How It's Actually Made - Chocolate

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Huggbees : For those of you asking for more, I made another:

Négusfirst : I thought this was a serious documentary until...😂😂😂

Fressh : You make the thumbnail look so disturbing

696 subscribers with 0 videos challenge : w h a t a r e y o u d o i n g p e t e r

Sunbropooks : 1=1 prayer for the employees who died protecting humanity from the beast

Some Random Commenter : *_Goddammit Peter you had ONE job_*

Justin Y. : I see the beginning of a great youtube series.

Beardie McBeardface : I love how this isn't a complete parody, we still learn how chocolate is made, but funny

real nigga hours : *until about 50 o'clock*

Clawed Kitty : The employees are very carefull t- *WHAT ARE YOU DOING PETER-*

Felix Walton : The beast has been woken Oh shit 1000 years of darkness


A Very Very Rich Human : Imagine a teacher clicks on this video for their kids and they don't realize it's a joke until it's too late.

Fastest Rop : This is MY daily dose of internet

AngelOfDeath : Who else thought this was a real documentary 🙋

ChillingAcid : I knew it wasn’t a professional how it’s made episode once it said innocent coco bean bag. The people that work on the show have no souls and don’t care for the coco bean bags. #cocobeanbagsmatter

LemonOVA : Im starting to think this is fake

Rain Bow : 2:40 when you eat too much taco bell.

MGC 996 : All you had to do, was not touch the damn chocolate Peter

ODMonkey : This is a great documentary. It really helped me understand how chocolate was made.

_Slimey_Slimes_Asmr _ : I swear to god I thought this was for real at first until it said cages refugees

Vaprin : This is great. I would like more please.

CeruleanUndertones xx : Wait what if the chocolate beans have insomnia and they don't remove their shells after the bedtime stories???

Jesse Andradebates : The very first time I watched this I did not notice all of the things that were wrong the second time I noticed all of them the first thing I noticed was it said big f****** machine

Declan Lynch : Is it funny that I got a chocolate comercial

xXHumanPrinceXx - : He gives away that this is fake when he says that it takes 6 years to make. Lol 😂 it’s 7 years, git ya facts straight boi

Bronabonle : I thought this was real for a second. That voice is spot on 👌

PixelatedBrayden : i legit thought this was actually real until 2 mins in 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

michael E bwando : True facts about chocolate

guildrich : Interesting. I always thought chocolate was made in a bathroom.

Zero Hero : You, good sir, I like you.

SkepticalJesse : Am Californian and he freaking said A CALIFORNA HIGHWAY

II7MDJ _ : As long it’s chocolate I am okay.

DRΨGΩΠΣS [ßÆ] : Did u change the narrators scrip?

Siles Catsuki : "Given a breif experience of typical Californian traffic" .... true.

Jabroney : Where do I apply to get a job as a bedtime story reader for coco beans?

Scp-049 Euclid : at this point T H E B E A S T H A S B E E N A W O K E N D Battle start “The beast” 1002 hp Mybutt used tools it does 2 damage The beast used “chocolate soup mixture” does 50 damage Mybutt used a big F*beork*ing machine it does 9999 damage The beast toughed it out and is at 1hp The beast used that spongebob character that yells chocolate all the time it does 927 damage Mybutt used 420 blaze it the move inflicted “blazeing” The beast took 9999 damage by lung cancer And remember stay in Drugs don’t do veggies and eat your school

Alysa :3 : I was eating chocolate while watching this video and then he said that starving refugees lick the dust off from the cocoa bean’s shells.... 😵😵 I IMMEDIATELY SPIT THE CHOCOLATE OUT OF MY MOUTH 🤮🤮🤢 then i realized this wasn’t serious 😤😤😤😤

That Boy Karma : This is not what I expected clicking the video. In fact it's even better.

Carrot Animations : I thought wat the guy was saying was all true 😂😂😂

Timotainment : Thank you for this very educational piece. I can now fully appreciate the California traffic flavor

NightFocuz : I thought this was legit because I was doing this for my assignment...

manu games : You forgot to mention the deamons in the heating machine that whip the cocoa


Leoxs 22 : I thought it was a real documentary until... "DID HE JUST SAID STARVING REFUGEES?"

ItzJackFrost14 : This proves that im dumb ; because i believed but then i looked at the comments

plantnum64 gold : I thought this was real and will never eat chocolate again till I found out it fake

Bilal Mirza : 3:27 The chocolate chip are then given the typical experience of California traffic 😂😂😂😂😂

Hiukas Kun : Category : *Education*

Daisy56197 AJ : Hard chocolate and not so hard chocolate. Okay then.