a morphine toast.

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Elora Maxwell : I didn't ask for this video... but damn am I glad you made it!

Euan Cook : You sir are an artist, and life is your canvas. Keep strong.

KillerQueen : that is pure art <3

JCF Productions : Wow I wasn’t ready for this. I hope you’re alright. You can always reach out to me. I wish you all the best in life. I hope you keep making these videos, but if you don’t, I’ll respect that too no matter how sad it gets. It’s been great to know you on some level that perhaps only we can understand. I honestly, truly wish you have a wonderful life from this point on.

Eddie Curtis : To put a feeling into words is hard. To translate it into film is harder. To raise bar with every attempt? That takes talent. You deserve the title of best tribute editor on Youtube, without a shadow of a doubt.

EionSoldier : You know garos, I don’t know how or why I developed such an admiration for video editing and film choreography, but I just want to say I think this video is an absolute masterpiece alongside many of your other videos, I tend to watch a lot of Zurik23m, xHeather360x and grable 424 (just to name a few of my favourites)and I often find myself coming back to the same videos to rewatch them just to better understand and appreciate every moment, every scene, every voice over and feeling that you editors try to create for us viewers, I can’t explain in words how undoubtedly beautiful I find this hobby in general but I’d just like to take this moment to let both you and all my other favourite YouTube editors know how much I appreciate all the great work and effort you put in for your audiences, thank you and have a blessed day.

Thedoctor133 : I would rather one video no one asked for that had heart and soul like this one, than a million videos done just because they were asked for without the fire of passion.

TheRagan7 : This is wonderful. I have a friend who tried to kill herself last night, she survived luckily. This gives me hope. Thank you!

Jessislegend : This is the kind of thing that they will be putting in art museums one day. Truly beautiful

Adrian Patron : You are an artist

Ally D : I’m so sorry to hear what happened. I hope you feel better soon and if you need to talk I’m here.

Rishiraj Bhowmick : I was in a depressive state of mind.. thank you garo.. :)

Alex James : We love your art, so we love you through your art. So I say to you sincerely and with love. Be well, seek help if needed and thankyou for turning your pain into beauty.

F N : Very sorry about your loss. Your videos are always filled with perfection, and it is always obvious that the person who made it poured all their heart to it. You never fail to amaze me. You wrote so many right things in the description, and it surely made me think. We only have one life (it is what I believe, anyways) and why not live it greatly when we have the opportunity? Why do we fill our minds and hearts with sadness and sorrow and fear all the time? Of course, life is nothing without those emotions, but there are so many beautiful things to be grateful for, to fight for, so many. May not one of us waste our times drowned in those emotions and however hard it may be, focus on the good things. Beautiful as always. Thank you.

Wastydest : What a wonderful video! You edited those images of art, human raltionships, freedom and the beautiful nature of our earth in such a perfect way. This, combined with great music and some of the best scenes and quotes in movie history, really embodies my view of life. Thank you for this amazing work of yours! And my sincere condolences to your loss.

Chilliard2000 : Your mother is absolutely spot on. The only thing that we know for certain is that we're alive to see today, and the only thing that matters is making the most of what time we have with those we love. You should be so proud for going out and doing that every single time you make a video, and every time you do what you love. Thank you so much for every one of your videos, and you have our full support in your time of grief. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, and hope that you know how much we all love and support you.

Aileen Taylor : I needed this. I didn't know I did, but I really did. Thank you for this and all the videos you make. It was beautiful.

Gestline Anurue : well the video is bloody incredible just like your channel

Kerri Cz : God, this is beautiful. I so needed to see this video today. I am sorry for your loss. It is so hard to lose people, especially when they are young and didn't have time to experience all the world has to offer. A few weeks ago my friend (aged 25) passed away from cancer, and just this past week I lost two friends (aged 31 and 24) to drug overdoses. Life is so incredibly short. But that doesn't mean it can't also be beautiful. We just have to remember how fragile and precious it is, and enjoy each moment while we still can. <3

Sreya : I am sorry for your loss, and my condolences to all friends and family. You really went overboard with this one, it is a masterpiece. Seriously, why don't you have more subscribers. It is one of my favourites that you have done so far. Thanks so much for using up some of your time to make these, you have an amazing talent to always make these videos each have a voice of their own.

Patrick Bailey : Art. You make art from art. Thank you Garo.

Elyne van Opzeeland : Van Gogh, Benedict Cumberbatch and robin Williams in one tribute, i died..... It's so beautiful, god bless you ;-)

Angel St James : Exquisite works of art like this make me glad to be alive. I mean Dead Poets Society, Walter Mitty, Kill Your Darlings...what a line up... Whatever happens, thank you for your videos. The love in them touched my heart and gave me comfort and connection in some of my loneliest hours. I felt you reached out to me when no one else would. That is the power of the magic you spin every time. I understand everything ends. But not love, not always. That's why I have hope you'll continue to create masterpieces like this for a long time. But if I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night ;) <3

Bernd Amen : I knew that sounded familiar, Max Richter! Congratulation on the splendid choice of music. But besides that you are a master of variety and connection.

alltheidols ineed : Your heart is truly beautiful. You are beautiful! 👏👏👏💘

AMV PASSIONIS : wow trop trop ... magique comme d'habitude good job ;) merci pour ces beaux messages:)

Charles Ricco : Inspired, beautiful and heart warming video sir. My heart felt condolences for your loss, I hope you are doing alright and however little this might feel at a time like this, know that you have my support and the support of your community, here on this channel, we are all indebted to you for sharing beautiful art such as this. All the best to you !

OnurWhoEdit : I'm crying.

You Know Who I Am : Who lost it when Robin Williams appeared on screen?

Mikayla Carr : This is truly magnificent, and your talent is extraordinary. Thank you for this inspiring video that feels more like it should be on a big screen or in a museum, rather than just on YouTube.

Elene Aydin : I’m so sorry for your loss. This video really stirs up the wide range of emotions and shows the base. Descriptive qualities of your channel, if you will. Good mark to leave just in case and I’m so glad that it shows you’ve already got a purpose. Beautiful things come from that and hope you’ll experience it. All the best, David )

Abelardo Montoya : I have just watched it drunk, and let me tell you, when your heart is suffering, this is the best video there is to light it up. Good job and thanks.-

Fortunate Anane : Damn.Good stuff.Just...damn.

st. Drifter : This just became my inspirational video and I am sharing it with everybody I know

McThar98 : You, sir, are amazing!

Jason Hill : Behind a few seconds of your video, I found a movie. And that movie evoked a story of unimaginable beauty of love, pain, sacrifice... and life's omnipotence and mystical fantasticism. Wow. Every second of your video possesses a million routes of emotion, life-saving, and humane nature of writing and poetry. And it is all indeed... put together by you to bring about a mark of our passage on this world and Universe - of which is so concrete that all of the time words can't describe it. Yet it seems you did the impossible with your brilliant art, like so many others who brought about other marks in our history. And it all conforms to one story - the story of the Universe and its Wonder's. Thank you GaroStudios, for everything. And know that you will become so brilliant that not even the limitations of the flesh will keep you from living.

Micoola : This is Incredible! Life and everything in it is a miracle

Koregan : Wow, it's so ****ing inspirating ! You just gave me the motivation to do what i postponed throughout the whole day.. Thank you ;)

Jake Baker : This edit is so well put together

suncore598 : Great video. It touches me deep in my soul.

FavouriteHobbyDrawing : it feels like a whole movie good job

Will : Well that was bloody brilliant

Padfoot8701 : This is pure visual magic. You are so, so talented, I'm at a loss for proper words - one of the best vidders I've *ever* seen. You know those compilations they play at the Oscars (thatmakemesuperduperemotional)??? This is *exactly* like those - amazingly edited, well thought out, touching, visually gorgeous. I don't even know what else I can say that isn't hyperbolic and/or incoherent fangirling. (And I am so, so sorry for your loss. <333)

belwa42 : This is wonderful! And one of my favorite Max Richter pieces to boot. Love the channel, friend. <3

Always Bookworm : that was amazing. it was a emotional roller coaster

Santik4me : in my opinion this is one of the best of your videos, if not of all videos I know. I can hear the colours. This vid has earned far many more views <3 This. is why I love editing... thank you. thank you for creating this masterpiece

Giovanni Russo : Astonishing.

Icerspot : Wow, such beauty. This incredible art hits fucking deep, keep up the incedible work! Cant wait for the future! <3

Zander Frae : Since I just lost one of my best friends to suicide, I went into this video expecting to be a sobbing, masochistic mess by the end of it. Instead, I find myself uplifted. It is a bittersweet warmth instead of crushing cold spreading in my chest and tempting my eyes to well up. THANK YOU for this masterpiece.

cjevil : amazing video