How It's Actually Made - Chocolate

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Huggbees : For those of you asking for more, I made another:

Négusbeatz : I thought this was a serious documentary until...😂😂😂

Leah Hall : *Watches while eating chocolate*

Shadow Light : My teacher thought this video actually told you how cocoa beans were made and played it to our class XD (she stopped it early but the joke about the refugees made my whole class crack up)

helonki : I thought he was being serious at first

short horror films : lmfao " *lick them clean by starving refuges* "

Justin Y. : I see the beginning of a great youtube series.

Witte Artistry : Damnit Peter! This is why we can't have nice things!

Rhoxe .C : Me, trying to add a bit knowledge : *Wait a second*

Random Slice : That is the worst looking thumbnail i've ever seen

Wiston Clair June : Had to watch and listen to 0:20 3 times. Then at 0:33 i realized it was a joke haha 😅

Haha Loser : *W H A T A R E Y O U D O I N G P E T E R ?*

jazz lyrics : 2:24 What are you doing Peter?😂


memz : 2:49 *this was my first time ever listening to the narrator swear during the show*

princess luna is the best princess in mlp. : 3:20 50 OH~CLOCK I CANT STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!

LemonOVA : Im starting to think this is fake

princess luna is the best princess in mlp. : 2:22 Huggbees: even one desterbence can ruin the batch. the employee are very carful to-..... WHAT ARE YOU DOING PETER!?!?!?! Peter: what does it look like im doing?

Key Lime Prime : I thought the thumbnail was a hideously dismembered leg

Troye Seah : i make mine in the toilet

Høney Lavender : *but you are abusing the cocoa beans*

Vaprin : This is great. I would like more please.

BudiPlot : I already played minecraft and used cocoa beans before. I know what this video is about

that Dogo that can draw : I thought I clicked on how it's made I guess not😂😂😂😂😂

gaming with memes 4173 : That's how *Chocolate* works

Thetankist 90210 : The beast has awoken. I LOST MYSELF AT THAT PART!


ŁøvəłýĄqųå :3 : 1:16 Thats PEE?? .m. shet..

Jonas Åström : look at the mans ring finger in the begining

BelloHello Gaming : u should have said for the last one the chocolate chips are now experiencing a natural disaster

The Epic [REDACTED] Boi : Chocolate? Did you said CHOCOLATE?! CHOCOLATE!!!

ItzJackFrost14 : This proves that im dumb ; because i believed but then i looked at the comments

Peter 9110 : Iam Peter 😂

simon funt : The thumbnail looked like someones amputated leg after a day in a mud pit

Boy WITHCUMSTAiNS : Yo the joke about homeless refugees had me DYING 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Alessa Dolan : *what are you tdoing peta*

Knuckles : 3:37 Pissed off chocolate chips


Clash with Xitiz : anti clickbait thumbnail !!

Aphlie : This is hilarious Make more bro 👌

I am a disappointment to my parents : I can confirm, I still have nightmares of the depravity that took place in those walls

Jorji Costava : i was actually beliving

Taunton Cycle Cam : It took me a while 2 minutes to get that it was a joke.

Good Gregory : I was actually curious :(((

frosty gamer : what the world did I just watched 😂

Foxy productions : I thought this was real😂

Vinyl Eyezz : This is the greatest thing I've ever seen XD

Jaja ARSGD : *wHat aRe yOu dOiNg PetEr?*

Sir Castic : They are cooled up to 50 O'clock

Thunder Storm : Lel 6 years chocolate spinning