George Carlin on the American Dream

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MrNintoku : Such a shame he isn't around now.  We NEED him more than ever.

L P : "You have owners, they own you!" [Property of HBO appears on screen]. 2:10

Art Koslinski : They are coming for Social security next. George nailed it

ThunderInTheSun : He is dearly missed. One of the most, if not the most, intelligent comedians ever.

Paco Val : hearing this again after many years, I now realize how prophetic this monologue is...

TheSauljohn27 : Just as the Roman Empire fell, So will America one day. . .

kris c : George most definitely was a man ahead of his time

ANDY MOTL : 7 people that dislike this are exactly what he's talking about.

CantolaoTV : Rest in peace are a real American hero


Hache Rodriguez : The worst thing about Trump being president, is that George Carlin is not alive to joke about it hehe

Merel : All this time, he was right

Brian Hansen : so brilliant true and tragic at once

lisvender : It's funny. I agree with a lot of things Carlin says. I know our government outsources, lies, and tortures, but it also has a serious problem with Donald Trump. The government and media have scrambled everyone they can to discredit him, and it isn't working. I wonder if there's something to that. I don't give two shits about the guy, and I think he'd be a woeful president, but I kinda want him to win just to see the Ferris wheel go off its hinges, and then watch how far it rolls.

Evan Demon : This needs a "I'm Bernie Sanders and I approve of this message" afterwards

Viewsk8 : "Property of HBO" pops up as he says we don't own anything.

kal jan : His words are message not comedy .

racewiththefalcons1 : This has never been more relevant.

CHAD FLOYD TV : I love you George Carlin! RIP buddy! You inspire me to be a socialist every day as I watch this. You and Bernie Sanders are the only ones who care!

Meira McMahon : Franklin D. Roosevelt who said, ‘Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to chose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy therefore, is education,’

Joe McIlnen : One of the greatest speeches of all time.

Na'xia Xi'Larn : Is this guy one of the last honest american politicans? He makes sense :-)

Joseph Stephan : This one is for ALL the politicians & And the people who vote for them. Time to wake up. It's a selection not a election , if Obama don't finish us off, they will put Clinton or Bush in to do the job.

Boogie ManBK : Lets wake up ppl & stop being distracted

magic : And now this country is full of adult children and arrogant trolls that don't help at all.

Sharist Hoola : No true words have ever been spoken.

SomedayGamin : Funny that he is spot-on to this day

PayinAttention : I have to laugh at everyone here yammering about Bolshevik Bernie, as if he isn't a part of the system Carlin describes. Karl Marx was bankrolled by the Rothschilds. Leon Trotsky got $$$ from Wall Street to start the Bolshevik Revolution w/Lenin. You've bought a pig in a poke, folks.

packleader87 : I came back to listen to Carlin to get my hate back. I'm too nice to people

supafuckinmingster : Probably the greatest 5mins on the interweb machine. This has to be the 40th time I've watched this.

soypablo64 : This never gets old -- can listen to it again and again -- good points to remember.

Dj Wat : Bernie Sanders would have George talk at his rally

Dominique Roy : Truth

slugandaworm : we are all slaves :{

MMA KING jr : still classic

Sara Sherwani : for the American dream.. you'll have to be asleep to believe it.... omg my heart

Mr. GoodKat : Truth after truth, after truth.

J PP : Probably more relevant now than then. Divisiveness is another control mechanism. You hear it from the corporate media and the political class daily. If we're fighting each other, we don't have time to notice the puppet strings. Read the comments, serfs are doing their bidding.

Leonardo La Torre : It's not funny anymore... Welcome TPP.

Crystal : Tellin' it like it is. Yup, that's George Carlin. :)

luis rivera : People like to say how Intelligent George was.....well, he wasn't any smarter than the average person, what he had was common sense and a very critically thinking mind, 2 things that have gone by the wayside a long time ago.

Broony Saint : Must have been 21 politicians that saw this, that's the only reason I can see for the 21 thumbs down

efeezy619 : american hero

George Boyas : More than a comedian, George Carlin the philosopher.

Masteraster : I wonder if George was still around calling b.s. if they would have placed such an obvious 'owner' in the white house. But I guess as the sane voices of our past are dying off and we lose more people to the brainwashing (they are getting the kids younger and younger), then I guess they don't even care about keeping up appearances. George said the politicians aren't the owners, they're just the ones who tell you you have freedom of choice - I'd say he'd probably make an exception to that statement if he saw who was in the white house today. They're not even hiding behind 'politicians' anymore. One of the billionaire owners who doesn't give a shit wants to be king.

NICK HOCH : As Jesus said in the bible what face is on that coin. They replied Ceser, Well then give Ceser Ceser's and give God God's. God Bless.

Anthony Newman : I really don't like his language but I love the truth. Buy the truth and sell it not. That's what God's Word says. Truth is worth it ... Can be very painful however you cannot have justice honor without it there is no freedom no Liberty American Way

Aliosha Castro : The comedian version of Sanders. And if you think is Trump the solution, then you are sleeping, believing in the american dream

Regnar : Trump 2020

Tom DeVito : George is an American hero he speaks the truth