How It's Actually Made - Chocolate

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Huggbees : For those of you asking for more, I made another:

Négusfirst : I thought this was a serious documentary until...😂😂😂

AngelOfDeath : Who else thought this was a real documentary 🙋

A Very Very Rich Human : Imagine a teacher clicks on this video for their kids and they don't realize it's a joke until it's too late.

Clawed Kitty : The employees are very carefull t- *WHAT ARE YOU DOING PETER-*

Felix Walton : The beast has been woken Oh shit 1000 years of darkness

Justin Y. : I see the beginning of a great youtube series.

no_worries_ be_happy_ : I swear to god I thought this was for real at first until it said cages refugees

deja huff : I thought this was real until they said refugees lick them clean

Rain Bow : 2:40 when you eat too much taco bell.

MGC 996 : All you had to do, was not touch the damn chocolate Peter

LemonOVA : Im starting to think this is fake

ODMonkey : This is a great documentary. It really helped me understand how chocolate was made.

t a y l ø r : *_but this time, just to piss them off_*

That Boy Karma : This is not what I expected clicking the video. In fact it's even better.

Skeoz : And the chocolate goes into this *b i g f u c k i n g m a c h i n e* that does nothing.


Zero Hero : You, good sir, I like you.

Deadlock DBZ : The very first time I watched this I did not notice all of the things that were wrong the second time I noticed all of them the first thing I noticed was it said big f****** machine

Declan Lynch : Is it funny that I got a chocolate comercial

Not MYTH : I thought it was real until 2:48 🤣😂

Vaprin : This is great. I would like more please.

Hiukas : Category : *Education*


Aaron Weber : When I first saw this I thought it was real until I heard the beast has been awoken LOL I’m so dumb

Phantom- -Vlogs : Every time I watch these I can't stop laughing.

Bronabonle : I thought this was real for a second. That voice is spot on 👌

FUCKING CHICKEN STRIPS : Actual how it’s made video: you This video: the guy she told you not to worry about

asdfg hjkl : I cant wait until a school decides to play this thinking its the real thing

Sam Wang : I clicked because I thought the thumbnail was a brown lamb leg getting choped XD

Rain Brain : i thought it was serious documentary until Peter interact from nowhere

ItzJackFrost14 : This proves that im dumb ; because i believed but then i looked at the comments

Aria Addison : Oh, nice documeta- *The beast has awoken* _What the fu-_

The Caprisun Demon : 3:37 funniest part of the video!

DRΨGΩΠΣS [ßÆ] : Did u change the narrators scrip?

The Rockstar Gamer : Of all possible thumbnails...

Jabroney : Where do I apply to get a job as a bedtime story reader for coco beans?

Adriana Sucks At Everything : Starving refugees who lick it- wait.... I was actually using this for a chocolate recipe now I gotta go to North Korea?

Daisy56197 AJ : Hard chocolate and not so hard chocolate. Okay then.

king grund : Ya I was watching this with my son ..thanks : Haha! I love this channel

Fressh : You make the thumbnail look so disturbing

PixelatedBrayden : i legit thought this was actually real until 2 mins in 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Cinnamon - : I wAs TRicKeD-

David Ckoocie : I didn't read the ''actually'' and thought this was legit for a moment but the further it went the more i went like ''?????????????????????????????''

II7MDJ _ : As long it’s chocolate I am okay.

Jorji Costava : i was actually beliving

Hentz13 : xdddddddd

XReaper : Yo why the thumbnail look like a black man’s brutally twisted leg

Olivia Lu : Anyone thought this was the thumbnail was a turd until they saw the title? Yea I did