Derek Paravicini plays Alla Turca Jazz

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Ulrich Pohanka : I love all your plays, Derek! May I make a suggestion though? How about investing in a high-quality microphone? It would make the whole joy of listening to you even better! If you need help with financing I am sure there are other people besides me who would also chip in a few pounds :)

w3sp : For those who don't know, this is Fazil Say's arrangement. Really fun piece :)

Aim Map : Absolutely amazing

Vee & Bee : This guy has autism and he plays like this?! AMAZING!!!

Street Attraction : Haha brilliant!

NeeXxoR : the Jazz was made by Fazil Say

Vsevolod Pushkaryov : Молодец Дерек!

Kristina Plays : I can't stop listening to this. Absolutely brilliant! Great work!

Osirion 1 : Great ! Respect from Russia! )

Christian Oropeza : Spectacular performance! I was wondering if I could submit a request. If so could you please play "Ordinary People" by John Legend. I would gladly appreciate it. Keep up the amazing work Derek.

Jon Guest : wish I could sit beside Derek and watch him play wow just great

OK TC : Truly outstanding! Well done Derek. You are the best!!

EmmaInCandyland : Fantastic, as usual :D

jo cory : You are so amazing and inspiring! Thank you for sharing your gift with others!

Scoth3 : Love this. I can't even add anything to this. Just love it.

Dumbravanu Bogdan-Daniel : fazil say version,,,nice :)

Cash Johnston : Bravo!

Scott The Scot : Oh my- This is amazing!!! I'm struggling learning the official version :L

JamesRDarts : Hi, I'm not sure how cruel this is of a request, but is there any chance you could cover Elegy by Art Tatum? I've only heard it covered by Tatum himself and would like to hear it on a newer piano.

PrzemekJaworucki : Man, you are inspiring. Can't stop listening. For me, it would be totally awesome to hear your own piano interpretation of, at least one of those, pieces: e.s.t. - Elevation of Love Tears - Eldar Djangirov lynyrd skynyrd - sweet home alabama take care!

trollolol234 : moar!!!!

Павел Бучинский : Завораживающе!

rhandros dembicki : Impressive!

Wooten : Great dude!!!

Guitareben : Soooo amazing!   

nuEva Melodist : si esque. con mozart se puede hacerrr lo que seaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa luv ya

Assad Elfarouki : Has his devoted music teacher and mentor ever explored applying the resulting talent and creativity that he shows, to other instruments, either similar conceptual basis of hitting/ tapping keys of discerning pitch such as a xylophone, which in theory be similarly as successful for Derek as the piano is? Also the possibility of guitars or violin string instruments, would this be an option too, or have these other things been explored already to a certain avail??

BusterP5050 : Wow sounds like Super Mario Brothers! hehe Great playing Derek!!!

Gianna Giavelli : i'd call it ragtime not jazz, but it s still brilliant

Nathan Maurer : I think I like listening to him pronounce the song names more than the actual songs

wamuq : I would love to hear Hiromi - "choux a la creme" from him... outstanding Derek - as always

michael warner : blind piano savant -- what's it like for him to listen to music?

Sean Beier : Brilliant rendition, Derek. May I please request Led Zeppelin's "The Rain Song" in the style of James Booker?

Esperanza Belinchon : impresionante

Billy McMahon : Even if I dedicated my entire life to piano, I would never even be close to his level

Kent Ellyrb : I want to see Mr. Derek play some of our today's popular songs. I want to see him play some pop music. Some of my friends didn't believe that his a superhuman. Many of my friends want some more music from him.

Ndim Lo : Wow he has gained so much weight, looking like a grown up for sure.

alexrwhibley : Amazing as usual Derek! Keep up the goodwork.

Tom Killwhang : Timing way off though

S6LBY : Derek I saw you this afternoon walking in Balham!

Peanut Butter : Kelly please ask Derek for "Piano thing" by Muse. ^-^

Jason L : Amazing

Mike Honcho : amazing. derek you are too awesome for words

Ryan Walters : Very cool!

Sweet & Sour Movie Reviews : Amazing!  Mr. Paravicini is an inspiration. : U're so talented wow

Christian K. : it is fanf@ckingtastic!!!!

Ukendar Vadivel : Can you do hey brother?

Max y Clau : a-MA_zING

Sherilyn Gayon : Amazing