Honest Trailers - Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Vicente Ortega Rubilar : Patrick Stewart is the spirit animal of this show

Fisher Theo : The Reiker maneuver, gotta love it.

CaiusCassiusLonginus : I love his Patrick Stewart delivers everything like he's doing Shakespeare. And it works.

ActaiosReborn : The Kardashians LMAO!

Crazeenerd : Love how every time Patrick Stewart has to speak in an alien language he has this look on his face that says. "I gave up Shakespearean acting for this crap?"

Scott Caslow : Patrick Stewart was the hero that Star Trek deserved.

Wonderwaffle Mapping : PLEASE DO STAR TREK VOYAGER

John Crapper : please say "very funny, Scotty. now beam up my clothes."

Connor Tyler : Patrick Stewart could read off the ingredients in toothpaste, and it would still be highly entertaining.

Riskteven : The BEST Star Trek series EVER :-)

Simon James : I've never seen this show but I couldn't stop laughing during this Honest Trailer and now I kinda want to see the show!

HelloIamBear : "Tells everyone he's an Android like someone who just turned vegan" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

FFcecil1991 : Deep Space Nine

lobsternutz : Honestly, trailers aren't 8+ minutes long.

buzman1985 : *****DO STAR TREK: VOYAGER*****

Anewlevel : Lmao Worf got manhandled by Deanna Troi

Lily Blakeledge : The riker manoeuvre, I literally never noticed this it’s bloody hilarious 😂😂

Dr. Spectre : 4:54 WOW I never seen this episode! Look at Marina Sirtis…holy crap!

Tony V : You forgot... Captain Picard, the only Frenchman in the Universe who doesn't seem to realize his nickname for his girlfriend Vash means "cow" in French (vache)! Or maybe he does... :-o

Jonathan Peck : Do Blade Runner.

ladymay30 : The most british frenchman in the galaxy...lol

Paul Fletcher : Kardashians / Cardassians.... Thanks for that, damn near spilt my hot Earl Grey.

Robert Kolakowski : My favorite episodes are the two episodes with Mark Twain!

Jack Fletcher : "An awkward hybrid of cutting edge space battleship and a Marriott convention center"!! LMFAO

Leonhart : the rikard maneuver had me LOLing

petrie911 : Well now that you've done TNG, you have to do DS9.

Juliabohemian : Q's mancrush wuhahahahaha

Rachit Garg : 4:54 nipples!!!

tsrif tsal : Do doctor who.

Screen Ninja : Finally a Star Trek Honest tv Trailer! All we need now is Doctor Who

Daryl Spurrier : Now do ds9 and Voyager

CtrlAltPhreak : I'd rather meet a Cardassian, than a Kardashian

Meta Man : Riker: the horniest 1st officer! 😂😂😂😂😂👍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆 soooo true!!! 👍👍👍👍

SuperWolfman9 : "What's that Beverly? You want Wesley to Watch? Make it So....."

troryANCAS : This was so good. I totally forgot how campy this show was. I still love it, though, and prefer it to TOS, actually. Don't at me, fam. Also, how come I've never noticed the Riker Maneuver? Thanks so much for Honest Trailers.

Samantha Green : To be honest, the one where Picard and friends turn into twelve year olds is actually ok. it makes zero sense until they finally explain the scince mumbo jumbo behind halfway through but then you're like "oh, yeah, the is how transporters work. legit." and then it's just pretty damn hilarious watching Picard lose every shred of dignity he has.

MarkTheMorose : 4:54. You're welcome.

jay pee : Kirk or Picard?  Who cares.  Spock beats them both.

AndersonNeo12 : Also starring the 2nd "Riker Maneuver" [Riker puts his foot on every console & station] ps.: Please do a Honest TV Trailer for Star Trek: The Original Series. "Before there was J.J. Abrams and his fetish for lens flares, revisit the original space cowboys, Kirk, Spock & Bones, that started it all.

Cheese4G : I don't expect you to do this so soon after TNG, but how about Star Trek Deep Space Nine next.

imiss timesplitters : I am not a merry man sir.

Vthe Man : Gotta Love Patrick Stewart!

Adeptus Arbite : Star Trek defined my life.

Ali Kalkandelen : Somebody should make a show called "Everyone hates Wesley"

OneColdMonkey : Poor Worf. Built up as the strong man just so he could get his ass kicked to prove how powerful bad guy after bad guy was.

Håkon Stenseth : Maybe we shall take some quotes from Star Trek TNG and the episode : The Mind's Eye hehe PICARD: Governor, you speak as if we are enemies, not allies. VAGH: And you speak the lies of a taar'chek. PICARD: Qu'vath guy'cha b'aka.

Jeremy H. : Good grief Marina's twins at 4:54.

Padpaw22 : I will take the Cardassians please

Dave F : This was incredibly entertaining. To be honest, I never really liked this show much as a kid, but I might give it another go now.

PhatGirlLuva68-ThelastOG : IIII'M CAPTAIN KIRK!!!