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MichaelLeroi : Not an accurate representation of Michael Bay.... I can actually see what's going on.

Reborn Again : DO IT!!! What i always dreamed of was grown-up beavis and butthead super hero movie. Where i have to send my money?

Christopher Dempsey : What's next...Michael bay's Thomas the tank engine?

TheMasterQuests : Yeah right like Mike Judge would ever allow this

LivingCorpseX : Ruined? This would IMPROVE my childhood.

tehn00bdude : To be fair this is how the duo probably saw themselves

EthanTrimby : This looks way better than any actual Michael Bay film

axetonamill B : I would actually watch that

MetalPersonJ : Let's be honest, Beavis and Butthead would love to do something like this. Even score with Megan Fox Daria.

Nikita Mingazov : doesn't actually seem bad. It's actually too good for michael bay really

Insert Name Here : Well HELLOOOOOO DARIA!

Still Breathing : Van Driessen sure sounds like Matthew McConaughey

Danail Marinov : Even though it's Michael Bay-afied I kinda wanna see Beavis and Butthead blowing up shit and shooting and saying "Uuuhuhuhuh/Ehehehehehee we're the coolest."

carultch : The man who brought you transformers was Nikola Tesla.

SantaDog81 : That is the hottest Daria I've ever seen, and I've spent hours on Deviantart.

Allan Mccann : u know mark wallburg is gonna be playing one of them.

DameonSpawn : it's sad because I want to watch this.

27182818284590452354e-19 : If that's what it takes to get more Daria, sure.

William Barnes : Matthew Mcconaughey, IS.. Mr. Van Driessen

Nickster : How to make an award winning movie: BE LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE THAN MICHEAL BAY!!

Trollioli : I don't know if its possible to ruin Bevis and Butthead.

Psycho3418 : The first half looks more like a Nolan film if you ask me. That booming soundtrack xD

Bugsy Cline : wow, Daria was always so hot... but now? God damn!

Bassotronics : Perfect Satire of Michael Bay and his works!

datsweetsansabooty : I would actually watch this one lol


Gary V : That's gotta be the one thing Michael Bay would make awesome. He's got nowhere to go but up.

MysteryNote : heh he hehehehe heh he said coming hehehehehe

Plankton : They still wont get some.

Turk : Michael Bay`s Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Cosmo Dookie : Just one more to say: Instead of ruining the legend that is beavis (and of course butthead, too), lets better do something productive: MICHAEL BAYS TELETUBBIES! "Its Godzilla... Its T-Rex.....! nope.. just a 10 meter-sized up Tinky-Winky!"

Simeon W. L. Shepard : That... that was.... Epic Voice Guy!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I'M SUDDENLY SO HYPED!

Marshal Monsanto : The joke backfired because this seems badass.

TazhaMan : Yay the narrator voice guy! :D

James Smile : Don't give micheal bay any ideas plz no

AlphaOmegaSin : "Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh"

Ostkreutz Rox : Channing Tatum as Beavis, Ryan Gosling as Butthead Megan Fox as Daria, Matthew McConosomething as Van Driessen John Goodman as the principal.. I'm fresh out of names.

Alexander Volkov : holy crap is that the same guy from honest trailers who did the narration?

Mion Sonozaki : This totally needs to happen

NoodleSplash : This wouldn't ruin beavis and butthead, this would be halarious

Chris Melvin : Fricking Daria. lol

nerdgamer48 : i....i.....kinda wanna see this xD even though the original beavis and butthead was better

Dmitry Kim : Sting must play Beavis

being sad is overrated : Not the heroes we wanted, but the heroes we deserved.

Nox : Shut up and take my money!!!

Ramsour : Well, it is still interesting.

Tino5135 : well I don't know if it was true but there were rumors that he was going to do thundercats! i think people are assholes and they just want to scare me?!

Robin Sanders : This looks like a winner for Adult Swim,it looks better than the new crap shows they spew out today 👍🏻

Samuel Rupe-Smith : Seeing as how it's cartoons from the 80's that he loves to ruin, I think Jem and the Holograms might be next.

Amaroq64 : "Because everything good from your childhood deserves to be ruined." How'd you know I watched Beavis and Butthead when my dad told me I'm not allowed to?