How It's Actually Made - Chocolate
How Its Actually Made Chocolate

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Fun little thing I wanted to do. Lemmie know your thoughts


Hellon : I thought he was being serious at first

Vinnie Dias : I initially thought the commentary was legitimate The starving refugees are licking the coco beans clean

tg.lauren Vlogs : 2:22 *wHat ArE yOu dOiNg PeTeR!?*

SnottyToe69 : if you watch these long enough, youtube starts showing you actual How Its Made

D&R Channel : "What are you doing Peter"🤣😭😭 that caught me so off guard

Wednesday My Dudes : My teacher thought this video actually told you how cocoa beans were made and played it to our class XD (she stopped it early but the joke about the refugees made my whole class crack up)

*Good Vibes* : Everyone seems to be finding this all of the sudden. I suggest watching the bacon one fellas. It’s one of my favorites from him

David Si : "....cooled until 50-Oclock" - you see a clock looking pressure gauge so you say 50-Oclock! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

The Debate Hitman : 2:40 You’re a better man than I. I would’ve taken the low-hanging fruit and made a joke about diarrhea.

Faith animation studios : The employees are very careful to- WhAt ArE yOu DoInG pEtEr

ThatTallGuy : Your voice is so close to the actual narrator's that I didn't realize it was you until the part about the refugees

Javon Preston : "the chips are then jozzeled again, but this time it's to piss them off" 😂🙌

Rashi Khokhar : The chocolate chips are cooled at about 50 o clock xp I'm dead !!!!!

StraightRIGHT : "The chocolates are cooled, until about 50 o'clock." LMFAO.

Wayne Taylor : "To bring out their Rich and stressed out flavor"😂😂😂

Obama with gun : It took me 40 solid seconds to realize something was wrong

Jennifer Cavenee : Goddamn it, Peter. It's a good thing you weren't on beast-fighting duty, or we'd be facing 1,000 years of darkness right now.

JoshArch 22 : You had me until "Starving Refugees"

Skellekitty _ : Jesus Christ Youtube, fine, I’ll watch it

LilDugmoo : 0:25 secs is right where I started questioning my mental health and hearing 🤣

Lobsterkid18 : w h a t a r e y o u d o i n g p e t e r

Hoodbreed's bigbeefybeef : Yo im medicated. But bruh i aint kno it wasn't real til he said "the chocolate goes into this big FUKN MACHINE" I said woah wth this a family show holl up😂😂😂

that one roach in yo kitchen : *gosh peter, you had ONE SIMPLE JOB*

Sans : I thought this was actually real untill he said this big fucking machine.... good vid man😂😂😂

ROSSOME PERSON : *Not gonna lie - you had me in the first half*

Witte Artistry : Damnit Peter! This is why we can't have nice things!

Esmee Hulskamp : First 25 seconds was fine Then I realized it was a voice over Then I realized it was a voice over by a member of the legendary Official Podcast

1234567890 : nobody: *me at 3 am*

Cool Pad : Chocolates are cooled until about 50'o clock 😂😂

Meliodas619 : “To separate to their family” Me: that just got dark

Winter Duhlphin : Me: Wow a documentary about chocolate! I wanna know how they actually make this masterpiece. Narrator: a cage of starving refugees clean them by licking it Me: **throws away chocolate**


Saadat Esmaeily : I took this serious until 2:30. I know, my english is bad

*Good Vibes* : I wonder how much of this is actually accurate

CurlyoKid Gaming : thought this was legit until I heard “licked cleaned by *refugees”* Lmao 😂

Justin Y. : I see the beginning of a great youtube series.

Brad Sicat : “The employees are very careful, what are you doing Peter?” 😂

Taylor McKensy : They had me until the starving refugees part 😂

Joseph christian Labasano : Separating them with their families🤣

UNDE4D GAMING : Ant scout: Guess what... Ant Warriors: ATTACK!!!

Xavier : Who else thought this was a real documentary 🙋

Blablandjd Jdjdjednje : The thumbnail here isn't a clickbait This is unclikbait The thumbnail lookin' like a poop

Cat Dealer : Holy shit is this auswitch for chocolate

Intoxicated Ducc : The part that made me laugh was "the chocolate chips are cooled until about 50 o'clock"😭😭😂💀

Soldierbear66 : Dude, I havent laughed this hard in ever, thank you so much

Man Overboard : “First, an innocent cocoa bean bag is made out as an example to the employees who don’t meet their daily quota.” Wait......

hi itsme : The lack of willy wonka chocolate factory references made me angry.

Slank〽an : I thought the caster was trying be edgy fr

Tiffany Williams : Can we just talk about how this guy sounds like Data from Star Terk! 🤣