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Comments from Youtube

Christopher Dempsey : What's next...Michael bay's Thomas the tank engine?

axetonamill B : I would actually watch that

MetalPersonJ : Let's be honest, Beavis and Butthead would love to do something like this. Even score with Megan Fox Daria.

EthanTrimby : This looks way better than any actual Michael Bay film

tehn00bdude : To be fair this is how the duo probably saw themselves

Reborn Again : DO IT!!! What i always dreamed of was grown-up beavis and butthead super hero movie. Where i have to send my money?

Danail Marinov : Even though it's Michael Bay-afied I kinda wanna see Beavis and Butthead blowing up shit and shooting and saying "Uuuhuhuhuh/Ehehehehehee we're the coolest."

Nikita Mingazov : doesn't actually seem bad. It's actually too good for michael bay really

TheMasterQuests : Yeah right like Mike Judge would ever allow this

Oliver Cuenca : Well HELLOOOOOO DARIA!

Still Breathing : Van Driessen sure sounds like Matthew McConaughey

Rusty Nickels : This would suck more than anything that has ever sucked before.

27182818284590452354e-19 : If that's what it takes to get more Daria, sure.

SantaDog81 : That is the hottest Daria I've ever seen, and I've spent hours on Deviantart.

carultch : The man who brought you transformers was Nikola Tesla.

DameonSpawn : it's sad because I want to watch this.

Cosmo Dookie : Just one more to say: Instead of ruining the legend that is beavis (and of course butthead, too), lets better do something productive: MICHAEL BAYS TELETUBBIES! "Its Godzilla... Its T-Rex.....! nope.. just a 10 meter-sized up Tinky-Winky!"

Allan Mccann : u know mark wallburg is gonna be playing one of them.

Psycho3418 : The first half looks more like a Nolan film if you ask me. That booming soundtrack xD

William Barnes : Matthew Mcconaughey, IS.. Mr. Van Driessen

Trollioli : I don't know if its possible to ruin Bevis and Butthead.

Marshal Monsanto : The joke backfired because this seems badass.

Nickster : How to make an award winning movie: BE LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE THAN MICHEAL BAY!!

Bassotronics : Perfect Satire of Michael Bay and his works!

datsweetsansabooty : I would actually watch this one lol


Bugsy Cline : wow, Daria was always so hot... but now? God damn!

MysteryNote : heh he hehehehe heh he said coming hehehehehe

Gary V : That's gotta be the one thing Michael Bay would make awesome. He's got nowhere to go but up.

Turk : Michael Bay`s Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Samuel Rupe-Smith : Seeing as how it's cartoons from the 80's that he loves to ruin, I think Jem and the Holograms might be next.

Tino5135 : well I don't know if it was true but there were rumors that he was going to do thundercats! i think people are assholes and they just want to scare me?!

being sad is overrated : Not the heroes we wanted, but the heroes we deserved.

potlick18 : He's at it again. Michael Bay thinks he needs to milk the ninja turtles for all they're worth.

TazhaMan : Yay the narrator voice guy! :D

Barro the Broadcaster : And coming soon from Michael Bay... "I tell ya, Peggy, that boy ain't right." From executive producer Mike Judge "Dang ole' Hank man he and, he got good head on his shoulders." "I've been selling propane and propane accessories for twenty years, I tell you what." Comes an idea that nearly half of Adult Swim's viewership would be mildly interested in while waiting for reruns of Robot Chicken "Hank! We've got a problem!" "Mr. Strickland? What is it? Sir... where is your shirt?" "It's... it's Thatherton, Hank. He's... he's back." "I'm the number-one name in propane now, Hank." Based on a cartoon that audiences described as "insightful" "Nancy... how could you do this to me?!" "Dale, this wasn't supposed to happen!" "What wasn't supposed to happen?! I wasn't supposed to find out! What are we gonna tell Joseph?!!" Starring Mike Judge "This isn't clean-burning or efficient! Thatherton's Fuels... he's not using propane!" "Oh gawd... Hank, he's pumping this stuff all over town!" "RUN! WE'VE GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE! RUN! RU-*Mega-Lo Mart explodes again*" And Tom Petty "You know I wouldn't miss this one, Uncle Hank." "I'm happy you're riding with us, Lucky. Now, if only we could fix Bill." "LANORE! You came back!" "He put on the dress again?" "No... he never took it off; he was just wearing something over it the whole time." Coming soon, watch one of the wittiest animated satires of suburban American life get anally explosion raped by Michael Bay! "Luanne, what's wrong?!" "It's Gracie! She's been possessed by Buckley's angel!" "Hey." That show you enjoyed once in a while before the Simpsons is back! And now with less of the subtle comedy you know and more tired special effects and lens flares off Hank's truck! "I've always loved you, Bobby." "I know, Connie. I know." Come see the King of the Hill... finally get crowned. "Eeyup." "Yep." "Mm-hmm." "Eee-yep." King of the Hill: The Movie. Directed by Michael Bay. "You taste the meat, hank? Or the heat?" "I tell. You. What." Telling YOU what... eventually.

Jennifer White : Please do not give him more ideas

ChristianGirl666 : They still wont get some.

ZQMBGN : Where is the great cornholio?

Kuro Orenji : Micheal Bay really does ruin childhoods

Mike D : this needs to happen

Mslink 333 : >Childhood Classic >Beavis and Butthead Yeah choose one

Simeon W. L. Shepard : That... that was.... Epic Voice Guy!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I'M SUDDENLY SO HYPED!

BRO- GHAUSS-49 : Beavis and Butthead original Level 1 crook . Beavis and Butthead michael bay director Level 35 Boss

Dmitry Kim : Sting must play Beavis

James Smile : Don't give micheal bay any ideas plz no

Alexander Volkov : holy crap is that the same guy from honest trailers who did the narration?

Chris Melvin : Fricking Daria. lol

WhiteDwarfVR4 : is it just me or are they sitting on the wrong sides of the couch?? Mandela effect confirmed..