Weezer performing "Africa" cover with Weird Al Yankovic at the Forum

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Blackie : He who is tired of Weird Al is tired of life.

claudevandog : Imagine going back in time 20 years ago and telling people Weezer and Weird Al would do a cover of Africa. We are clearly living in the best timeline.

Scott McKeone : Is it me or is Weird Al cooler then Weezer?

TheKnuckleneck : You can't shred on an accordion. Weird Al: Hold my milk.

Robert Beutner : I've got a fever and the only prescription is more accordian

mpk1414 : This video needs less Weezer and more weird al

Mr. Motorbike : we all needed this

DoctorBlankenstein : Weird Al is a accordian God.. For real

Joe P : Wow we finally have good cellphone video of a concert

Bizz DK : Weezer, Weird Al, Nirvana AND Toto - all together! What is not to like?!?

TomsterMusic : I caught a train down in Africaa.. I ate chow mein down in Africaa.. Saw David Blaine down in Africaa.. I felt a pain down in Africaa.. I ate a brain down in Africaa.. I flew a plane down in Africaa.. I saw cocaine down in Africaa.. Weird Al can play down in Africaa. . I got this stain down in Africaa.. Heard Lois Lane lives in Africaa.. I went insane down in Africaa.. I can't complain down in Africaa.. I broke a chain down in Africaa.. I met John Wayne down in Africaa.. I just got maimed down in Africaa.. There's window panes down in Africaa.. I played a game down in Africaa.. Ate sugar cane down in Africaa.. I bought Rogaine down in Africaa.. Wish that you came down to Africaa.. I feel the same down in Africaa.. I'm not to blame down in Africaa.. I still remain down in Africaa.. Lame claim to fame down in Africaa.. 🎶🎵

KRhetor : How can something be so nerdy yet so awesome at the same time?

Tim Corrigan : Holy $#¡+… This vid made my eyes tear up: Big fan of Weird Al, and Weezer was the first “big” band I ever saw in concert, when I was a teenager back in the 90s. My best buddy brought me to see them in Central Park; At a fleeting silent moment between songs I jumped up as high as I could above the crowd and shouted “Garage!” The lead singer looked to his band mates and said “OK,” with a shrug. Then they played “Garage.” I am a disabled veteran now and it can be really difficult to make it to concerts… But this vid makes me want to try my best to make it to their show next time they’re in Boston. 🌞🙏🏼✌🏼❤️💯

Lynn Knott : One of those little happy moments I needed to see before facing the harsh realities of the day. Thank you for posting! I love Weezer, Weird Al and most of all, this damn Toto song, which once heard, won't leave my head for the rest of the day. But that's okay. :)

Hudson Crozier : 4:19 I like how the guy offers Al a high five and he gives him a fist bump. Looks like something i would do.

Annastasia666 X : Well that is rather epic...............

Rob Myers : Whoah. Did he just randomly show up or was he performing that night too? I'd love to hear the backstory.

Alejandro : Did anyone else heard the moan at 3:40?

Andreas Lopez : 2:46 for Weird Al Fans!!! But the whole song is good too!

Gabe Thorpe : This is the best timeline.

V8Arwing92 : Top 10 Anime Crossovers But seriously, this is one legendary video :D

ShadowWhelp : We don't deserve Weird Al.

Rabbit_Games : Weird Al is legend!

Kyler Sinjin : I wonder if Weezer realizes playing with Weird Al now gives them cool points?

Brad Coleman : This is everything that is right with the world.

jeebusunit : That fist bump/high-five at the end was hilarious.

David Theisen : Ok I have had enough!!! Weird Al NEEDS to be put in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame already!!! We need to start a petition!!! And people can vote multiple times!!

G S : The cover is average, at best. But the Weird Al accordian solo was gold.

curlyvltr : I was expecting something like "I bet loraine's found an abicus." oh well

TheHerrd : Thanks for sharing, Weird Al is legendary!

Tim Torres : Only watched this because of Weird Al.

Grymus : Would have rather seen just Al on stage.

Prederick : Al may genuinely be the perfect human being.

Kannon Larison : Rivers it too old to be wearing a nirvana cutoff shirt.

heathallen : Love love love Weird Al. He makes life that much more grand.

Greg Parkin : Wierd Al just kills it on that accordian!

MrTinyface : I like how Al has to squat to get to the mic

TheOnlyInformant : Weezer wearing a Nirvana shirt lol

GunGlutton : I like weezer Toto and weird al but weezer covering this song is a sad attempt for more recognition. Africa is the most popular 80s song and weezer is trying to capitalize on that

BergletteMom : Al Yankovic makes everyone smile.

oeo1977 : Your move, Toto.

HiroHideki : truly a legend

Baxxter101 : Something about the cut-off nirvana shirt from hot-topic offends me...

twophlaggargleblap : Thanks Al!

JRSiebz : 2:42 skip to the good part :P

Phelibas : oh rivers, never wear a band shirt of a band that was better than you. no disrespect to weezer, but cmon nirvana is better.

Six Beer Math : Weezer singer is so flat

James W : Comments section of this video 99% wierd Al is awesome, 1% meh

Gábor Bérczi : First guy definitely can't sing to save his life

Inordinate Allen : Weird AL comes in at 2:44 you're welcome.