How It's Actually Made - Chocolate

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Huggbees : For those of you asking for more, I made another:

Négusfirst : I thought this was a serious documentary until...😂😂😂

696 subscribers with 0 videos challenge : w h a t a r e y o u d o i n g p e t e r

Fressh : You make the thumbnail look so disturbing

Sonablo Ω.A : *Seems Legit*

Some Random Commenter : *_Goddammit Peter you had ONE job_*

Vaprin : This is great. I would like more please.

Pax Fortnite : wait, so when i eat chocolate i can tell my friends its 6 years old?

Sarah X : I did not realize it was a joke until 2 minutes in fauk

KeyTheGreatest : lmao i was taking this serious at first..

luckerson jean louis : I thought this shit was serious😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jabroney : Where do I apply to get a job as a bedtime story reader for coco beans?

Onyx Onyx : wOw tHiS WaS sO EdUcAtIoNaL 😫😫😫👏👏👏

1233 its easy as abcc : PETER YOUR FIRED

CeruleanUndertones xx : Wait what if the chocolate beans have insomnia and they don't remove their shells after the bedtime stories???

Lovey Dub : OMG, I ACTUALLY THOUGH. (Facepalm)

Jorji Costava : i was actually beliving

Gamer Kandah : 6 YeARs ??

real nigga hours : *until about 50 o'clock*

Alysa :3 : I was eating chocolate while watching this video and then he said that starving refugees lick the dust off from the cocoa bean’s shells.... 😵😵 I IMMEDIATELY SPIT THE CHOCOLATE OUT OF MY MOUTH 🤮🤮🤢 then i realized this wasn’t serious 😤😤😤😤

SkepticalJesse : Am Californian and he freaking said A CALIFORNA HIGHWAY

hot dog : *P E T E R* I love you marry me

Fastest Rop : This is MY daily dose of internet

amazing codfish : Amazing

Siles Catsuki : "Given a breif experience of typical Californian traffic" .... true.

bushyy : this is why im obese

Timotainment : Thank you for this very educational piece. I can now fully appreciate the California traffic flavor

ChillingAcid : I knew it wasn’t a professional how it’s made episode once it said innocent coco bean bag. The people that work on the show have no souls and don’t care for the coco bean bags. #cocobeanbagsmatter

galactic challenger : Ya this was a meme my mouth was watering the whole time

That pile a Bricks : This was so good 👌

Eira the wolf : Lol!



Kody Cobb : I thought this was real until he said “and the beans will never see there family”

Arieson : Can you do a "How its actually made" - Shit

Amy Nguyen : 1:15 - 1:24 the heck? They add their pee for flavor??? LOLOLOL, someone explain

ItzJackFrost14 : This proves that im dumb ; because i believed but then i looked at the comments

nicolasbig10 : This video is too funny is he drunk

Lobo Pizza : OMG! What just happened? hahaha I thought it was real

yeolyeon : " what are you doing peter?" Hhahahahaha

Cristian Coleiso : What are u doing Peter!!!😂🤣

LemonOVA : Im starting to think this is fake

xXHumanPrinceXx - : He gives away that this is fake when he says that it takes 6 years to make. Lol 😂 it’s 7 years, git ya facts straight boi

H I : Hmmmm... Innocent.

Chelsea .C : Delicious

guildrich : Interesting. I always thought chocolate was made in a bathroom.

Justin Y. : I see the beginning of a great youtube series.

Beardie McBeardface : I love how this isn't a complete parody, we still learn how chocolate is made, but funny

Rosal ie : I thought that this was the real and original documentary but I caught on after a minute or two😂 I like this version of the documentary better😂

RPG Mafia : I wanna eat all of this chocolate <3