STRAPPED INTO A SINKING HELICOPTER (with U.S. Marines) - Smarter Every Day 201

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Duane Appleget : I worked in Marine Corps Aviation Logistics and had many friends who were air crew on helicopters (MAG-29)...according to them, anyone who says they are not nervous are complete liars. lol Bc the brain's self-preservation is a powerful force...but the key to being a Marine is overcoming our fears to accomplish the mission. Great job guys!! This video should be added to their training schedule.

SeanHodgins : The first time I went surfing, I had just driven 3 days by myself across the country. I went to a surf shop and picked up a board. After some exhausting minutes learning stuff, I finally grabed a wave. It was a little bigger than I first though and it sent me flying forward into the water. It absolutely crushed me, shot me down to the bottom, and I remember my leg touching some rocks as I tumbled. The leash on the my ankle pulled my leg in the direction the board was headed and I had no idea where I was. There was no "up". Panic set in as I didn't have a chance to get a real breath before I entered the water. I didn't know where I was. I didn't know how to surface, I thought I was going to drown. Then suddenly I had this moment of clarity. I just told myself to sit still at the bottom, be calm, wait. I remember opening my eyes and looking up at the massive crashing wave above me, but where I was it was calm and quiet. I told myself I wasn't going to run out of breath immediately, so I took a moment to figure out the situation. I just relaxed and waited for everything to pass. I looked around again, the water above was calm. I swam up, grabbed my board, and headed for shore. I still think of this moment when I get overwhelmed by stuff. How I was able to just sit back and analyze the situation. This was one of the scariest moments of my life while I was entering the water, only to turn into one of the calmest I can remember to this day.

chikm : just drink the water

Daniel Moore : Love the message at the end 😊

Timboah : How did they get in the Marine without being able to swim?😂🤷‍♂️

DroneZone360 : Lol why am I holding my breath??? XD

What's Inside? : Listen to the last half with audio only and this message has nothing to do with Helicopters. It’s all about making it through life. Thanks for the Sunday video.

Mystic Rose : I wouldn't be nervous I'd be shiting myself

Gabe Hoffmann : Ever since I was young my small little town had a public pool. I started going with my parents when I was around 6 and by age 8-9 I was going alone, which wasn’t completely allowed but since I went for so long I was practically family. I was there basically every single day from noon to 8, with an hour or two break. I’m not exaggerating when I say that either, every single day with minor exceptions. I eventually went so much that the life guards gave me quarters to help clean up after everyone left at 8. I taught myself to swim more than anything, my parents just let me be and I’m happy they did. Doing something for yourself is much more satisfying. I became a Cub Scout for quite a few years and a couple years of Boy Scouts, didn’t quite make Eagle Scouts because I just didn’t have the time. At a camp we went to 4 times a year, we had multiple days where we had two hours of swim class. There were a few rankings you could be and had to have a keychain to show what you were. I was the highest there was, along with only one other person, out of the couple hundred that were there. Being 10 or 11 at the time being better than all of the older 16-17 year olds, really boosted my confidence. Now, being 17, having my town pool shut down because they didn’t have the funding a couple years ago, really hurt. Lost a bunch of friends that I made there and lost what I feel like a piece of my life. I don’t know why I shared with you guys this story but if you did read, I just wanted to get that story out there. Haven’t talked about it in a long time and just wanted to express my love for the water.

Doggo : Who else at least held their breaths just one or twice

TDS KillZwitch : How to die 101

Brainstorm : This is effing terrifying. But man is it cool to watch.

danandjoe vids : Just place a sponge block

Hey Hey : Don’t call them marines for nothing

69 or 420 : 2:39 Are you scared? Meh terrified

ThasDooDoo : I thought that red thing left on the tumbnail was blood lol

Experimental Fun : How are those Marines that far into training and they haven't even learned to swim yet? lol

Gator Boys : I would of been dead in 20 secs

Cheeto God : YouTube recommendations you know

Can we get 500 subscribers : I tought this was an gameplay video

Ugly Person : This gave me anxiety

TAOFLEDERMAUS : Somewhat recently one of those tourist helicopters crashed in the water and people drowned and it baffled me how they couldn't get out, but it all makes sense now.

YTAirhead : -Please tell me you survive-

Jthesquid625 Gamestuff : This is why my dream job is a computer scientist, and not a marine. That and computer scientists have less risk of getting shot than a marine, and computer scientists can make anywhere from $56,000 to $140,000 per year.

Sirpoopsalot : *stands up and salutes*

Josh Griffin : Nope I'd have a panic attack

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : This is so much more terrifying in real life than what we see in movies. And that ending <3

AcTive ツ : Wait why would you be a marine if you cant even swim?

HD Studio : 0:49 Is it a C130?

JEVIL : the channel name and this videos title doesnt add up

Antee24 : He lowkey looks like John Cena

MicarHaus A : One more thing to put on his resume in order to get nasa to make him an astronaut

ToXic Trapz : Thanks for serving

Lenneth Rosario : This is so cool. Glad I subbed to the random video that came up to my feed

William Shamblin : I kinda wanna do this it looks like fun if you have all the safety divers and regulators, almost looks like a roller coaster or attraction in a way.

assassing games : 4:25 disgasting

Fiec : What you want? Like = Cookie Comment = Meet Jake Paul

Anthony Barbuto's vids : Very interesting to watch

Og maco Sheesh : 9:25 is it me or was that really satisfying.

Zero : In a real situation I think it will be more difficult to get into the surface because it wont be a swimming pool

Franklin Allen : Sometimes, because he is so mild mannered, I forget Destin is a bit of a badass.

Noob Face09 : How to survive in safe zone

Jesper Kahanyshyn : This is so cool

Creer Studioz : *_I can't even touch water_*

Robloxiscancer 3 : *_how did this happen Dinesh_*

Meme Magic : I'm going to say somethin really corny here - - Destin is like a perfect American. He's patriotic, he loves his family, he has faith, he thinks guns are cool and he supports the military. But he's also scientific, rational, open minded and completely and utterly friendly and kind to everyone he meets. Amazing.

B.illyx • : Amazing video

schilde3l : God bless you guys!

Lewis Life : Smart every day me

Nicole Mclean : Omg y was that so nerve racking like i was there