Step Inside Australia's Underground Homes

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Coober Pedy is a small desert town in Australia where the entire population lives in underground homes. With outside temperatures hovering over 100 degrees, residents made permanent homes in the cooler temperatures of old mine shafts. SUBSCRIBE: Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: Make our acquaintance on Facebook: Give us a shout on Twitter: Visit our world directly: Great Big Story is a video network dedicated to the untold, overlooked & flat-out amazing. Humans are capable of incredible things & we're here to tell their stories. When a rocket lands in your backyard, you get in.


poktya : 1990: in 2019 we will start life on mars 2019: living underground

anthonyelevatorguy : Tell Us more !!!! Are there streets ??? How are the Homes connected if they are ??? Taxes What kind of rock ? Radon

XeonBite_ : Coober pedy where down under is real and the expression 'have you been living under a rock' is literal

Michael Lowry : rain: in Coober Pedy there are instances where kids in their teens have never seen rain falling. earthquake: seismic stable, but in case of a quake, underground is very safe. the soil there is extremely uniform and is unlikely to cave in on you. also, they do have above ground structures which must by very expensive to cool. this place is on my bucket list to visit!

DJ : Im Australian and i had no idea this even existed... i feel very unaustralian now.

thesix107 : This is awesome. Might be a good idea for really cold climates too for more moderate living temperatures.

/\/\€ĞÆ |\|ŮŤ : This puts more emphasis into Australia being "upside down".

Signature Thapa : That's what the Saudi Arabia and UAE should be doing rather than building skyscrapers.

Time 2work : That is a clear sign that you are not supposed to be there. And you know exactly where you’re supposed to be. 🥶 🤣😂😅

Agitate : Legit almost every Minecraft world at first

Yash Koli : Best place in a zombie apocalypse to live

vin : I guess you can say they are... Downunder

Nick Oberg : while you're there filming, ask a few more questions, these videos end too early.. are these homes and businesses connected underground? show a map where this town is, etc

FlufyFurryJr : The flat earth people wouldn't live in this city because afraid that they'll dig straight through the void...

Arené Lomax : Australia, where humans live like termites.

Nana u Believe : Exit strategy For earthquakes?

Hey You : “And she said, do you come from the land down under?” This guy can say yes

Star Trucker : This is pretty amazing. Aussies are the coolest.

Miguel Mif : Dirt underground home? Pff, what a noob


Alexander Ryan : "Cops don't like us blasting in town." Hahahaha

dixana taping : At first when he said 100 degrees, I really thought Celsius but I realize it's Fahrenheit hehe 😁✌

First_Name Last_Name : 122 degres Fahrenheit is 50 degrees Celsius in civilised terms.

mYsTeRiA 143 : But down in the underground, you'll find someone true. Down in the underground, a land serene, a crystal moon.

Denielle Santos : Random person: What have you been doing all this time? Living underground? Haha. This man: Well actually...

Panda Playz : Australia uses Underground *Defense increase* Bethesda uses Nukes on Australia *No Affect*

WEST COAST MUSIC UPLOAD : Underground homes more like underground temples and where the Aboriginals lived before the white man stole they land

gabrielle.s : Fun fact: not everyone on the internet is American. Please use celcius!

MrDigit420 : Just like my gta bunker

Maximilian Mus : I always make underground houses, I found them effective because I can make good mines

Velasper : The mayor there is called Demon lord?

BluSpecter454 : But do they have an underground hospital?

Max Collins : So basically it's a town of hobbits

Nathaniel Eade : It’s so deep that I the gravity has stabilised, so it must be closer to the Uk then Australia

Attacked by Snakes : 1:31 is quite possibly the most Australian thing I've ever heard

Such A Noob : They are really down under

Whicker Friesian : When I was a kid, living in the deserts of CA and AZ? I used to BUILD underground 'Forts'! They were awesome! ('cept for the trespassing snakes/black widows... Daily warfare, that!) These dwellings are simply INGENIOUS! I'd love to live there.


David Benner : My parents used to buy opals there. That was about 40 years ago.

don't care : Somebody must send this to Cristin from simplynailogical for this Australian speak in the pr😂

Jessus Christ : 2 minutes?? Are u insane. Make a 20 min one

Norbero Fontanez : Do you KNOW SOMETHING WE don't, hoss???....aaaah.. I mean, MATE???🐨

Jim Adams : So to go from house to house to church to store does one typically have to go above ground? If ever a place could use a subway . . .

Marley G : "means...... White Man in a hole" (I was expecting something more majestic from that translation 🤣)

Element X : If the earth is flat how far can you keep digging before you fall out the other side?

LUCAS IS SANS : That's the underground place from us

Max Lozano : This is the best minecraft world ive seen

Matt : Men At Work were not kidding when they said they came from a land down under

Jack Quinlivan : Anything? Strip club?? 😂😂