Crow Stealing a Pan

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Dan K : Very interesting, at first the crow is genuinely interested by the shoe laces, but after a while he realized the pattern that whenever he pulls the laces she lowers the pan. After a while he realized that to get the pan he can pull the laces, after the fourth pull the crow doesn't keep looking at the laces anymore.

Jack : Crows like shiny things

Dévd Jemáz : wheres the part when the crow steals the pan?

Unknown : Crows the true trollers of the wild

John Farley : This is hilarious! Very smart bird.

sahiel5 : in putins russia even animals prepere for the crysis

Jack : And there smart

Jeepersca : why does it want the pan so badly! lol.  she has the most adorable laugh ever.

Metsada007 : funny, but the pan is empty?

Jason Fee : Crows are amazing creatures. I love that it developed a strategy to get the man to put down his pan. Amazing, funny and adorable! :)

V. HD : I could have watched this as many times as it took the crow to succeed.

Ramblings of Mad Man : woop