the spirit animal of this show

HelloIamBear : "Tells everyone he's an Android like someone who just turned vegan" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Paul Fletcher : Kardashians / Cardassians.... Thanks for that, damn near spilt my hot Earl Grey.

CtrlAltPhreak : I'd rather meet a Cardassian, than a Kardashian

Jack Fletcher : "An awkward hybrid of cutting edge space battleship and a Marriott convention center"!! LMFAO

OneColdMonkey : Poor Worf. Built up as the strong man just so he could get his ass kicked to prove how powerful bad guy after bad guy was.

Serai3 : Also, Worf getting disrespected. Nobody ever took his advice on anything. Why did Picard make the poor guy the Security Chief if he had no intention of listening to him? :D

Skippy : 5:17 at some point, Patrick Stewart had to teach this kid how Picard would imitate a kid doing this. There may exist footage of this. We need to find it.

AndersonNeo12 : Also starring the 2nd "Riker Maneuver" [Riker puts his foot on every console & station] ps.: Please do a Honest TV Trailer for Star Trek: The Original Series. "Before there was J.J. Abrams and his fetish for lens flares, revisit the original space cowboys, Kirk, Spock & Bones, that started it all.

Rachit Garg : 4:54 nipples!!!

Leonhart : the rikard maneuver had me LOLing

Riskteven : The BEST Star Trek series EVER :-)

jay pee : Kirk or Picard?  Who cares.  Spock beats them both.

Ali Kalkandelen : Somebody should make a show called "Everyone hates Wesley"

Lupus Draco Aquila : But even Kirk fans can agree that Picard tommy-gunning Borg was awesome, right?

VenomSpawn : I once went to a Star Trek convention that had Doctor Crusher's actress. When she was on stage she said something along the lines of "Let's talk about how Doctor Crusher was a single mother, who was strong and intelligent, and for some reason fell in love with a lamp????" Completely unprompted.

imiss timesplitters : I am not a merry man sir.

reverse the polarity of the jellybaby : "That one lightning effect" I'm dead

Angeluss Blade : La Forge is the only one who can technobabble like no one else. Im also waiting for that one crew member who uses the Holo deck to make a METAL concert. Rofl!!!!

buzman1985 : *****DO STAR TREK: VOYAGER*****

Fisher Theo : The Reiker maneuver, gotta love it.

Jeremy H. : Good grief Marina's twins at 4:54.

Grimread : "Space. Zee final frontiere. Zese are zee voyages of zee starsheep Onterpreese". Nope. That wouldn't work.

Meta Man : Riker: the horniest 1st officer! 😂😂😂😂😂👍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆 soooo true!!! 👍👍👍👍

FFcecil1991 : Deep Space Nine

KingOfMadCows : Patrick Stewart is an international treasure.

tsrif tsal : Do doctor who.

Jennie Adams : Sir Patrick Stewart was the best captain ever

Robert Kolakowski : My favorite episodes are the two episodes with Mark Twain!

TheyTookMyBrain : Kardasians are more tolerable than Kardashians

CaiusCassiusLonginus : I love his Patrick Stewart delivers everything like he's doing Shakespeare. And it works.

Dr. Spectre : 4:54 WOW I never seen this episode! Look at Marina Sirtis…holy crap!

R A 9 : I actually watched the one where crusher bones a space ghost

rene L : Say: he's dead, jim

The Adventuring & Camping School, Thailand : And Worf getting denied! You have to edit to include that. "I recommend we go to red alert" "No Mr Worf"

Great-ish Owl : 4:54 that scene of Deanna Troi got me through Junior High.

Tony Brion : Capt Picard > Capt Kirk, because he's psychic and also has a team of mutants. As to where kirk can save you money on hotels and flights.

Morse Code Reviews : LOl the Riker manuver, you forgot his Captain Morgan pose where he sticks his junk in the face of the person sitting.

Padpaw22 : I will take the Cardassians please

Arundodonax : Seriously, Sub Rosa was terrible. But Time's Arrow! Mark Twain! Jack London! C'mon!

troryANCAS : This was so good. I totally forgot how campy this show was. I still love it, though, and prefer it to TOS, actually. Don't at me, fam. Also, how come I've never noticed the Riker Maneuver? Thanks so much for Honest Trailers.

G4mmaLotus : Fun Fact: Warf's been in more episodes/movies than any other Star Trek actor! The Reason? He was in The Next Generation, all the TNG movies, and also was in most of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

James Hertsch : We're coming up on a significant anniversary of DS9 as well ...

SuperWolfman9 : "What's that Beverly? You want Wesley to Watch? Make it So....."

Andrew Blanchard : PLEASE do a video of STAR TREK VOYAGER PLEASE just don't use too much BORG